Delightful Node.js packages and resources

Newest releases

pavlobu Deskreen is an electron.js based application that uses WebRTC to make a live stream of your desktop to a web browser on any device.

pfrazee A hybrid p2p/federated social network mad science experiment

mscdex node-ftp is an FTP client module for node.js that provides an asynchronous interface for communicating with an FTP server.

mike-marcacci A node.js redlock implementation for distributed, highly-available redis locks

ice-lab 🐯Micro Frontends solution for large application(面向大型应用的微前端解决方案)

amplication Create business applications, without coding. Build a fully functional Node.js server-side app with all your data models and a React client, in less than 5 minutes.

yildizberkay This repository aims to show designing microservices with ExpressJS and deploying with Docker.

intrnl A lightweight HTTP web framework

Umkus A fast offline IP lookup library. Returns blacklist status, detects VPN/hosting and shows geo info.

micheleriva Krabs is an enterprise-ready Express.js middleware for serving hundreds of different websites from a single Next.js instance.

elestio A simple & lightweight realtime monitoring web UI + server in Node.js

lucacasonato Puppeteer is a library which provides a high-level API to control Chrome, Chromium, or Firefox Nightly over the DevTools Protocol.

node-pinus Pinus is a fast, scalable game server framework for node.js. It provides the basic development framework and many related components, including libraries and tools. Pinus is also suitable for real-time web applications; its distri

hepsiburada Voltran is a micro frontend framework which is developed by Hepsiburada Technology Team. Micro frontends help cross functional teams to make end-to-end and independent developments and deployments.

BlueHatbRit A command line markdown to pdf converter with support for page headers, footers, and custom stylesheets. Mdpdf is incredibly configurable and has a JavaScript API for more extravogant usage.

internalfx A simple node.js server that watches SalesForce objects and delivers webhooks of the changes.

bdcorps Candymail makes it easy to trigger and send multi-step email sequences in Node.js using a single JSON file. Built for bootstrappers, indie makers with special care.

Snazzah 🗡️ Creator and handler for Discord's slash commands

david35008 Chat App with notifications system and several server updates client side technologies, Using Websocket , SSE, Short and Long - Polling Connections

sindresorhus Get the ID of the process that uses a certain port

mikemaccana A fulllstack serverless app using TypeScript, Svelte and Architect Serverless

alii A detailed guide documenting the setup process of Next.js + Discord OAuth & TypeScript

BlueMax-IO NodeArch is a Node.js backend framework targeting to solve the design and architectural problems when creating Node.js APPs for the backend.

manga-download Yes, the download section comes first, because this is what most users are looking for anyway. You can download and run the installer/archive for your operating system from one of the mirror sites above.

iann0036 An unofficial AWS CloudShell plugin for VS Code. Open multiple AWS CloudShell terminals within VS Code on demand.

hiagodotme GPIX is a library that facilitates the generation of dynamic and static br-codes for the central bank of Brazil PIX arrangement.

bradtraversy Get real-time tweets and display on webpage with

natemoo-re A fast, opinionated static site generator powered by Snowpack. Build simple static sites with fool-proof performance by leveraging automatic partial hydration.

nwtgck Infinitely transfer between every device over pure HTTP: designed for everyone including people using Unix pipe and even for browser users

radarlabs This is a tool for comparing one json http server to another. It supports a wide variety of input formats as well as the ability to save a baseline run to compare against future runs.

squareboat Create beautiful CLI commands in your application. A simple NestJS CLI module, comes packaged with utilities.

ya-sach1 nfetch is a very simple system info tool written in node.js, it has zero dependencies and is very lightweight.

hidimpu Download any song in highest mp3 quality with a simple search!