Enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication.

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david35008 Chat App with notifications system and several server updates client side technologies, Using Websocket , SSE, Short and Long - Polling Connections

bradtraversy Get real-time tweets and display on webpage with

facundofarias WebSocket is a computer communications protocol, providing full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. The WebSocket protocol was standardized by the IETF as RFC 6455 in 2011, and the WebSocket API in Web IDL

peers PeerJS provides a complete, configurable, and easy-to-use peer-to-peer API built on top of WebRTC, supporting both data channels and media streams.

jsmouret Just a proof of concept, please be kind.

deeplay-io Redis-based realtime collection with compare-and-set support for NodeJS

open-webrtc-toolkit Open WebRTC Toolkit Media Server The media server for OWT provides an efficient video conference and streaming service that is based on WebRTC. It scales a single WebRTC stream out to many endpoints. At the same time, i

developerpaaji GitMessenger Link - A chat app built with Nodejs,, Firebase, Prism and Bootstrap Mobile Screenshot Desktop Screenshots Description GitMessenger is chat app

tjmehta primus-graphql Primus-GraphQL is a flexible client and server library that can be used to power realtime GraphQL applications. It is similar to Express-GraphQL but with support for Relay and Subscriptions! This mo

vialer Quickstart Requirements Node.js 10.0.0 or higher Npm 6 or higher Electron executable for the desktop version (optional) Setup Checkout the project and install its depe

WebReflection A minimalistic version of that weights about 1K instead of 60K. <!-- you require it on the client same way --> <script src="/"></script> <!-- and it expo

websockets ws: a Node.js WebSocket library ws is a simple to use, blazing fast, and thoroughly tested WebSocket client and server implementation. Passes the quite extensive Autobahn test suite: server, client. Note: This mo

hugmanrique 💨 turbo-ws A blazing fast low-level WebSocket server based on turbo-net. Features Supports thousands of concurrent connections with minimal CPU and RAM impact. Binary and text frames are

RickWong BitMEX Order Book The fastest order book implementation for the BitMEX WebSocket API. Fast & unthrottled price updates from L2 table. Automatically calculates cumulative prices. Reuse an existing WebSocket c

Kocisov Adventure Simple WebSocket Client Features Reconnect implemented Handle Errors and Messages + Redux with your simple functions Installation # yarn yarn add @braind/adventure # n

nccgroup WSSiP: A WebSocket Manipulation Proxy Short for "WebSocket/ Proxy", this tool, written in Node.js, provides a user interface to capture, intercept, send custom messages and view all WebSocket and Socket

vercel ws-servers This repo demonstrates deployment of different WebSocket servers powered by Node.js and Now. To learn how to run and deploy each, follow one of these links: µws ws websocket nodejs-websocket

joewalnes ReconnectingWebSocket A small JavaScript library that decorates the WebSocket API to provide a WebSocket connection that will automatically reconnect if the connection is dropped. It is API compatible, so when you have

AllThingsSmitty Node.js Chat A starter chat app using Node.js and WebSockets. Install Node.js Node.js Run Locally Install all dependencies: npm install Run the app: node start.js Note: You may w

lovelle jquery-chat 100% pure javascript realtime chat (client and server) facebook/gmail style web chat. To see demo please visit The jQuery Chat plugin can be used to add a JavaScript-based chatting system t

rickyrauch Balloons.IO Balloons.IO is a web multi-room chat server and client ready to use. It’s build with the help of node.JS, Express, Socket.IO and Redis. Installation The installation of certain tools can be a b

zzarcon 💣 ⚡ 💥 🔥 😈 Mock WebSockets and create chaos DEMO The motivation of this project is nothing but being able to receive predefined socket messages. Why this? usually when i

openrtc-io Awesome WebRTC A curated list of awesome WebRTC modules and resources. Inspired by awesome-python. Awesome WebRTC Overview Demos and samples Tutorials Books Developer tools and resources

SocketCluster SocketCluster Toolset and boilerplate for quickly creating systems using SocketCluster. See the client and server repos for documentation:

simonswain Straw Realtime processing framework for Node.js Version 0.4.1 Straw lets you run a Topology of worker Nodes that consume, process, generate and emit messages. Use Cases Use it anywhere you need data proc

sockjs SockJS family: SockJS-client JavaScript client library SockJS-node Node.js server SockJS-erlang Erlang server SockJS-tornado Python/Tornado server vert.x Java/vert.x server Work in progress: SockJS-ruby Sock

mafintosh udp-request Small module for making requests/responses over UDP npm install udp-request Usage var udp = require('udp-request') var socket = udp() socket.on('request', function (request, peer) { cons

stdlib Functional Microservice Request Library f is a Functional Microservice Request Library. It's a zero-dependency module that wraps HTTP(S) requests, intended for use with stateless, functional microservices. I

fed135 Node socket wrapper and optimizer