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A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.

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vjik Database Populator for Codeception DB Module Codeception DB module addon that helps you to tune database populations. So for a test you could load onl

MatthK Selfoss-WF on Docker This is a docker compose for Selfoss and my Selfoss-Webfront all packaged together ready to go. Features A robust RSS solution to

sindrets Diffview.nvim Single tabpage interface to easily cycle through diffs for all modified files for any git rev. Introduction Vim's diff mode is pretty go

bennett-treptow Laravel Migration Generator Generate migrations from existing database structures, an alternative to the schema dump provided by Laravel. A primary us

spatie A site search engine

DanielHe4rt Teste dos caras lá pay Avisos antes de começar Crie um repositório no seu GitHub sem citar nada relacionado a empresa dos cara lá. (CHECK) Faça seus c

spatie Automatically disable Google's FLoC in Laravel apps This package will automatically disable Google's FLoC. Support us We invest a lot of resources int

LaraBug Your users do not always report errors, LaraBug does. LaraBug is a simple to use and implement error tracker built for the Laravel framework. This rep

Power-Components Livewire PowerGrid What is Livewire PowerGrid? Livewire PowerGrid is a component for generating dynamic tables with your Laravel Models. PowerGrid com

tayfunerbilen PHP Boilerplate Bu başlangıç yapısını derslerde birlikte oluşturmaya başladık. Kurulum Bu boilerplate'i kurmak için yapmanız gereken öncelikle repoyu

imperian-systems imperian-systems/unifi-controller Note: This package is backend only, no user interface is included Install snappy PHP extension https://github.com/kj

shyim Danger PHP Danger runs during your CI process, and gives teams the chance to automate common code review chores. This project ports Danger to PHP. Thi

raspasov ClojureScript 101 Start a ClojureScript Node REPL On Linux and Mac clj -Sdeps '{:deps {org.clojure/clojurescript {:mvn/version "RELEASE"}}}' -M -m clj

area17 Blast — Storybook for Laravel Blade 🚀 What is Blast? Blast is a low maintenance component library using Storybook Server, built to integrate into you

no-defun-allowed this project converts a very small subset (integers and control flow) of WASM to PostScript so you can run it on the printer corporate implementations

adamtlangley FFUF Me - Target Practice For FFUF Intro This is a simple website to get you used to using ffuf against a live target You can either run this repo loc

bagusindrayana LARAVEL-COORDINATE get nearby location data from database with eloquent laravel Installation composer require bagusindrayana/laravel-coordinate In M

ryangjchandler A collection of helper functions that I use across my projects. This package includes some of the helper functions that I tend to use in all of my pro

minibase-app Net A small, modern, PSR-7 compatible PSR-17 and PSR-18 network library for PHP, inspired by Go's net package. Features: No hard dependencies; Favours

sambitraj STUDENT-MANAGEMENT-SYSTEM "Student Management System" (SMS) is a solution tool that is designed to track, maintain and manage all the data generated b

spatie A Pest plugin to control the flow of time This Pest plugin offers a function testTime that allows you to freeze and manipulate the current time in you

OguzhanUmutlu ComplexPets A plugin that adds pets to game made by OguzhanUmutlu for PocketMine-MP. Command Simply type /pets and summon your favorite animal! Featur

vfat-tools Adventure Party Summon/adventure multiple adventures at once! Deploy instructions: npm i cp .env.template .env # Edit .env npm run compile npm run tes

f9webltd Laravel API Response Helpers A simple package allowing for consistent API responses throughout your Laravel application. Requirements PHP ^7.4 | ^8.0

artdothaus       ART HAUS is an artist residency for the metaverse where NFT collectors can become keyholders and unlock privileged access to members-only exclus

buggregator A server for debugging more than just Laravel applications. Buggregator is a beautiful, lightweight web server built on Laravel and VueJs that helps d

michaeldyrynda Ensure your Laravel applications keep a normal rhythm Laravel Defibrillator helps you ensure that aspects of your application that should be running a

RahulDey12 Laravel Console Spinner Laravel Console Spinner was created by Rahul Dey. It is just a custom Progress Bar inspired by icanhazstring/symfony-console-s

nicholas-wordpress Boilerplate for Nearly Headless WordPress Themes This is a plugin boilerplate built using Underpin ,Nicholas, and AlpineJS. It will allow you to build

FriendsOfREDAXO REDAXO-AddOn: Lottie Das AddOn stellt den Lottie-Player für das Abspielen von Lottie-Animationen im .json-Format zur Verfügung. Das AddOn ermöglicht i

jamiew Loot (for Forkers) Quick proof of concept for my boi @codyb and all the cryptokeepers at Definitely Friends It's @dhof's beautiful little LOOT contrac

aissa-bouguern أهم المدونات والمصادر العربية لتعلم البرمجة وتطوير الويب اسم المدونة التخصص مدونة توتومينا تطوير الويب ( تركيز على جافاسكريبت) أكاديمية حسوب متنوعة مد

ryangjchandler Computed Properties This package provides a trait and attribute that can provide computed property support. Installation This package can be installed