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Command-line apps

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yuanqing Crop, trim, resize, reverse, rotate, strip audio, change the speed, change the frame rate, change the volume, convert to a different file format Run multiple operations on multiple files concurrently

RocktimSaikia ✨ Github feed right at your terminal

adonisjs Framework Agnostic REPL For Node.js. Used by AdonisJS

mayashavin A CLI tool to auto generate a content file (Markdown, CSV, YAML) based on available templates or customized templates.

oslabs-beta A stream-lined command line tool for developers to easily run accessibility testing locally through axe-core and puppeteer.

eafer rdrview - Command line tool to extract the main content from a webpage, as done by the "Reader View" feature of most modern browsers. It's intended to be used with terminal RSS readers, to make the articles more readable on web br

ahmadawais 📟 repo with Node.js CLI best practices and production-ready tips & tricks.

funbox It can compress PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG lossy and lossless and create WebP versions for raster images.

smolck Uivonim is a fork of Veonim, "a simple modal IDE built on Neovim and VSCode extensions" written in electron with WebGL GPU rendering and multithreading, but which is no longer maintained. The goal of Uivonim is to use Veonim as a

andrewiggins CLI to collect stats about React usage on a website

weibell Web-based reverse shell generator

EvanBacon gadd is a super light-weight package that clones the GitHub tar to a temporary folder, then extracts the tar into a .gadd folder in your project. After that gadd installs the package using your package manager tool of choice!

robotnyc This GitHub Action helps maintainers of open source projects go on vacation and take mental health breaks by limiting community interactions within a repository. During this time, commenting, opening issues, or creating pull reque

replit CLUI is a collection of JavaScript libraries for building command-line interfaces with context-aware autocomplete.

aramalipoor A tiny CLI tool to help save costs in development environments when you're asleep and don't need them!

electerm Terminal/ssh/sftp client(linux, mac, win) based on electron/ssh2/node-pty/xterm/antd/subx and other libs.

vinitshahdeo A Node.js script to generate the Map of India in terminal

abskmj An NPM module that displays Github Action progress in the terminal and aims to improve your development experience by printing status in realtime.

felippepuhle GraphQL Language Service extension for coc.nvim

alexcastillo 🧠 💻 Use the terminal to get inside the human brain.

FredrikNoren ungit - The easiest way to use git. On any platform. Anywhere

BottingRocks A simple cli app to help you with Supreme's ticket. It can bootstrap a ticket.wasm file into a NodeJS file, that can run by itself.

gjtorikian Rename your default Git branch from master to production.

MaiaVictor Navigates files on the terminal with the minimal amount of keystrokes.

Boemska Set up a modern SAS backed web app by running just a couple of commands.

gildas-lormeau Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome/Edge and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file

8bitkick A twitter bot that runs mentions on a BBC Micro emulator and responds with a tweet of 3 second, 50fps video after 30 seconds of emulated execution time. See more background on BBC Micro Bot here.

netliferesearch 🌱 A CLI-based scaffolder that outputs tailored project starters

Kriyszig Chatty is a video and text chat application that uses WebRTC and WebSocket to stream audio, video and text between two users.

billchurch A bare bones example of an HTML5 web-based terminal emulator and SSH client. We use SSH2 as a client on a host to proxy a Websocket / connection to a SSH2 server.

graphile PostGraphile Instant lightning-fast GraphQL API backed primarily by your PostgreSQL database. Highly customisable and extensible thanks to incredibly powerful plugin system. Formerly "PostGraphQL". Do

Yord 🧚 pxi (pixie) is a small, fast, and magical command-line data processor similar to jq, mlr, and awk. Installation Installation is done using npm. $ npm i -g pxi Try pxi --help to see if the instal

GoogleChrome Lighthouse CI Overview Lighthouse CI is a suite of tools that make continuously running, saving, retrieving, and asserting against Lighthouse results as easy as possible. Quick Start To get starte