Job queues

Persistent job and message queue.

Newest releases

SGrondin Bottleneck is a lightweight and zero-dependency Task Scheduler and Rate Limiter for Node.js and the browser.

breejs Bree is the best job scheduler for Node.js with support for cron, dates, ms, and human-friendly strings. Uses workers and spawns sandboxed processes. Supports async/await, retries, throttling, concurrency, and cancelable jobs (gra

thezeroqueue Powered by BullMQ - the fastest, most reliable, Redis-based queue for Node.

node-schedule Node Schedule Node Schedule is a flexible cron-like and not-cron-like job scheduler for Node.js. It allows you to schedule jobs (arbitrary functions) for execution at specific dates, with optional recurrenc

eropple The best TypeScript and JavaScript background job processing on the planet. TaskBotJS TaskBotJS is a job queue and processing service for NodeJS applications. Using Redis as a background store, TaskBotJS allows you

littlstar Hivemind For creating distributed jobs using AWS Lambda functions. Install: npm install lambda-hivemind Quick Example: const Hivemind = require('lambda-hivemind') const hivemind = new Hivem

Shruubi CourierJS A simple event messenger that allows you to apply some middleware before the message is received by the listener. Inspired by Flux and Redux. About CourierJS is designed to be a simple message rec

agenda A light-weight job scheduling library for Node.js Agenda offers Minimal overhead. Agenda aims to keep its code base small. Mongo backed persistence layer. Promises based API. Scheduling with c