Prerenders static HTML in a single-page application.

Prerender SPA Plugin Flexible, framework-agnostic static site generation for sites and SPAs built with webpack. About prerender-spa-plugin 👉 This is the stable 3.x version of prere

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Kong Insomnia REST Client Insomnia is a cross-platform REST client, built on top of Electron. Download Insomnia is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and can be downloaded from the website.

maxogden ftpfs an ftp client that expose the node fs API only supports createReadStream, readDir, stat and lstat right now usage var ftp = ftpfs({ port: 2121 }) var readStream = ftp.createReadStream('hello.txt') ftp.readd

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mafintosh browser-server A HTTP "server" in the browser that uses a service worker to allow you to easily send back your own stream of data. npm install browser-server Usage First generate the service worker, using the browse

sindresorhus electron-util Useful utilities for developing Electron apps and modules Just an opinionated collection of things I often need when using Electron. Don't use this yet. Install $ npm install electron-util

paf31 purescript-quickserve Quickly create HTTP servers from functions! Module Documentation Getting Started A single endpoint which returns plain text: server :: GET String server = pure "Hello, World!" main = do le

taravancil PasteDat PasteDat is a peer-to-peer gist-like tool. It uses the Beaker browser's APIs to write files with the Dat protocol. All file snippets created with PasteDat are hosted directly from your devic and on a peer-to-peer networ