Newest releases

taskforcesh BullMQ - Premium Message Queue for NodeJS based on Redis

Place1 wg-access-server is a single binary that provides a WireGuard VPN server and device management web ui. We support user authentication, 1 click device registration that works with Mac, Linux, Windows, Ios and Android including QR c

bashlund Small Websockets and TCP client/server sockets library written in TypeScript with support for TLS encryption. Runs in browser and NodeJS.

mafintosh Easily create UDP sockets and TCP servers that bind to ports

valerauko ClojureScript Deno example A "Hello, world" HTTP server example running ClojureScript on Deno. Running yarn start This will compile the ClojureScript

talentlessguy tinyws is a WebSocket middleware for Node.js based on ws, inspired by koa-easy-ws.

2color GraphQL Server with Fastify, Mercurius, Prisma, and Nexus Example

piscinajs A fast, efficient Node.js Worker Thread Pool implementation

pavlobu Deskreen is an electron.js based application that uses WebRTC to make a live stream of your desktop to a web browser on any device.

pfrazee A hybrid p2p/federated social network mad science experiment

mscdex node-ftp is an FTP client module for node.js that provides an asynchronous interface for communicating with an FTP server.

Umkus A fast offline IP lookup library. Returns blacklist status, detects VPN/hosting and shows geo info.

sindresorhus Get the ID of the process that uses a certain port

nwtgck Infinitely transfer between every device over pure HTTP: designed for everyone including people using Unix pipe and even for browser users

RobinLinus Snapdrop: local file sharing in your browser. Inspired by Apple's Airdrop.

nwtgck SSH over HTTPS via Piping Server

loreanvictor TyFON is a zero-config RPC for TypeScript. It automatically creates all required networking code on the server-side and generates client-side SDK using same type definitions for client-server consistency.

NodePolus NodePolus is a JavaScript library containing multiple implementations of the Among Us network protocol.

astroip-co This is the official Javascript Library for, which allows a fast lookup of any IP address or ASN.

alexellis This OpenFaaS template uses docker-puppeteer by buildkite to give you access to Puppeteer. Puppeteer is a popular tool that can automate a headless Chrome browser for scraping fully-rendered web pages.

webtorrent Local Service Discovery (LSD) provides a SSDP-like (http over udp-multicast) mechanism to announce the presence in specific swarms to local neighbors.

mafintosh WebSockets with a Node.js net compatible interface

graham-walker youtube-dl-react-viewer is a web app made using the MERN stack to facilitate both the viewing and downloading of videos by parsing the output of ytdl-org/youtube-dl. The app is not platform specific and should work on any Unix, Wi

gunnargrosch circuitbreaker-lambda is a basic Node module for using the circuit breaker pattern in AWS Lambda and general async functions. It relies on a pass/fail assumption. Thresholds and timeout values are configurable and there is support

mullwar The easy way to write Telegram bots in Node.js

firebase Superstatic is an enhanced static web server that was built to power. It has fantastic support for HTML5 pushState applications, clean URLs, caching, and many other goodies

oslabs-beta Horus is a Distributed Tracing and Monitoring Tool for gRPC-Node Applications.

Meshiest JavaScript p2p group (directional) proximity voice demo using an express/ https server

serendiasquad This bot will show who invited who. It's recording and showing the total count of invitations of an user, how many of them left, etc.

cblgh Describe Stand on a tile, press Enter and type to describe the tile underneath the player character. The description will be shown to anyone who stands on the tile. Even if the tile is replaced with another sigil, the description

yue CrossClip - Sync clipboard across macOS/Linux/Windows on LAN.Written in Node.js, with native UI powered by the Yue library.

wiseindy Allows you to send commands to Google Assistant that will execute after a certain time