Newest releases

antfu Transpile TypeScript to ESM with Node.js loader hooks.

privatenumber ✅ タスク — The minimal task runner for Node.js

merico-dev Merico Build is a web app empowering open source developers, maintainers, and communities with metrics from Git, GitHub, and more. The application uses novel static analysis to more accurately measure the value and impact of code

ianpetrarca Add hic et nunc data into your websites and Node.js scripts

sudis Yeni başlayanlar için NodeJS ile MySQL öğretici.

stefandobre APEX + MLE An APEX app which demonstrates the power of server-side JavaScript via MLE & GraalVM App Download app.sql, and import it into an APEX 20.2

BatuhanW Haf is a fully typed 🔒 , cross-platform, persistent 💾 config ⚙️ solution for your NodeJS projects with a great developer experience!

vcodes-xyz Discord Bot List is node.js open source code for code sharing and uptime website. The site is completely made by vcodes.xyz developers. You can use it easily.

mdtarhini A fullstack application to create and share tabulated cheat sheets using markdown syntax. The backend is developed with node-JS, express-JS and mongo-db while the frontend is developed with React.

fernandomoraes Simplest way to export Node.js Applications metrics to Prometheus

vanajmoorthy 🐮 A URL shortening service that uses Express and MongoDB.

anvilco SpectaQL is a Node.js library that generates static documentation for a GraphQL schema

atymic Inspired by this reddit post I wrote a scraper to save all of his mum's mylot posts to PDFs, including images and comments. Apologies in advance for the messy code, I wrote it in about half an hour. Feel free to PR fix.

RafaelGoulartB 🚀 Move It is a project to help people to make more exercises. Next Level Week #04 #NLW @Rocketseat - NLW

rocketseat-education Projeto construído durante o Next Level Week #04, na trilha de Node.js

reactend React renderer to build Node.js server

just-sultanov Set up your GitHub Actions workflow with a specific version of babashka

mcollina Exit your process, gracefully (if possible) - for Node.js

gigantz React renderer to build Node.js server

oblador Block nags to accept cookies and privacy invasive tracking in Safari

node-pinus Pinus is a fast, scalable game server framework for node.js. It provides the basic development framework and many related components, including libraries and tools. Pinus is also suitable for real-time web applications; its distri

internalfx A simple node.js server that watches SalesForce objects and delivers webhooks of the changes.

fwd A Node.js API to access public Instagram posts and profile, unofficially

ya-sach1 ⛓️ | Heikko is an url shortener built with Typescript, and it uses PostgreSQL and Express.js as core technologies.

GalackQSM Bot discord français en open sources, 12 catégories et +190 commandes

bringg ArnavMQ is an amqp.node wrapper to ease common AMQP usages (RPC, pub/sub, channel/connection handling etc...)

staltz Convert a Node.js-style callback API (err, val) => void to a Promise.

gajus In every project that I have undertaken, there was always a need to run a periodic task of some sorts, e.g. hard-delete after 14-day soft delete. Typically this problem is solved by using a CRON-like system that simply runs a task

littledivy Audio playback library for Deno

alii 💬 An experimental way to write Discord bots with JSX for Node.

xxczaki This module generates secure, URL-friendly and truly random IDs. It was inspired mainly by Nano ID. It uses the new crypto.randomInt method introduced in Node.js v14.10.0. Besides limited compatibility, the performance is also rel

Tencent 🚀 A front-end and back-end integrated deployment tool 🔥 One-click deploy to serverless architecture. 云原生一体化部署工具 CloudBase Framework

eilonmore Wrapper API for LinkedIn unofficial API, written in TypeScript. No tokens are needed for using this API, only a working LinkedIn account