Content management systems

Content management systems

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claudioc A git based wiki engine written for node.js

saeed9321 Nike website clone with Express JS backend framework

payloadcms A self-hosted, JavaScript headless CMS & application framework built with Express, MongoDB and React.

salihozdemir This project is a simplified a full stack clone of Stackoverflow. I wrote it to learn more about Nodejs, React/Next, pixel perfect design and NoSQL databases in general. Feel free to contribute!

HermanMartinus Free, no-nonsense, super-fast blogging No javascript, no stylesheets, no trackers. Just your words.

manikandanraji Youtube clone using PERN stack (Postgres, Express, React, Node).

muzam1l Api server for Tclone, a concise, fast, and feature rich Twitter clone built with MERN stack.

manikandanraji Instaclone backend is built with Express + MongoDB.

manikandanraji Instagram clone using MERN stack. This is the frontend repo built with Reactjs. If you are looking for the backend repo, click here

Viveckh Veniqa Open-Source E-commerce Solution Veniqa (Originally Veniqa New York) was a New York-based fashion retail startup that served consumers in South Asian countries to shop from luxury western brands. Upon its de

mayeaux NodeTube NodeTube is an open-source YouTube alt that offers video, audio and image uploads, livestreaming and built-in monetization A live NodeTube instance is available to interact with at You can

dan-divy Welcome to Spruce Spruce is a tiny but powerful open-source social networking platform made with Node.js and MongoDB. Deployed here Get the live MongoDB stats out here. Features Sign in using

simpletut Open Source Universal User Registration System – NodeJS React Apollo GraphQL JWT MongoDB Online Demo As the Demo is hosted on a free Heroku account, the servers its hosted on enter ‘sleep mode’ when no

hackerkid Peerdium is a peer to peer publishing platform. The posts are stored as torrents in the browser. Only the people with link to the post can see the content of the post. Peerdium is built using WebTorrent. Peerdium was featured i

withspectrum Simple, powerful online communities. This is the main monorepo codebase of Spectrum. Every single line of code that's not packaged into a reusable library is in this repository. What is

Requarks A modern, lightweight and powerful wiki app built on NodeJS ✅ STABLE v1.x version This repository is for the 2.0 BETA of Wiki.js. It is highly recommended to use the 1.x vers

gilbitron Raneto Raneto is a free, open, simple Markdown powered Knowledgebase for Node.js. Find out more → Visit to see a demo and get started! Quickstart Run this in a terminal and then vi

7anshuai jsernews jsernews is a Node.js port of the lamernews - an HN style social news site. Getting Started jsernews is a Node/Express/Redis/jQuery application. You need to install Redis and Node.js 7.x+ with the

Matterwiki What is a wiki? A website or database developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content. Example: Wikipedia Why do you need a wiki? As your company grows it becom

CompagnonAgency Gravitate Project scaffolding for Grav CMS like a boss. 👊 Features Grav: pre-configured latest version Administration Panel: Grav standard administration panel plugin Built-in SCSS &

reactioncommerce Reaction Reaction is a modern reactive, real-time event driven ecommerce platform. Reaction is built with JavaScript (ES6), Meteor, Node.js and works nicely with Docker. Installation reaction-cli ins

DimiMikadze Mean Blog Blog using Nodejs, Expressjs, Angularjs and Mongodb. MEAN Javascript Fullstack application Features Create/Edit/Delete Article Passport Authentication for Administration Bcrypt Password Hash

HashBrownCMS HashBrown CMS A free and open-source headless CMS built with Node.js and MongoDB Getting started Guides API documentation Developer documentation Installing HashBrown First make sure you

keystonejs About Keystone Getting Started Community Contributing License About Keystone KeystoneJS is a powerful Node.js content management system and web app framework built on the Express web framewor

jansmolders86 MediacenterJS Beta A NodeJS based media center Website: What is MediacenterJS? MediacenterJS is a media center (like for instance XBMC) running completely from the comfort of

jcoppieters Cody CMS A Javascript Content Management System running on Node.js We finally took upon the task, we are happy to announce the transition to Express 4 is now done! (dixit Slawo) See for more in

pencilblue PencilBlue A full featured Node.js CMS and blogging platform (plugins, server cluster management, data-driven pages) First and foremost: If at any point you have questions, comments or concerns you can

synthesis-js Synthesis Synthesis is a extensible open-source content management framework built for the modern web with React, Redux, Express, and Mongo. It is designed to be pragmatic and extensible, so it's easy to create a webs

TryGhost Fiercely independent, professional publishing A fully open source, powerful platform for building and running modern publications, we power serious blogs, magazines and journalism from DuckDuckGo to OpenAI &