Command-line apps

Command-line apps

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Annihil Draw on your GitHub contribution graph ░▒▓█

myusernamehas25characters A simple CLI password manager

fullstorydev An interactive web UI for gRPC, along the lines of postman

kimlimjustin Xplorer, a customizable, modern and cross-platform file explorer.

polemikal A great multiple application command handler bot for Discord servers!

tintinweb An interactive Solidity shell with lightweight session recording.

sdras Find the method you need without digging through the docs, directly on the command line!

bradtraversy Node.js command line app to generate random passwords

egoist unopinionated esbuild cli.

typicode Setting up and maintaining a test framework can sometimes be complex and time consuming. I've created xv to be a low maintainance, easy to setup and learn test lib/CLI. Great for small and medium projects.

privatenumber Command-line tool to capture clean and simple tweet snapshots. 📸

automizer You can use this CLI Tool to clean your iOS and Android projects and keep them updated.

TheYarin ShellPiper is an editor for writing long pipe one-liners in the shell. Instead of tweaking a long pipe chain in the terminal, use ShellPiper to create and tweak it with ease (and caching!).

Trendyol You can automize iOS and Android app's build, upload and versioning processes via Mobile App Automizer CLI tool. You can upload your app to Apple App Store, Google Play Store or your own CDN.

Lohn Heavily based on the *-fetch code created by RangerMauve for their outstanding project Agregore Browser you should try

fent Command line youtube video downloader.

toddbluhm A simple node program for executing commands using an environment from an env file.

denoland Command line tool for Deno Deploy

mattisonchao Enssh is the simple and powerful ssh tools to manager your servers.

Megapixel99 GAM is a CLI application (with an API component) written in NodeJS for managing multiple Git accounts (aliases).

genzyy A commandline app for searching about animes and its seasons and number of seasons and airing status.

BlueHatbRit A command line markdown to pdf converter with support for page headers, footers, and custom stylesheets. Mdpdf is incredibly configurable and has a JavaScript API for more extravogant usage.

Snazzah 🗡️ Creator and handler for Discord's slash commands

dephraiim Preview and render markdown files in the terminal with color syntax highlighting. Also render markdown from a given url or from a GitHub repository and an npm package.

tallnerds A simple CLI for generating more accurate data from Lighthouse reports

yuanqing Crop, trim, resize, reverse, rotate, strip audio, change the speed, change the frame rate, change the volume, convert to a different file format Run multiple operations on multiple files concurrently

RocktimSaikia ✨ Github feed right at your terminal

adonisjs Framework Agnostic REPL For Node.js. Used by AdonisJS

mayashavin A CLI tool to auto generate a content file (Markdown, CSV, YAML) based on available templates or customized templates.

oslabs-beta A stream-lined command line tool for developers to easily run accessibility testing locally through axe-core and puppeteer.

eafer rdrview - Command line tool to extract the main content from a webpage, as done by the "Reader View" feature of most modern browsers. It's intended to be used with terminal RSS readers, to make the articles more readable on web br

ahmadawais 📟 repo with Node.js CLI best practices and production-ready tips & tricks.