Command Line

Libraries related to the command line.

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yoanbernabeu Enter to the Matrix (with Symfony Console) Reproduction of the "Matrix characterfall" effect with the Symfony Console component. Run Clone the project

dbu /^\/^\ _|__| O| \/ /~ \_/ \ \____|__________/ \ \__

auraphp Aura.Cli Provides the equivalent of request ( Context ) and response ( Stdio ) objects for the command line interface, including Getopt support, and a

Seldaek PHP Console A web console to try your PHP code into Creating a test file or using php's interactive mode can be a bit cumbersome to try random php sni

mnapoli currentMenu home Silly CLI micro-framework based on Symfony Console. Professional support for Silly is available via Tidelift Video introduction in fr

sebastianbergmann sebastian/cli-parser Library for parsing $_SERVER['argv'], extracted from phpunit/phpunit. Installation You can add this library as a local, per-proje

nunomaduro Tailcli allows building unique, beautiful command-line applications, using tailwind classes. It's like Tailwind CSS, but for the console. Installation

spatie Handle signals in artisan commands Using this package you can easily handle signals like SIGINT, SIGTERM in your Laravel app. Here's a quick example w

raspasov ClojureScript 101 Start a ClojureScript Node REPL On Linux and Mac clj -Sdeps '{:deps {org.clojure/clojurescript {:mvn/version "RELEASE"}}}' -M -m clj

RahulDey12 Laravel Console Spinner Laravel Console Spinner was created by Rahul Dey. It is just a custom Progress Bar inspired by icanhazstring/symfony-console-s

nunomaduro Patrol is an elegant command-line tool that keeps your PHP Project's dependencies in check.

nunomaduro PHP Interminal is a command-line tool that gives you access to PHP Internals discussions in your terminal.

jbrooksuk A mixin for Laravel's Stringable to easily apply colors and styles to CLI text.

hjbdev Removing the hassle of changing PHP versions in the CLI on Windows.

zidansec This tool can help you to see the real IP behind CloudFlare protected websites.

Cyc1e183 We construct a cleaned dataset of webshell consisting of 2,917 samples from 17 webshell collection projects

nunomaduro Dig was created by, and is maintained by Nuno Maduro, and is a beautiful debug tool for the command line. Installation & Usage Requires PHP 7.4+ Requi

nunomaduro Laracon Schedule a command-line tool that gives you the Laracon Online schedule in your timezone.

tighten Docker-based development-only dependency manager. macOS, Linux, and WSL2-only and installs via PHP's Composer... for now.

owenvoke A Laravel Zero command to generate a Dockerfile using Box

beyondcode An opinionated Laravel Forge CLI tool

hotmeteor Eco allows you and your team to effortlessly and securely share non-production environment variables, without the overhead of setting up dedicated secrets servers.

stephenjude Generate plain PHP classes, traits and interfaces using artisan console commands.

FriendsOfREDAXO Interactive shell (REPL) for REDAXO via PsySH

san-kumar Get quick answers to common linux related questions, right inside your terminal by typing "howdoi [your question]".

mathiasverraes UpToDocs scans a Markdown file for PHP code blocks, and executes each one in a separate process.Include this in your CI workflows, to make sure your documentation is always up to date with your code.

Sebobo CLI tool to split Neos CMS node type files

spatie Schedule artisan commands to run at a sub-minute frequency

flozz [email protected]:~# -- Single-file PHP Shell [email protected]:~# is a very basic, single-file, PHP shell. It can be used to quickly execute commands on a server when pentesting a PHP application. Use it with caution: this script

spatie A lightweight package to execute commands over an SSH connection You can execute an SSH command like this: Ssh::create('user', 'host')->execute('your favorite command'); It will return an instance of Symfon

laravel-shift A set of useful commands to keep your Laravel applications fresh