Put your assets into the pipe and smoke them.

Pipe Put your assets into the pipe and smoke them. Pipe is an asset pipeline in the spirit of Sprockets. It's meant as the practical way for managing assets. It aims to provide a useful out of the box setup for managing assets a

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yaronsumel pipe small package for reading pipe data Installation go get -u github.com/yaronsumel/pipe Sync Usage Read is Sync Action to get all pipe data fits in the predifened size data,err := pipe.Read(pipe.Stdin,1024) if er

bijection Demo You can play with a live demo here β†’ Installation Basic Copy the smoke.js file into your project and use it with a script tag: <script src="smoke.js"></script> That def

manintel Nyaa - Smoke's index torrent fetcher Description This script parses the local (or online) anime release index (csv format) made by Big Smoke. And uses

linhaoqi027 PyTorch implementation of Deep Smoke Segementation this is a implement of Deep smoke segmentation

ds5678 AssetRipper is a tool for extracting assets from serialized files (CAB-*, *.assets, *.sharedAssets, etc.) and assets bundles (*.unity3d, *.bundle, etc.) and converting them into the native Unity engine format.

amzn Smoke Framework The Smoke Framework is a light-weight server-side service framework written in Swift and using SwiftNIO for its networking layer by default. The framework can be used for REST-like or RPC-like services and in conj

CVUsers Yolov5 real time smoke detection system

AssetSync Asset Sync Synchronises Assets between Rails and S3. Asset Sync is built to run with the new Rails Asset Pipeline feature introduced in Rails 3.1. After you run bundle exec rake assets:precompile your assets will be synchron

TheYarin ShellPiper is an editor for writing long pipe one-liners in the shell. Instead of tweaking a long pipe chain in the terminal, use ShellPiper to create and tweak it with ease (and caching!).

andreupifarre preload-it A tiny 1kb JavaScript library for preloading assets on the browser via XHR2. It provides the ability to preload assets of different file types and composite progress events. Installing If you use npm, npm i

jkelleyrtp Pipette A small crate for using pipes in Rust. use pipette::{Pipeline, pipe}; let input = 1; let output = pipe(( input |a| a * 2, |a| a

mistodon resource The resource crate contains macros for statically including assets in release mode, but dynamically loading them in debug mode. This is prima

antfu vite-plugin-remote-assets Bundles your assets from remote URLs with your app <img src="http://example.com/image.jpg" /> To <img src="/node_modules/.re

olucurious AppFramer AppFramer helps to put your app screenshots in beautiful device frames with annotations by running a simple command. Quickly put your screenshots into the various device frames needed for iTunesConnect submission.

jaysonsantos jinja-assets-compressor A Jinja2 extension to compile and/or compress your assets. Installing pip install jac For LESS and CSS support, install less: npm install -g less For COFFEE support, install coffee-s

mxseev logram - pipe log updates to Telegram Logram takes logs from files and systemd services and send them to Telegram. Usage Download the latest release a

androiddevnotes Android Assets aims to be your starting point to find all the official assets from Android Developer sites: Android Studio, Android Open Source Project, and Android Developers

bartoszj acextract A tool to list and extract content from Assets.car files. Support Mac, iOS and AppleWatch assets. Can extract PNG and PDF files. Features Feature Status iOS / iPhone / iPad

Miziziziz The Big Collection of Commercially Usable PS1 Style Assets A compilation of game-ready retro style 3d graphic assets (think PS1) that are commercially

midnitefox Nord Theme Ports and Assets A collection of various assets I've created using Nord Theme color palette! Currently includes various minimilistic wallpa

emmelleppi 🧰 use-r3f-assets A set of hooks for quick prototyping in react-three-fiber. yarn add use-r3f-assets How it works The assets are hosted on github and