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A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.

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morrislaptop Laravel Route Menu Your route:list, sir. route:list isn't great on smaller terminals. route:menu gives you a beautiful route list which is friendly on

nmattia niv Painless dependencies for Nix projects. Read more in the Getting started section below. Install Build Usage FAQ Install niv is available in nixpkg

adnane-ka "Laravel Speaks Arabic" is a light weight ,open-source laravel package . It facilitates dealing with arabic concepts in Laravel Framework using a set of Classess and methods to make laravel speaks arabic! concepts like , Hijri Dat

graiz Newsprint is a simple PHP web app that fetches frontpages from newspapers and publishes them for display in an eInk Display.

sibelius Testing building REST in PHP

kalcaddle kodbox is a file manager for web. It is also a web code editor, which allows you to develop websites directly within the web browser.You can run kodbox either online or locally,on Linux, Windows or Mac based platforms.

wintercms Winter is a Content Management System (CMS) and web platform whose sole purpose is to make your development workflow simple again

andyabih Automagically generate UML diagrams of your Laravel code.

laravel Laravel Octane supercharges your application's performance by serving your application using high-powered application servers, including Swoole and RoadRunner. Octane boots your application once, keeps it in memory, and then feeds

php-runtime PHP Runtimes In early 2021, Symfony created a "Runtime component". This component may look complex, weird and full of hacks but it is a game changer f

swagkarna Rafel Rafel is Remote Access Tool Used to Control Victims Using WebPanel With More Advance Features.. Main Features : Admin Permission Add App To Whit

noob-hackers ABOUT TOOL : SPAMX is a all in one Bombing+Spam tool from this tool you can send anonymous messages to your target without showing your real number an

bradtraversy This is an example of a REST API using auth tokens with Laravel Sanctum

laravel-filament Filament is a content management framework for rapidly building a beautiful administration interface designed for humans.

TomKeyte A cache-aware HTTP2 Server Push implementation, for the Laravel framework

Cyc1e183 We construct a cleaned dataset of webshell consisting of 2,917 samples from 17 webshell collection projects

cherifGsoul Algerian phone number value object Algerian phone number value object, it handles mobile and landline numbers, both to be handled together or separate

kayw-geek The library resolves the address of the nearest server to you by domain name and Your IP address

datawiza-inc wordpress-proxy-auth-plugin Introduction The proxy-auth plugin helps developers/DevOps/admins easily implement authentication and authorization for Wo

shuchkin Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLSx files. MS Excel 2007 workbooks PHP reader. No addiditional extensions need (internal unzip + standart SimpleXML parser).

aunefyren Plex Wrapped A website and API for collecting Plex user stats within a set timeframe using Tautulli. Warning I made this for fun, and I am currently w

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nunomaduro Dig was created by, and is maintained by Nuno Maduro, and is a beautiful debug tool for the command line. Installation & Usage Requires PHP 7.4+ Requi

techleadhd YouTube Transcriptions Tutorial Video: https://youtu.be/r7SO-Oq3d5E Project Demo: http://techlead.tech/ytcaption Join ex-Google/ex-Facebook engineers

ryangjchandler ✨ Help support the maintenance of this package by sponsoring me. cpx Quickly execute Composer package binaries from anywhere. ⚡️ Installation Run the

ryangjchandler Orbit is a flat-file driver for Laravel Eloquent. It allows you to replace your generic database with real files that you can manipulate using the methods you're familiar with.

omaralalwi Laravel Admin Dashboard, Admin Template with Frontend Template, for scalable Laravel projects. It is to save your time when You start with new scalable Laravel projects with many features Bootstrap, cooreui, infyom admin Generator

inertiajs A demo application to illustrate how Inertia.js works.

elazar List of resources for asynchronous programming in PHP

AyzrixYTB SimpleFaction Simple faction plugin replacing FactionsPro which is no longer updated. Commands Command Name Command Description Available for /f help

kutia-software-company Introduction Larafirebase is a package thats offers you to send push notifications or custom messages via Firebase in Laravel. Firebase Cloud Messagin

nunomaduro Laracon Schedule a command-line tool that gives you the Laracon Online schedule in your timezone.

symfony Runtime Component Symfony Runtime enables decoupling applications from global state. This Component is experimental. Experimental features are not cov