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msaaddev A cross-platform Node.js based CLI tool that creates Progressive Web App (PWA) with Next.js. You can also integrate tailwind with the Next.js PWA using this CLI with a single command.

typicode Setting up and maintaining a test framework can sometimes be complex and time consuming. I've created xv to be a low maintainance, easy to setup and learn test lib/CLI. Great for small and medium projects.

antfu Transpile TypeScript to ESM with Node.js loader hooks.

privatenumber ✅ タスク — The minimal task runner for Node.js

BaseMax A tiny node js-based program to listen on 80 port and will log all requests and also send logs to Telegram Bot.

merico-dev Merico Build is a web app empowering open source developers, maintainers, and communities with metrics from Git, GitHub, and more. The application uses novel static analysis to more accurately measure the value and impact of code

ianpetrarca Add hic et nunc data into your websites and Node.js scripts

IanMitchell Interaction Kit is a framework for creating Discord slash command bots over the HTTP API

privatenumber Command-line tool to capture clean and simple tweet snapshots. 📸

sudis Yeni başlayanlar için NodeJS ile MySQL öğretici.

automizer You can use this CLI Tool to clean your iOS and Android projects and keep them updated.

TheYarin ShellPiper is an editor for writing long pipe one-liners in the shell. Instead of tweaking a long pipe chain in the terminal, use ShellPiper to create and tweak it with ease (and caching!).

automizer You can automize iOS and Android app's build, upload and versioning processes via Mobile App Automizer CLI tool.

Trendyol You can automize iOS and Android app's build, upload and versioning processes via Mobile App Automizer CLI tool. You can upload your app to Apple App Store, Google Play Store or your own CDN.

talentlessguy tinyws is a WebSocket middleware for Node.js based on ws, inspired by koa-easy-ws.

privatenumber Build tests with Webpack and run them with Mocha in one command

coluck The authentication-server is a node app that handles user registration, authentication & authorization with JWT.

google Bash is great, but when it comes to writing scripts, people usually choose a more convenient programming language. JavaScript is a perfect choice, but standard Node.js library requires additional hassle before using. zx package pr

2color GraphQL Server with Fastify, Mercurius, Prisma, and Nexus Example

withfig Fig adds autocomplete to the terminal. As you type, Fig pops up subcommands, options, and contextually relevant arguments in your existing terminal on macOS.

banga GitHub style split diffs with syntax highlighting in your terminal.

Lohn Heavily based on the *-fetch code created by RangerMauve for their outstanding project Agregore Browser you should try

stefandobre APEX + MLE An APEX app which demonstrates the power of server-side JavaScript via MLE & GraalVM App Download app.sql, and import it into an APEX 20.2

BatuhanW Haf is a fully typed 🔒 , cross-platform, persistent 💾 config ⚙️ solution for your NodeJS projects with a great developer experience!

fent Command line youtube video downloader.

toddbluhm A simple node program for executing commands using an environment from an env file.

denoland Command line tool for Deno Deploy

mattisonchao Enssh is the simple and powerful ssh tools to manager your servers.

pinojs A streaming way to send data to a Node.js Worker Thread.

vcodes-xyz Discord Bot List is node.js open source code for code sharing and uptime website. The site is completely made by developers. You can use it easily.

Megapixel99 GAM is a CLI application (with an API component) written in NodeJS for managing multiple Git accounts (aliases).

samuela nixos-up nixos-up is a dead-simple install wizard for NixOS. It's the fastest way to get from ISO to working installation. From the NixOS installation

mdtarhini A fullstack application to create and share tabulated cheat sheets using markdown syntax. The backend is developed with node-JS, express-JS and mongo-db while the frontend is developed with React.