KCFinder web file manager

KCFinder web file manager http://kcfinder.sunhater.com Pavel Tzonkov ([email protected]) Overview KCFinder is free open-source replacement of CKFinder web file manager. It can be integrated into FCKeditor, CKEdito

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iutbay Media Manager Media Manager is an open source web file manager and can be a nice alternative to Wordpress Media Manager, CKFinder, KCFinder, elFinder.

iutbay Media Manager Media Manager is an open source web file manager and can be a nice alternative to Wordpress Media Manager, CKFinder, KCFinder, elFinder... It is still in its early stages, but feel free to use it, report bugs an

1hakr AnExplorer All-in-One File Manager AnExplorer File Manager (File Explorer) is an all-in-one file management tools. Best File Explorer for Phones, Tablets, USB Storage, Root Storage, Cloud Storage, Chromecast, Wear OS Watches,

prasathmani Tiny File Manager TinyFileManager is web based file manager and it is a simple, fast and small file manager with a single file, multi-language ready web application for storing, uploading, editing and managing files and

maakbaas Framework for IoT projects implementing HTTPS requests, a React web interface, WiFi manager, configuration manager, file manager and OTA updates.

alexusmai Laravel File Manager DEMO: Laravel File Manager Vue.js Frontend: alexusmai/vue-laravel-file-manager --- Laravel 7 support added but not fully tested!!

aleksey-hoffman "Sigma File Manager" is a free, open-source, quickly evolving, modern file manager (explorer / finder) app for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

zpm-zsh ZPM - Zsh Plugin Manager ZPM ( Zsh plugin manager ) is NOT a yet another plugin manager for zsh. zpm ( ZSH Plugin Manager ) is a plugin manager for ZSH who combines the imperative and declarative approach. At first run, zpm will

kalcaddle kodbox is a file manager for web. It is also a web code editor, which allows you to develop websites directly within the web browser.You can run kodbox either online or locally,on Linux, Windows or Mac based platforms.

abaldwin88 Roamer The Plain Text File Manager Roamer turns your favorite text editor into a lightweight file manager. Copy, Cut & Paste files en masse without leaving your terminal window. Install Req

Microsoft Windows File Manager (WinFile) The Windows File Manager lives again and runs as a native x86 and x64 desktop app on all currently supported version of Windows, including Windows 10. I welcome your thoughts, comments and suggesti

dylanaraps fff (Fucking Fast File-Manager) A simple file manager written in bash. It's Fucking Fast 🚀 Minimal (only requires bash and coreutils) Smooth Scrolling (using vim keybindings) Works on Linux, BSD, macOS,

martymfly Expo File Manager A file manager app built with React Native & Expo. About The Project With this app you can import/export photos and videos from/to p

rajabishek Begin - Simple Task Manager Begin is a simple web-based task manager written in Vue at the client side and Lumen on server side. This project is meant

Xaeroxe Feather Password Manager This is a highly portable extremely light-weight password manager that stores all your passwords in a local encrypted file. You can use this either by downloading the latest release and opening index.html

gpmgo Go Package Manager Gopm (Go Package Manager) is a Go package manage and build tool for Go. News Try out gopm.io, the online version caching and package download service for Go. Please see Documentation before you start.

majidgolshadi Android-Download-Manager Android/Java download manager library help you to download files in parallel mechanism in some chunks. Overview This library is a download manager android/java library which developers can

jonathan-fielding Simple State Manager 4 Simple State Manager (SSM for short) is a javascript state manager for responsive websites. It is built to be light weight, has no dependencies (except javascript of course) and aims to be really easy to

mtwn105 Cipherly: A Password Manager built using Flutter! Cipherly is first open source Password Manager made using Flutter! Cipherly is a password manager built using Flutter based on AES Encryption. Cipherly securely stores

pagekit vue-event-manager The plugin for Vue.js provides a declarative way to bind events to a global event manager. It uses the Vue lifecycle to automaticall

TimUntersberger Windows window manager is a tiling window manager for Windows 10 (like i3 for linux)