Access serial ports for reading and writing.

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moscajs Mosca This project is UNMAINTAINED. Please move to Aedes About Mosca is a node.js mqtt broker, which can be used: Standalone Embedded in another Node.js ap

node-red Node-RED http://nodered.org Low-code programming for event-driven applications. Quick Start Check out http://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/ for full instructions on getting started. sudo npm ins

Yoctol Bottender The readme below is the documentation for the v1 (stable) version of Bottender. To view the documentation: for the latest Bottender version (v1.x), visit https://bottender.js.org/docs/en/ge

sindresorhus manage-wifi Turn your Wi-Fi on and off macOS only, but pull request welcome for Linux and Windows support. Install $ npm install --save manage-wifi Usage const manageWifi = require('man

patrickjquinn P-Brain.ai - Voice Controlled Personal Assistant Natural language virtual assistant using Node + Bootstrap Screenshot Video Introduction To The Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EF_qEY

keithcollins pi-bots This is a simple system I came up with for running multiple Twitter bots from my Raspberry Pi. It makes cron task scheduling a little easier, and allows you to edit your schedule remotely via GitHub, using the g

ibmtjbot IBM TJBot Maker Kits are a collection of DIY open source templates to build things with IBM AI services in a fun and easy way. IBM TJBot is the first maker kit in the collection. You can 3D print or laser cut the robo

ArbeitBot First free open-source Telegram freelance market. Built by people for people. About Arbeit Bot Want to contribute? Installation Necessary environment variables How to get ssl certificate and key I

fivdi i2c-bus I2C serial bus access with Node.js on Linux boards like the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone. The i2c-bus API supports promises and async/await, asynchronous callbacks and synchronous execution. i2c-bus support

node-usb USB Library for Node.JS Node.JS library for communicating with USB devices in JavaScript / CoffeeScript. This is a refactoring / rewrite of Christopher Klein's node-usb. The API is not compatible (hopefully you find

serialport Node Serialport For support you can open a github issue, for discussions, designs, and clarifications, we recommend you join our Gitter Chat room. We have two related projects Browser Serialport "just like Node S

rwaldron Johnny-Five The JavaScript Robotics Programming Framework Artwork by Mike Sgier Johnny-Five is an Open Source, Firmata Protocol based, IoT and Robotics programming framework, developed at Bocoup. Joh