Build beautiful page layouts quickly and easily using your favourite WordPress theme.

Tailor Page Builder for WordPress This is the official GitHub repository for the Tailor page builder WordPress plugin. Features True drag and drop layout creation (add, move, copy and create rows and nested columns

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facebook TextLayoutBuilder Build text Layouts easily on Android. Features Create text Layouts easily. Reuse builders to create similarly styled Layouts. Cache Layouts of commonly used strings. Improve performance by

itzikbenh WordPress starter theme with Vue.js integrated. This theme pretty much includes only a way to compile your assets with Vue code. It's meant for you to learn Vue inside WordPress, or to create your own theme. It includes an exampl

sumitpore MVC Plugin Boilerplate for WordPress WordPress being Event driven system, it is difficult to follow MVC Design Pattern while creating a WordPress Plugin. This project aims to help plugin developers achieve MVC pattern in their c

Automattic Calypso Calypso is the new front-end – a beautiful redesign of the WordPress dashboard using a single-page web application, powered by the REST API. Calypso is built for reading, writing, and manag

jcarbaugh django-wordpress Models and views for reading a WordPress database. Compatible with WordPress version 3.5+. django-wordpress is a project of ISL and the Sunlight Foundation. Features Read-only models to

docker-library Maintained by: the Docker Community This is the Git repo of the Docker "Official Image" for wordpress (not to be confused with any official wordpress image provided by wordpress upst

bucky355 Vue.wordpress A Wordpress starter theme built using the WP REST API and Vue.js. Optimized for SEO, performance, and ease of development. This theme is intended to be used as a foundation for creating sites that function a

WordPress Twenty Twenty-Two Welcome to the development repository for the default theme that will launch with WordPress 5.9. About Twenty Twenty-Two is designed

postlight Postlight's Headless WordPress + React Starter Kit is an automated toolset that will spin up two things: A WordPress backend that serves its data via the WP REST API. A server-side rendered React frontend using Next.js. You

iolevel All of WordPress as a .NET Standard assembly, without PHP. Chat with the community on Gitter if you need help: How to add WordPress into your ASP.NET Core app Use WordPress as ASP.NET Core Middleware. Add a package refer

zenangst Description Blueprints is a collection of flow layouts that is meant to make your life easier when working with collection view flow layouts. It comes with two built-in layouts that are highly flexible and easy

zgordon JavaScript, React & WordPress Workshop for Beginners This workshop is from the 2019 JavaScript for WordPress Conference and includes a day long worth of exercises and projects to help you get up and running with JavaScript,

Rarst WpDateTime — DateTime extension for WordPress WpDateTime is an extension of PHP’s DateTime and DateTimeZone classes for WordPress context. It makes it easy to instance time objects from WordPress posts and produce locali

WordPress <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>WordPress › ReadMe</title&g

m4ll0k WPSeku - Wordpress Security Scanner Note: building of a new version is underway... WPSeku is a black box WordPress vulnerability scanner that can be used to scan remote WordPress installations to find security issues.

blackcrw Hello! Welcome. Wprecon (Wordpress Recon), is a vulnerability recognition tool in CMS Wordpress, 100% developed in Go.

10up NodeifyWP NodeifyWP let's you create isomorphic JavaScript applications with WordPress and PHP. With NodeifyWP, you can manage your content using WordPress and output the content directly on the front-end isomorphically withou

EvanAgee VueWordPress Theme Starter Features Getting started Video Training Code Organization New to Vue? External References Features coming soon: Changelog V

Fechin Hexo theme, Blog theme, Clean, Responsive theme

johno gatsby-theme-documentation A minimalist Gatsby Theme for documentation sites built with MDX and Theme UI. Get up and running in seconds with a beautiful docs site so you can do what's more important: write docs. Fea

Shipu Laravel-Themevel Themevel is a Laravel theme and asset management package. You can easily integrate this package with any Laravel based project. Features Custom theme path Override theme Parent theme suppo