Mail driver that saves sent mail to disk.

Laravel Mail Preview Driver This package introduces a new preview mail driver for Laravel that when selected will render the content of the sent email and save it as both .html and .eml files. Installation Begin

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Microsoft Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server Welcome to the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server project! The Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server is a Type 4 JDBC driver that provides database connectivity through the standard J

alaisi postgres-async-driver - Asynchronous PostgreSQL Java driver Postgres-async-driver is a non-blocking Java driver for PostgreSQL. The driver supports connection pooling, prepared statements, transactions, all standard SQL types a

FabianTerhorst Floppy Fast key value storage for Java with much support for Android Floppy.init(getFilesDir().toString()); //Without cache Disk disk = Floppy.disk(); //With cache Disk disk = Floppy.memoryDisk(); //Without cache, with custo

TheAtomicProgrammer Temp Mail | Free temporary mail. Temp Mail is a python script that helps you to create temporary email addresses and receive emails at that address. I

bchavez RethinkDb.Driver Project Description A RethinkDB database driver written in C# with 100% ReQL API compatibility and completeness. This driver is based on the official Java Driver. The basic mechanics and architect

rvflash Awql Database Driver AWQL driver for Go's sql package. Installation Simple install the package to your $GOPATH with the go tool: ~ $ go get -u Usage AWQL Driver is a

bahdcoder Friendly Mail 📩 Elegant mail sender for node js. Friendly Mail is simple, clean, and modern and easy to use email sending package for Nodejs built on top of nodemailer and uses driver implementations from Ado

mail-in-a-box Mail-in-a-Box By @JoshData and contributors. Mail-in-a-Box helps individuals take back control of their email by defining a one-click, easy-to-deploy SMTP+everything else server: a mail server in a box. Please see https://maili

moggers87 Salmon - A Python Mail Server Download: Source: Docs: Salmon is a pure Python mail server des

benas What is Gossed ? Gossed (Go Server Sent Events Daemon) is a small command-line tool written in go that turns data received on it's standard input into server sent events. This makes it very easy to push data to browsers.

ExpansiveWorlds instrumentedsql A sql driver that will wrap any other driver and log/trace all its calls How to use Please see the documentation and examples Roadmap Reach API stability and decide what is in/out of scop

rethinkdb RethinkDB-go - RethinkDB Driver for Go Go driver for RethinkDB Current version: v6.2.1 (RethinkDB v2.4) Please note that this version of the driver only supports versions of RethinkDB using the v0.4 protocol (any versions

rethinkdb RethinkDB-go - RethinkDB Driver for Go Go driver for RethinkDB Current version: v6.2.1 (RethinkDB v2.4) Please note that this version of the driver only supports versions of RethinkDB using the v0.4 protocol (any versions

DATA-DOG Sql driver mock for Golang sqlmock is a mock library implementing sql/driver. Which has one and only purpose - to simulate any sql driver behavior in tests, without needing a real database connection. It helps to maintain co

go-sql-driver Go-MySQL-Driver A MySQL-Driver for Go's database/sql package Features Requirements Installation Usage DSN (Data Source Name) Password Protocol Address Parameters Examples

networkteam go-sqllogger Go SQL driver adapter for logging queries and other SQL operations Any driver.Connector can be wrapped with sqllogger.LoggingConnector(SQLLogger, driver.Connector) to log Connect, Prepare, Exec, Query, Commi

ainsleyclark Go Mail aims to unify multiple popular mail API's (SparkPost, MailGun & SendGrid) into a singular easy to use interface. Email sending is seriously simple and great for allowing the developer to choose what platform they use.

k9mail K-9 Mail K-9 Mail is an open-source email client for Android. Download K-9 Mail can be downloaded from a couple of sources: Google Play F-Droid Github Releases Amazon Appstore for Android You might als

foxcpp Maddy Mail Server implements all functionality required to run a e-mail server. It can send messages via SMTP (works as MTA), accept messages via SMTP (works as MX) and store messages while providing access to them via IMAP.

mist64 visualize_1541 visualize_1541 is a tool that creates visualizations of the data layout on G64 Commodore 1541 disk images. Circular This representation is useful to visualize custom disk formats and differences in gap

shirosaidev diskover - File system crawler, disk space usage, file search engine and storage analytics powered by Elasticsearch diskover is a file system crawler and disk space usage software that uses Elasticsearch to index and manag