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TencentCloudBase 🚀 A front-end and back-end integrated deployment tool 🔥 One-click deploy to serverless architecture. 云原生一体化部署工具 CloudBase Framework

RocktimSaikia ✨ Github feed right at your terminal

logux Logux is a new way to connect client and server. Instead of sending HTTP requests (e.g., AJAX and GraphQL) it synchronizes log of operations between client, server, and other clients.

eilonmore Wrapper API for LinkedIn unofficial API, written in TypeScript. No tokens are needed for using this API, only a working LinkedIn account

bradtraversy Full CRUD REST API using Node.js with no framework

adonisjs Framework Agnostic REPL For Node.js. Used by AdonisJS

mayashavin A CLI tool to auto generate a content file (Markdown, CSV, YAML) based on available templates or customized templates.

open-source-labs GraphQL query abstraction and caching in SSR React projects, improving the performance of your app

oslabs-beta A stream-lined command line tool for developers to easily run accessibility testing locally through axe-core and puppeteer.

eafer rdrview - Command line tool to extract the main content from a webpage, as done by the "Reader View" feature of most modern browsers. It's intended to be used with terminal RSS readers, to make the articles more readable on web br

mafintosh Auto installs npm dependencies from the script you want to run and runs the script

ahmadawais 📟 repo with Node.js CLI best practices and production-ready tips & tricks.

MichalLytek Prisma 2 generator to emit TypeGraphQL types and CRUD resolvers from your Prisma 2 schema

tiagob Set up a TypeScript full stack (web, mobile, backend, aws) with one command.

funbox It can compress PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG lossy and lossless and create WebP versions for raster images.

ericchiang pup is a command line tool for processing HTML. It reads from stdin, prints to stdout, and allows the user to filter parts of the page using CSS selectors.

mullwar The easy way to write Telegram bots in Node.js

jaydenseric Middleware and an Upload scalar to add support for GraphQL multipart requests (file uploads via queries and mutations) to various Node.js GraphQL servers.

IEEE-VIT Playing with numbers is a simple node.js REST API that gives an output to basic problems such as checking palindrome, armstrong, etc. It's something that is super easy to contribute to and is a great place to get started with open

david-holuck Simple backend starter using koa/pg(async/await)

smolck Uivonim is a fork of Veonim, "a simple modal IDE built on Neovim and VSCode extensions" written in electron with WebGL GPU rendering and multithreading, but which is no longer maintained. The goal of Uivonim is to use Veonim as a

hexrcs In this post, you'll learn how to add passwordless authentication to your Next.js app using Prisma and next-auth. By the end of this tutorial, your user will be able to log in to your app with either their GitHub account or a Slac

firebase Superstatic is an enhanced static web server that was built to power. It has fantastic support for HTML5 pushState applications, clean URLs, caching, and many other goodies

googleapis This is Google's officially supported node.js client library for using OAuth 2.0 authorization and authentication with Google APIs.

andrewiggins CLI to collect stats about React usage on a website

weibell Web-based reverse shell generator

GeovaneDaSilva Conectando Stripe a Node.js y MongoDB

EvanBacon gadd is a super light-weight package that clones the GitHub tar to a temporary folder, then extracts the tar into a .gadd folder in your project. After that gadd installs the package using your package manager tool of choice!

dabit3 This project deploys a Next.js project to AWS with comprehensive authentication enabled

adamazad A self-hosted version of imgix built on top of Express.

robotnyc This GitHub Action helps maintainers of open source projects go on vacation and take mental health breaks by limiting community interactions within a repository. During this time, commenting, opening issues, or creating pull reque

a7ul Since esbuild can build large typescript node projects in subsecond speeds, this is quite useful for development builds too if you want to stick with tsc for production builds.

nishgowda Lightweight express middleware for efficient API monitoring