:currency_exchange: Currency exchange rates library

Swap Swap allows you to retrieve currency exchange rates from various services such as Fixer or currencylayer and optionally cache the results. It is integrated to other libraries like moneyphp/money and provides a Symfony

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thompsonemerson moeda A foreign exchange rates and currency conversion using cli Info The moeda use historical foreign exchange rates published by the European Central Bank. The rates are updated daily around 4PM CET.

lunush Rates is a scriptable CLI tool that brings currency exchange rates right into your terminal and supports 30+ fiat and 10K+ crypto currencies.

chubin rate.sx — console service for exploring (crypto)currencies exchange rates Features realtime¹ currencies and cryptocurrencies exchange rates information (crypto)currencies converter and calculator historical² exchange rate

bnkamalesh Currency Currency package helps you do currency computations accurately, by avoiding peddling. The Currency struct holds all the data required to define a currency. type Currency struct { // Code represents the internati

ycd Fast Rates is free & open source API service for current and historical foreign exchange rates

mattevans dinero dinero is a Go client library for accessing the Open Exchange Rates API (https://docs.openexchangerates.org/docs/). Any forex rates requested will be cached (in-memory), keyed by base currency. With a customisable ex

anuja-joshi Awesome currency-convertor Simple Currency convertor based on Ruby Gems used rspec rubocop it uses currency conversion rates API from EU Bank. Usage ruby run.rb Running the tests bundl

openexchangerates money.js / fx() Simple and tiny JavaScript library for realtime currency conversion and exchange rate calculation, from any currency, to any currency. money.js is lightweight, has no dependencies, and works great client-side or

ignoreintuition v-currency A plugin for formatting currency in Vue.js Usage Vue.use(Currency, { "type": "USD", "thousandSeparator": true, }); In order to use i

dm4t2 Vue Currency Input The Vue Currency Input plugin allows an easy input of currency formatted numbers. It provides both a standalone component (<currenc

mazipan 🍒 Vue Currency Filter Lightweight vue currency filter based on accounting.js Demo https://mazipan.github.io/vue-currency-filter/ Download # NPM npm i

rettetdemdativ dinero dinero is a Go package for fetching exchange rates and converting between currencies. It aims to provide a simple interface and uses hippasus' ExchangeRates and decimal, which allows for higher precision when working with

Bartozzz Crypto News Crypto News allows you to convert cryptocurrencies, view latest news and exchange rates for each ICO – all the data from the world of cryp

Adsmurai Adsmurai Currency Library Introduction The Adsmurai Currency library has been developed to solve some currency and architecture related problems: Currency data centralization Values encapsulation Representa

carlospalol Python Money Money class with optional CLDR-backed locale-aware formatting and an extensible currency exchange solution. This is version 1.4.0-dev. Development: https://github.com/carlospalol/money Late

leonardblier Learning with Random Learning Rates Authors' implementation of "Learning with Random Learning Rates" (2018) in PyTorch. The original paper can be found here: arxiv:1810.01322, and a shorter blog post explaining the method here:

danxfisher MeetEasier Because why pay money for something you can do yourself? Description MeetEasier is a web application that visualizes meeting room availability. It works using Exchange Web Services (EWS) with Exchange room

scurker currency.js currency.js is a lightweight ~1kb javascript library for working with currency values. It was built to work around floating point issues in javascript. This talk by Bartek Szopka explains in detail w

leekchan accounting - money and currency formatting for golang accounting is a library for money and currency formatting. (inspired by accounting.js) Quick Start go get github.com/leekchan/accounting example.go packag

wajahatkarim3 EasyMoney-Widgets The widgets (EditText and TextView) for support of money requirements like currency, number formatting, comma formatting etc. NOTE: This library support ALL and ANY kind of currency. The currencies in

yqh231 CoinQuantitave Digital currency quantitative trading Description Trading robot for digital currency, it can automated buy coin from low price platform and sell from high price platform. Now, we support CoinEx and Huo