FUD win32 msfvenom payload generator

FUD win32 msfvenom payload generator

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AbedAlqaderSwedan1 Welcome to the ASWCrypter script v1.0 100% FUD An Bash&Python Script For Generating Payloads that Bypasses All Antivirus so far [FUD] ;) . PLEASE DON'T UPLOAD BACKDOOT TO WWW.VIRUSTOTAL.COM 23/08/2018 Important

compnerd Swift/Win32 aims to provide a MVC model for writing applications on Windows. It provides Swift friendly wrapping of the Win32 APIs much like MFC did for C++.

TSA-SAUSS UninstallBloatware Using this module, you can easily specify a list of applications to remove, whether they are traditional Win32 applications or mode

Leoid Pythonize Intruder Payload Processor Pythonize Intruder Payload Processor extension lets you customize the payload through Python code Pythonize Intru

MohamedNourTN Terminator : Metasploit Payload Generator Payload List : Binaries Payloads 1) Android 2) Windows 3) Linux 4) Mac OS Scripting Payloads 1) Python 2) Perl 3) Bash Web Payloads 1) AS

duc-nt RCE-0-day-for-GhostScript-9.50 PoC for RCE 0-day for GhostScript 9.50 - Payload generator The PoC in python generates payload when exploited for a 0-d

persianhydra Undetectable & Xor encrypting with custom KEY (FUD Metasploit Rat) bypass Top Antivirus like BitDefender,Malwarebytes,Avast,ESET-NOD32,AVG,... & Automatically Add ICON and MANIFEST to excitable

pox End The FUD Energy "Bitcoin wastes energy" How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume? Three Myths about Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption On Bitcoin's

ORCA666 FUD shellcode Injector

microsoft A source generator to add a user-defined set of Win32 P/Invoke methods and supporting types to a C# project.

s0md3v Cloak Cloak is an intelligent python backdoor framework*. What it exactly does? Cloak generates a python payload via msfvenom and then intelligently injects it into the python script you specify. To evade basic dete

hegusung AVSignSeek Tool written in python3 to determine where the AV signature is located in a binary/payload Usage Zip (with a password) your binary/payload caught by an AV so it won't be detected when placed in an environme

xudong-huang Generator-rs rust stackfull generator library [dependencies] generator = "0.6" Usage #[macro_use] extern crate generator; use generator::Gn; fn main(

xer0days SQLi Query Tampering extends and adds custom Payload Generator/Processor in Burp Suite's Intruder. This extension gives you the flexibility of manual testing with many powerful evasion techniques.

D00MFist Mystikal macOS Initial Access Payload Generator Related Blog Post: https://posts.specterops.io/introducing-mystikal-4fbd2f7ae520 Usage: Install Xcode

woodpecker-appstore Java XMLDecoder payload generator

megayuchi RadialController RadialController(Surface Dial) sample code for win32 and UWP The C++ sample code that uses the Radial Controller. This project support both UWP and Desktop. It is in the form of DLL + exe. This project does not

raftario An async executor based on the Win32 thread pool API

jacobsebek Jittey (Jacob's Terrific Text Editor) is a single-file basic text editor written in pure C and Win32, there is no real reason to use it, but it can serve as a good reference

wintrmvte SNOWCRASH creates a script that can be launched on both Linux and Windows machines. Payload selected by the user (in this case combined Bash and Powershell code) is embedded into a single polyglot template, which is platform-agnostic.

cesarferreira generator-node-skeleton A yeoman generator for node modules Installation First, install Yeoman and generator-node-skeleton. npm install -g yo generator-node-skeleton Then generate your new project: