Image processing in pure JavaScript.

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HashLips Create generative art by using the canvas api and node js

hiagodotme GPIX is a library that facilitates the generation of dynamic and static br-codes for the central bank of Brazil PIX arrangement.

adamazad A self-hosted version of imgix built on top of Express.

oct16 TimeCat is a Web record solution, with a unique algorithm to provide ultra-high performance, ultra-high compression webpage lossless video recording. Can be widely used in surveillance systems, behavior analysis, case review, dist

Vibrant-Colors node-vibrant Extract prominent colors from an image. ** NOTICE ** This project is refactored into a monorepo in version 3.2.0 (see develop branch, npm version [email protected]). We will not merge

frinyvonnick Welcome to node-html-to-image πŸŒ„ A Node.js library that generates images from HTML 🏠 Homepage Description This module exposes a function that generates images (png

ahmadawais resize-optimize-images πŸ—ƒ Resize and optimize bmp, gif, jpeg, png, & tiff images in Node.js. Install npm install resize-optimize-images Usage const resizeOptim

Automattic node-canvas node-canvas is a Cairo-backed Canvas implementation for Node.js. Installation $ npm install canvas By default, binaries for macOS, Linux and Windows will be downloaded. If you want to buil

eashish93 SUMMARY Image compression full stack website code. Contains both api service and frontend written in node, react and next.js framework. SCREENSHOTS   SETTING UP GOOGLE CLOUD STORAGE Create

lovell sharp npm install sharp yarn add sharp The typical use case for this high speed Node.js module is to convert large images in common formats to smaller, web-friendly JPEG, PNG and WebP images of varying

LinusU LodePNG PNG decoding for Node.js, using LodePNG compiled to WebAssembly. Installation npm install --save @cwasm/lodepng Usage const fs = require('fs') const lodepng = require('@cwasm/lodepng

joshmarinacci PureImage PureImage is a pure JavaScript implementation of the HTML Canvas 2d drawing api for NodeJS. It has no native dependencies. New 0.1.x release I've completely refactored the code so that it should

oguzhaninan Korkut Quick and simple image processing at the command line. Getting started First download and install ImageMagick. Mac OS X ImageMagick supports the WebP format. However, you mus

seenaburns Isolate Isolate is a lightweight tool for viewing and organizing your art reference and inspiration with ease. Isolate works off of your local file system: you get started by dragging and dropping a folder onto the a

justadudewhohacks opencv4nodejs opencv4nodejs allows you to use the native OpenCV library in nodejs. Besides a synchronous API the package provides an asynchronous API, which allows you to build non-blocking and multithreaded co

skellock πŸ“· osnap! A CLI for grabbing ios/android screenshots and saving to your clipboard or filesystem. ✍️ Usage osnap [ios|android] [-f filename.png] [-d android_device_id] 🍎 With iOS

qwook graphical Graphical is a very lightweight framework used to dynamically draw graphics from NodeJS straight to the browser. Graphical is great for visualizing server-side data such as X, Y coordinates and accelerometer o

mobimeo Node.js Wrapper for YOLO/Darknet recognition framework Darknet is an open source neural network framework written in C and CUDA. This project wraps this framework in a Node.js native addon. darknet YOLO (You onl

svg english | русский SVGO SVG Optimizer is a Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files. Why? SVG files, especially those exported from various editors, usually contain a lot of redunda

tobiaslins avatar Avatar generates beautiful gradient avatars for your app or homepage (for example if they didn't upload one) Avatar is built on top of micro and is hosted on Heroku How to use avatar To genera

girliemac Filterous 2 Filterous 2 is an Instagram-like image manipulation library for Javascript and node.js. This is a revamped version of Filterous, which was written for JavaScript for browser about 4 years ago. This versio

greggman ffmpegserver.js This is a simple node server and library that sends canvas frames to the server and uses ffmpeg to compress the video. It can be used standalone or with CCapture.js. NOTE: This is not for realtime cap

expo image-upload-example Snap a photo or grab it from your camera roll, and upload it. See /backend for an example node service to handle the upload to S3 (Amazon AWS), and /frontend for the Expo app. Frontend

paperjs Paper.js - The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting If you want to work with Paper.js, simply download the latest "stable" version from Website: Discuss

aheckmann gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node Bug Reports When reporting bugs please include the version of graphicsmagick/imagemagick you're using (gm -version/convert -version) as well as the version of thi

sindresorhus image-type Detect the image type of a Buffer/Uint8Array See the file-type module for more file types. Install $ npm install --save image-type Usage Node.js var readChunk =

oliver-moran Jimp JavaScript Image Manipulation Program An image processing library for Node written entirely in JavaScript, with zero native dependencies. Installation: npm install --save jimp API documentation can b

EyalAr Light-weight image processor for NodeJS Overview Installation Usage Supported formats Colors specification Note on transparent images Note on threading performance API Open an image from file o

bijection g9.js g9 is a javascript library for creating automatically interactive graphics. With g9, interactive visualization is as easy as visualization that isn't. Just write a function which draws shapes based on data, and g

sindresorhus is-progressive Check if JPEG images are progressive Can be useful to make sure your images are progressive, which is important for performance: Progressive JPEGs are better because they are faster. Appearing

nodeca probe-image-size Get image size without full download. Supported image types: JPG, GIF, PNG, WebP, BMP, TIFF, SVG, PSD. Key features: small size, no heavy dependencies works with remote and local data

FormidableLabs victory-cli A tool for generating Victory component image charts on the command line. Installation First, install the package globally from npm: npm install -g victory-cli Next