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A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.

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ksassnowski Venture is a package to help you build and manage complex workflows of interdependent jobs using Laravel's queueing system.

StydeNet A seamless package to document your Laravel APIs.

asantibanez Livewire Charts - Neat Livewire Charts for your Laravel projects.

nunomaduro 🚀 A curated list of awesome resources related to PHP source code

soruly Anime Scene Search by Image

giorgiopogliani This is a twig extension for automatically create components as tags. The name of the tag is based on files in a directory. This is highly inspired from blade components.

openpesa This is where your description should go. Try and limit it to a paragraph or two, and maybe throw in a mention of what PSRs you support to avoid any confusion with users and contributors.

luizolivetti Componente para apoio de implementação de rotinas que utilizem o serviço PIX do Banco Central do Brasil.

CodepotatoLtd Using the database driver for laravel notifications is great, but then you need a way to communicate to your users if they've not logged in for a while. With Digestif we'll handle the digest emails for you.

taptima Phalyfusion is a tool for convenient and effective usage of multiple PHP static code analysers. It runs analysers, combines its outputs and makes a single nice output in various formats:

vivirenremoto A bunch of APIs to solve small problems

neelkanthk A Laravel package to put malicious users, IP addresses and anonymous browser fingerprints under surveillance, write surveillance logs and block malicious ones from accessing the app.

squirephp Squire is a library of static Eloquent models for fixture data that is commonly needed in web applications, such as countries, currencies and airports

lukeraymonddowning Mula is a Laravel package that makes it super easy to work with money in your applications. It uses Money for PHP under the hood, but takes away all the complexity and provides all the pieces you need to be up and running with mon

zacksmash FortifyUI - Laravel Fortify driven replacement to the Laravel UI package

mtownsend5512 A PHP package to determine steps and progress.

backyardwp Backyard framework. The starting point of a modern WordPress plugin.

danharrin Squire is a library of static Eloquent models for fixture data that is commonly needed in web applications, such as countries, currencies and airports. It's built on top of Caleb Porzio's Sushi package.

beyondcode An opinionated Laravel Forge CLI tool

Sammyjo20 Offer an online version of your Laravel emails to users.

ueberdosis This is an online converter for text files, based on pandoc. It’s free and open source

kevinpapst Kimai v2 is a web-based multiuser time-tracking application

saturdayclass Hacktoberfest is open to everyone in our global community! Four quality pull requests must be submitted to public GitHub repositories. You can sign up anytime between October 1 and October 31.

mattiasgeniar A custom assertion for phpunit that allows you to count the number of SQL queries used in a test. Can be used to enforce certain performance characteristics (ie: limit queries to X for a certain action).

WPTT Downloads webfonts (like for example Google-Fonts), and hosts them locally on a WordPress site.

SKHPMMPPlugins Apply 3D modeling to the item. PocketMine-MP PMMP

johannschopplich This plugin implements progressive image loading, proving a better user experience. Tiny thumbnails which inherit the aspect ratio of their source image are combined with a blurry effect for a better placeholder than a solid colou

SKHPMMPPlugins PocketMine-MP Let's make Skill easily

nyancodeid we love Stisla Admin Template and Laravel 8 let's make them love each other.

SamAsEnd This package automates the common password Hash::needsRehash routine by hooking into the built-in event system.

gabrielfroes Esse é apenas um exemplo prático de como identificar e aplicar o padrão de projeto Strategy. Simulamos nesse exemplo um pedaço de uma Loja Virtual em que teria algumas libs externas para cálculo de frete de algumas empresas como:

javawebmedia Website Company Profile dengan Laravel 8. CMS ini dikembangkan oleh Java Web Media

nebulapackage Nebula is a minimalistic and easy to use administration tool for Laravel applications, made with Laravel, Alpine.js, and Tailwind CSS.