IoC Dependency Injector

auryn auryn is a recursive dependency injector. Use auryn to bootstrap and wire together S.O.L.I.D., object-oriented PHP applications. How It Works Among other things, auryn recursively instantiates class dependencie

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agoda-com C# IoC extension library, used at Agoda for Registration of classes into IoC container based on Attributes.

ets-labs Dependency Injector is a dependency injection framework for Python. It helps implementing the dependency injection principle.

google Dagger A fast dependency injector for Java and Android. Dagger is a compile-time framework for dependency injection. It uses no reflection or runtime bytecode generation, does all its analysis at compile-time, and generates pl

KANKOSHEV face-injector-v2 update face injector by KANKOSHEV You should understand that sooner or later you will be banned for this project. this is an example,

studyzy iocgo A lightweight IoC dependency injection container for Golang English | 中文 How to use Installation it requires Go 1.15 or newer versions. install

yiisoft Yii Dependency Injection The library consists of two parts: dependency injection container that is able to instantiate and configure classes resolving dependencies and an injector that is able to invoke methods resolving their de

enisn Simple, lightweight & useful Dependency Injector for dotnet.

ishkawa DIKit An experimental project that provides static dependency injection by code generation. Overview DIKit generates code that resolves dependency graph. First, Declare dependency in the stored property of Dependen

bluejoe2008 spring-beans-writer writer for spring IOC beans files it is too easy to use, please see the test case: import spring-beans-wri

swisscom Threat intelligence and threat detections This repo contains threat intelligence information and threat detection indicators (IOC, IOA) shared by Swis

Swinject Swinject Swinject is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Swift. Dependency injection (DI) is a software design pattern that implements Inversion of Control (IoC) for resolving dependencies. In the

pamidur Aspect Injector Reference Aspect Injector is a framework for creating and injecting aspects into your .net assemblies. Project Status Download PM> Install-Package AspectInjector Feature

davatron5000 Lettering.js, a jQuery plugin for radical Web Typography We developed a lightweight, easy to use Javascript span injector for radical Web Typography, we're calling it "lettering-jay-ess", and we're releasing it today for free o

thisendout kenv kenv is an environment file injector for Kubernetes resources. kenv injects variables into Kubernetes resource documents by loading a list of files containing variables and modifying the resource document to include those

klsecservices Invoke-Vnc - a powershell VNC injector Invoke-Vnc executes a VNC agent in-memory and initiates a reverse connection, or binds to a specified port. Password authentication is supported. Usage example Invoke locally:

ixty mandibule: linux elf injector intro Mandibule is a program that allows to inject an ELF file into a remote process. Both static & dynamically linked programs can be targetted. Supported archs: x86 x86_64 a

crosire ReShade This is a generic post-processing injector for games and video software. It exposes an automated way to access both frame color and depth info

dop3j0e A USB-PD sniffer/injector/sink based on Google's Twinkie, re-designed to be manufactured by mere mortals.

dojoe Twonkie - a USB-PD sniffer based on Google's Twinkie Twonkie is a USB-PD sniffer/injector/sink based on a Google project called Twinkie, re-engineered

w1u0u1 Kernel shellcode injector

ORCA666 FUD shellcode Injector