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A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.

Newest releases

ilhamlutfi The Starter Project CodeIgniter 4, With useful features like example of CRUD, Export data, And Login system

jbrooksuk A bookmarkable, searchable cheatsheet for all of Laravel's default Artisan commands.

enlightn Your performance & security consultant, an artisan command away.

spatie This package can be installed in a WordPress application to send messages to the Ray app.

fabpot The Local PHP Security Checker is a command line tool that checks if your PHP application depends on PHP packages with known security vulnerabilities.

simon-schubert Collection of non-platform endorsed resources with focus on PHP

jjanampa Laravel Admin is a drop-in admin panel package for Laravel which promotes rapid scaffolding & development, uses Material Dashboard

rainmanjam Crowdfunded is an All-In-One self-hosted website where you can host your own crowdfunding website and keep more money from your pledge offerings. No credit card information is stored locally.

leocavalcante ➰ Swoole request callback for PSR compliant handlers.

Volmarg It's easier to understand this web application when you think about a CMS (WordPress) or CRM (SugarCRM); the logic behind this system is very similar to those two.

vimeo PHP MySQL Engine is a unit testing library for PHP. It enables testing database-driven applications with an in-memory simulation of MySQL. It supports a wide variety of queries, transactions, and more. This project extends the PDO

tighten Docker-based development-only dependency manager. macOS, Linux, and WSL2-only and installs via PHP's Composer... for now.

rail5 Simple, Self-Hosted, PHP File Sharing

joelbutcher Socialstream is a third-party package for Laravel Jetstream. It replaces the published authentication and profile scaffolding provided by Laravel Jetstream, with scaffolding that has support for Laravel Socialite.

smuuf This small project aims to provide improved user/developer experience for PHP developers working with native PHP exceptions (

Log1x A Gutenberg-like editor palette color picker field for Advanced Custom Fields.

A3h1nt Grawler is a tool written in PHP which comes with a web interface that automates the task of using google dorks, scrapes the results, and stores them in a file.

beyondcode This is an unofficial PHP SDK to get statistics out of Fathom Analytics, as long as it does not offer an official API.

ifsnop This is a php version of mysqldump cli that comes with MySQL, without dependencies, output compression and sane defaults.

mizziness A real-world boilerplate for Craft CMS 3 projects that leverages Wepback 5, Tailwind 2, PostCSS 8, and Twigpack. Also included is a hot-reload dev environment. I created this as a starting point for Craft CMS 3 / Webpack 5 project

multiavatar Multiavatar Generator in PHP。Initially coded in JavaScript, this version of Multiavatar is re-created in PHP. It can be used in PHP-based backend environments.

LeanAdmin Gloss is a Laravel package for advanced localization. Laravel's localization system is perfect for many languages, but it breaks down when you need a bit more control.

nrslib Support creating repository by file.

zircote Generate interactive OpenAPI documentation for your RESTful API using doctrine annotations.

zef-dev PHP frameworks for handling conversational services like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Viber, FB messenger ...

InfyOmLabs Calculate Laravel Calendar Recurring Events. No need to store all millions of possible future events into Database. No Cron needed to Generate Monthly events for the Database.

asantibanez This package allows you to simplify the transitioning of states an Eloquent model could have by defining the transition logic in specific StateMachine classes.

zonblade protect a view source, since f12 and right click can be disabled, so for protecting viewsource this is the way (mandalorian) haha

protonemedia Stop duplicating your Eloquent query scopes and constraints in PHP. This package lets you re-use your query scopes and constraints by adding them as a subquery.

symfony Since its creation, JavaScript has always been focused on creating innovative User Experiences. It lets developers create the most intuitive and usable User Experience possible for a specific problem.

lukeraymonddowning A spam prevention package for Laravel, providing honeypot techniques, ip blocking and beautifully simple Recaptcha integration. Stop spam. Use Honey.

JetBrains Use these PHP 8 attributes in PhpStorm to get more advanced code completion and analysis.

siketyan πŸ” Universal Lock File Scanner for Git. (Lock + Scan = LoXcan!)