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lucacasonato Puppeteer is a library which provides a high-level API to control Chrome, Chromium, or Firefox Nightly over the DevTools Protocol.

maildev Maildev: An SMTP server and web interface for testing emails during development

Hsiang-xxs Web3 is the entrance for users entering the magic of Ethereum network. Web3Modal is a ReactJS component that simplifies the integration of web3 experience. It supports multiple popular web3 providers.

bcarlog Example of clean architecture in nodejs + test + components

ErickWendel Debugging Node.js apps with livereload and Docker This repository is an example of how to run a Node.js program in debug mode from Docker with live reload enabled. Demo Intro There are two diffe

microsoft 🎭 Playwright Docs | API reference | Changelog Playwright is a Node library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API. Playwright is built to enable cross-browser web automation

qawolf QA Wolf Create browser tests 10x faster QA Wolf is a free and open source library to create Puppeteer/Jest browser tests and run them in CI πŸš€ Quick Start | πŸ“– AP

rvagg Non-UI browser testing for JavaScript libraries from the command-line

anoop-gupt Welcome to PUPAX πŸ‘‹ An npm module for accessibility testing using axe-core with Puppeteer. Install npm install Initial Version - Limited Functionality working To run the exa

nightwatchjs Nightwatch.js Homepage | Getting Started | Developer Guide | API Reference | About Automated end-to-end testing framework powered by Node.js and using W3C Webdriver (formerly Selenium). Nightwatch is a com

kentcdodds Testing Node.js Apps πŸ‘‹ hi there! My name is Kent C. Dodds! This is a workshop repo to teach you how to test your Node.js Apps! Pre-Workshop Instructions/Requirements In order for us to

webdriverio Next-gen WebDriver test automation framework for Node.js Homepage | Developer Guide | API Reference | Contribute WebdriverIO is a test automation framework that allows you to run tests based on th

eykrehbein πŸš€ Flexible REST Tests πŸ”— Connect multiple requests: Example Embed an authorization token you got as a response from a login request in your following requests automatically πŸ“ YAML

getgauge Taiko A Node.js library for testing modern web applications What’s Taiko? Taiko is a free and open source browser automation tool built by the team behind Gauge from ThoughtWorks. Taiko is a Node.j

kiranz Just-API If this project helps you in anyway, Please consider making a donation Become a backer or sponsor on Patreon. One-time donation via PayPal Just-API is a declarative, specification based test frame

ojkelly Wedgetail Performance test your functions Wedgetail is a small performance tesing library that runs on NodeJS 9.5.0 and above. It's designed to be used inside your tests, to ensure your desired function is alw

AppraiseQA Appraise Painless visual test automation Appraise is a tool for visual approval testing. It can help you: Review and approve changes to web pages, visual layouts and browser components q

prisma-archive This project is deprecated in favor for Puppeteer. Thanks to all the contributors who made this project possible. Chromeless Chrome automation made simple. Runs locally or headless on AWS Lambda. (See Demo)

ksafranski Noder Docker NodeJS sandbox for testing code with an editor. Quick Start Run the docker container with interactive flag: docker run -it fluidbyte/noder Inside the container will be two tmux panes running

typicode JSON Server Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously) Created with Egghead.io free video tutorial - Creating demo APIs with json-server JSONPlaceholder - Live runni

ForbesLindesay taxi-rank A super fast JSDom based Selenium Webdriver API. Write end to end tests once and run them against this super fast, headless browser built on node.js, then once those tests pass you can run them against real br

toniov Elasticsearch Fixtures Simple fixture loading for Elasticsearch on Node.js. Clear and load fixtures easily in your Elasticsearch instance, useful for unit Testing or other kind of testing. Tested in Elasticsear

andywer Leakage - Memory Leak Testing for Node Write leakage tests using Mocha or another test runner of your choice. Does not only support spotting and fixing memory leaks, but writing tests also enables you to prevent re

vowsjs vows vows is a testing framework for NodeJS. License Copyright 2016-2018 fuzzy.ai mailto:[email protected] Copyright 2017 AJ Jordan mailto:[email protected] Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

DevExpress A Node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing.Write tests in JS or TypeScript, run them and view results. Homepage β€’ Documentation β€’ FAQ β€’ Sup

basicallydan Interfake: Quick JSON APIs ![Gitter](https://badges.gitter.im/Join Chat.svg) Interfake is a tool which allows developers of client-side applications of any platform to easily create dummy HTTP APIs to develop against.

laurentj SlimerJS http://slimerjs.org/ SlimerJS is a scriptable browser. It allows you to manipulate a web page with an external Javascript script: opening a webpage, clicking on links, modifying the content... It is useful to

casperjs CasperJS Important note: the master branch hosts the development version of CasperJS, which is now pretty stable and should be the right version to use if you ask me. Users interested in a pretty stable, recent ver

nodeca navit Wrapper for Electron to simplify browser tests scripting. Install Note, you need to install electron with this package, it is not included as a dependency. npm install navit electron --save