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Static site generators

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jnordberg # Wintersmith is a simple yet flexible static site generator. It takes contents (markdown, less, scripts, etc), transforms them using plugins and outp

srid ema Ema is a next-gen Haskell library toolkit for building jamstack-style static sites, with fast hot reload. See for further information.

rsms mkweb is a simple static website generator for NodeJS

natemoo-re A fast, opinionated static site generator powered by Snowpack. Build simple static sites with fool-proof performance by leveraging automatic partial hydration.

Elderjs Elder.js is an opinionated static site generator and web framework built with SEO in mind. 🚀

doncabreraphone The most popular search engine optimization plug-in for HUGO (the world's fastest static site generator). Victor Hugo helps you write good SEO content for your blog, the easy way.

ozy Makefile-Blog is a static blog website generator written in makefile with various tools. The makefile blog creates index, post index and rss files from the blog posts you wrote.

luangjokaj GoPablo a static site generator. Introduction Features 1. Installing Node 2. Set Up Project Install GoPablo from NPM Install GoPablo from Repository 3. CSS, PostCSS and Sass

saberland Please consider donating to this project's author, EGOIST, to show your ❤️ and support. Quick Overview If you want to create a blog with Saber, you can achieve this by using a single comman

ericalli Static Site Boilerplate Homepage: Documentation: Installation git clone

dbelyaeff Cogear.JS – modern static websites generator Requirements | Installation | Usage | Options | Website About Cogear.JS is a static site generator built with Node.JS and based on Webpack (v4.6). It's inspired

mmistakes Minimal Mistakes Jekyll Theme Minimal Mistakes is a flexible two-column Jekyll theme. Perfect for hosting your personal site, blog, or portfolio on GitHub or self-hosting on your own server. As the name implies

barryclark March, 2016: If you're on an old version of Jekyll Now and run into a) build warnings or b) syntax highlighting issues caused by Jekyll 3 and GitHub Pages updates, just ✨ update your _config.yml ✨ and you'll b

lucas-aragno Wodle Wodle is a static site generator using new frameworks and tools for modern web development. It's built on top of Next.js and Tachyons. And you can easily turn the generated static site into a fully dynamic website

egoist magi The simplest way to build website for your OSS project. Install yarn global add magi # or npm npm i -g magi Usage Given # site name > site description ## sec

ruanyf Loppo is an extremely easy static site generator of markdown documents. You get your site with only one command. Please visit demo. Features easy config (example) simple site structure (example) friendly templat

reptar reptar Static sites that roar. The static site generator formerly known as yarn. Looking for documentation? Go to the website. Looking to hack on Reptar? Go to Looking for contributions guid

gloriajs #Gloria - static site generator gloria is spanish for glory, also the name of my mom and the name was available in npm This project aims to be a substitute for jekyll, to help you create static websites without depending on rub