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gogoprog haxe-w Haxe externs for W the micro WebGL2 framework Requirements Haxe 4 Example import js.Browser.document; import w.W; function main() { var c:

KevEdwards Galaforce 2 ( BBC Micro ) Version V1.00 (c) Kevin Edwards 1987-2021 40 years ago, on the 1st December 1981, the BBC Micro was launched. Demand was ver

KevEdwards Crazee Rider ( BBC Micro ) Version V1.00 (c) Kevin Edwards 1986-2018 In 1986 I began writing a motorcycle racing game for the BBC Micro, Electron and

borjapazr 🔰🦸 Template to start developing a REST API with Node.js (Express), TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, Husky, TypeORM, etc.

vvo 🛠 Node.js stateless session utility using signed and encrypted cookies to store data. Works with Next.js, Express, NestJs, Fastify, and any Node.js HTTP framework.

gajus Lightweight and performant Lucene-like parser and search engine.

joog-lim Bamboo APIv3 기획 배경 변경 사항 기획 배경 기존에 존재하던 Bammboo API v1, v2의 경우 NoSQL로 작성되었습니다. 그로 인하여 서로 키를 교환하지 않으면, 그리고 데이터베이스를 여러개 연결하지않으면 값을 가져오는데, 여러 애로사항이 존재하였습

baptistejamin Fast & elegant PDF invoice generator for Node using PDFKit. No Puppeteer

tmhglnd max-pd-converter A Node.JS script that converts MaxMSP patches to PureData or vice versa. At the moment not all objects are compatible with the conver

smallcase Simple URL shortener built with Fastify. Uses PostgreSQL, Redis, and Kafka.

lambci Perform async work synchronously in Node.js using worker threads

ddd-crew [Experimental] Strategic DDD Architecture Building Blocks This repository catalogues a language for describing architectural concepts from a Strategic

alirezanasseh TypeScript Express.js MongoDB Multi Language Boilerplate

Clytage A dedicated open-source Discord bot for Zhycorp based on our Discord bot template with more features. Easy to use, and with no coding required.

bcoe output coverage reports using Node.js' built in coverage

Unit221B Russian Russian Keyboard Registry Script Download the .reg file. Double-click the reg file hit alt-shift to switch from your main keyboard language an

trantoan960 A delightful way to building a Node.js RESTful API Services with beautiful code written in Vanilla Javascript.

brandonLi8 A simple, private URL shortener/bookkeeper that is hosted locally.

kwhitley Simple API-caching middleware for Express/Node.

borkdude Babashka-like tool for Node.js.

fncolon Idnaive is A Simple Node.js Naive Bayes Library.

viesti nREPL server for NodeJS using SCI.

foyzulkarim A MERN boilerplate repository with RBAC feature, following all production best practices.

antfu Transpile TypeScript to ESM with Node.js loader hooks.

privatenumber ✅ タスク — The minimal task runner for Node.js

merico-dev Merico Build is a web app empowering open source developers, maintainers, and communities with metrics from Git, GitHub, and more. The application uses novel static analysis to more accurately measure the value and impact of code

ianpetrarca Add hic et nunc data into your websites and Node.js scripts

sudis Yeni başlayanlar için NodeJS ile MySQL öğretici.

stefandobre APEX + MLE An APEX app which demonstrates the power of server-side JavaScript via MLE & GraalVM App Download app.sql, and import it into an APEX 20.2

BatuhanW Haf is a fully typed 🔒 , cross-platform, persistent 💾 config ⚙️ solution for your NodeJS projects with a great developer experience!

vcodes-xyz Discord Bot List is node.js open source code for code sharing and uptime website. The site is completely made by vcodes.xyz developers. You can use it easily.

mdtarhini A fullstack application to create and share tabulated cheat sheets using markdown syntax. The backend is developed with node-JS, express-JS and mongo-db while the frontend is developed with React.