Debugging / Profiling

Debugging / Profiling

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privatenumber dbgr is a lightweight debugger function that pauses your script, watches the current file for any changes and only re-runs the specific code that's passed in to it. It's just like debugger but requires no IDE or browser dev-tools

kdzwinel Betwixt will help you analyze web traffic outside the browser using familiar Chrome DevTools interface. Installing Download the latest release for your operating system, build your own bundle or run B

GoogleChromeLabs ndb ndb is an improved debugging experience for Node.js, enabled by Chrome DevTools Installation Compatibility: ndb requires Node >=8.0.0. It works best with Node >=10. Installation: ndb dep

fabiomcosta debug a nodejs process without inspect flags. thebugger · Note: works only on node>=8 The problem Debugging currently requires providing the main node process flags like --inspect and/or --inspec

asfktz devtools-playground Standalone Devtools for prototyping & debugging. Features Standalone DevTools Live reloading Support for ES modules (import/export) Built on top of electron, which means th

darcyclarke rawkit rawkit grabs the chrome inspector URL returned from the node --inspect command and immediately opens devtools. No more clicking, selecting, copying/pasting or navigating. Just run the command and jump into

cyrus-and chrome-remote-interface Chrome Debugging Protocol interface that helps to instrument Chrome (or any other suitable implementation) by providing a simple abstraction of commands and notifications using a straightforward

jaridmargolin inspect-process Dead simple debugging for node.js using chrome-devtools. Why? Node added support for v8-inspector in v6.3.0 but launching the debugger for a g

azu ui-event-observer Provide performant/simple way to subscribe to browser DOM UI Events. You can use a single addEventListener instead of multiple addEventListener for DOM UI Events by UIEventObserver. Example project

FormidableLabs nodejs-dashboard Telemetry dashboard for node.js apps from the terminal! Determine in realtime what's happening inside your node process from the terminal. No need to instrument code to get the deets. A

deepsweet start really dead simple highly decomposed and modular flexible and functional powered by chaining Promises to control tasks flow Install npm i -S start Tasks // tasks.js im

automation-stack ctrace Well-formatted and improved trace system calls and signals (when the debugger does not help). Why? Awesome tools strace and dtruss have only one drawback: too much information which is hard to und

davidmarkclements 0x 🔥 single-command flamegraph profiling 🔥 Discover the bottlenecks and hot paths in your code, with flamegraphs. Visualize Stack Traces 0x can profile and generate an interactive flamegra

buggerjs bugger Warning: Experimental bugger provides Chrome Devtools bindings for node. It integrates tightly with Chrome which means two things: It attempts to fully support the usual Devtools experience, including work

traceglMPL TraceGL TraceGL MPL release (C) Mozilla Corp Running traceGL unpackaged: git clone [email protected]:/traceglMPL/tracegl.git cd tracegl node trace/trace_server.js Packaging tracegl into a single JS file you can copy ev

watson Stackman Give Stackman an error and he will give an array of stack frames with extremely detailed information for each frame in the stack trace. With Stackman you get access to the actual source code and surrounding li

alidavut ʆ Locus Locus is a debugging module which allows you to execute commands at runtime via a REPL. Installing npm install locus --save-dev Using require('locus'); var myVar = 123; var myObj

valyouw njsTrace - Instrumentation and Tracing njstrace lets you easily instrument and trace you code, see all function calls, arguments, return values, as well as the time spent in each function. Installation npm i

mafintosh why-is-node-running Node is running but you don't know why? why-is-node-running is here to help you. Installation Node 8 and above: npm i why-is-node-running -g Earlier Node versions (no longer supporte

jstrace jstrace Dynamic tracing for JavaScript, written in JavaScript, providing you insight into your live nodejs applications, at the process, machine, or cluster level. Similar to systems like dtrace or ktap, the goal of dy

debug-js debug A tiny JavaScript debugging utility modelled after Node.js core's debugging technique. Works in Node.js and web browsers. Installation $ npm install debug Usage debug exposes a f

mattinsler longjohn Long stack traces for node.js with configurable call trace length Inspiration I wrote this while trying to add long-stack-traces to my server and realizing that there were issues with support of Eve

adobe-research Theseus Theseus is a new type of JavaScript debugger for Node.js, Chrome, and both simultaneously. It is an extension for the Brackets code editor. Theseus is part of a collaboration between the User Interface Design G

Jam3 devtool ⚠️ Update: This tool is mostly obsolete as much of the philosophy has been brought into Node/DevTool core, see here for details. If you wish to take over maintenance of this project, please ping me on

s-a THE END I've decided to stop working on iron-node. There's been a small community of contributors that have made iron-node great and encouraged me to keep going. Thank you! Useful alternatives