JSON processing in Node.js

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yuhere JSON-RPC version 2 implement for express.js express-jsonrpc2 is a complete JSON-RPC version 2 server-side implement for express library on node.js. It's a middleware of express. Install npm i

pinojs pino Very low overhead Node.js logger, inspired by Bunyan. Documentation Benchmarks ⇗ API ⇗ Browser API ⇗ Redaction ⇗ Child Loggers ⇗ Transports ⇗ Web Frameworks ⇗

xcatliu Awesome json2json An awesome json to json mapper Installation npm install awesome-json2json --save Usage import json2json from 'awesome-json2json'; // const { default: json2json } = requ

captainsafia fony fony is a simple command line tool that generates dummy JSON data from a provided template. The application utilizes Chance.js under the hood so any data type supported by Chance.js is supported by fony. fony is

RobinBressan json-git A pure JS local Git to versionize any JSON. If you want to use it with Redux find the official bindings here: json-git-redux. Why should I use this? The purpose of json-git is not to replace Git.

zweifisch kontur a little DSL that outputs JSON schema instruction on validating request body in koa using ajv and kontur overview import { compile, bool, int, str } from 'kontur' compile({ gender: str, ag

queckezz Robust manipulation and inspection of JSON data using the already familiar Chromium Devtools - It allows for quick inspection of arbitrary JSON strucures. Allows JSON to be passed in from URLs, Files and process.stdin. The JSON

jsonata-js JSONata JSON query and transformation language Reference implementation of the JSONata query and transformation language. JSONata in 5 minutes JSONata language documentation Try it out! Instal

FGRibreau gron - Make JSON greppable!. Make JSON greppable! gron transforms JSON into discrete assignments to make it easier to grep for what you want and see the absolute 'path' to it. It eases the exploration of APIs

FGRibreau jq.node - Become a shell hero, get super-power jq.node is JavaScript and Lodash in your shell (along with the 300K+ npm modules). It's a powerful command-line JSON/string processor. It so easy it feels like che

sindresorhus parse-json Parse JSON with more helpful errors Install $ npm install --save parse-json Usage var parseJson = require('parse-json'); var json = '{\n\t"foo": true,\n}'; JSON.parse(json);

finom deploy-to-git Automatically or manually deploy build artifacts to a Git repository. The tool works awesome with semantic-release and any CI service. npm install --save-dev deploy-to-git Configuring Confi

davidferguson PiBakery The blocks based, easy to use setup tool for Raspberry Pi PiBakery is a a blocks based drag and drop tool that allows you to customise and edit your Raspberry Pi without powering the Pi on. Simply insert

maierfelix Hevia A Swift Parser, written in ES6. Installation npm install hevia Or clone the source: git clone https://github.com/maierfelix/hevia.git Getting started

lambda2 apiize Turn any JSON file into a full, explorable, REST API. Presentation Start apiize on a JSON file or url And make requests on it Install $ npm install -g apiize