Kubernetes Goat is "Vulnerable by Design" Kubernetes Cluster.

The Kubernetes Goat designed to be intentionally vulnerable cluster environment to learn and practice Kubernetes security.

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darkbitio MKIT - Managed Kubernetes Inspection Tool Quickly discover key security risks of your managed Kubernetes clusters and resources MKIT is a Managed Kubernetes Inspection Tool that leverages FOSS tools to query and

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kelseyhightower Vault on Google Kubernetes Engine This tutorial walks you through provisioning a multi-node HashiCorp Vault cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine. Cluster Features High Availability - The Vault cluster will be provis

learnk8s xlskubectl β€” a spreadsheet to control your Kubernetes cluster xlskubectl integrates Google Spreadsheet with Kubernetes. You can finally administer your cluster from the same spreadsheet that you use to track your expenses.

lukaszraczylo Raspberry Pi kubernetes cluster on Alpine linux setup This repository is supposed to help if I'd EVER AGAIN destroy the whole cluster by accident. Cod

kubernetes Kubernetes Dashboard Kubernetes Dashboard is a general purpose, web-based UI for Kubernetes clusters. It allows users to manage applications running in the cluster and troubleshoot them, as well as manage the cluster itself

tkestack GPU Manager is used for managing the nvidia GPU devices in Kubernetes cluster. It implements the DevicePlugin interface of Kubernetes. So it's compatible with 1.9+ of Kubernetes release version.

ApsaraDB GalaxyKube -- PolarDB-X Operator PolarDB-X Operator is a Kubernetes extension that aims to create and manage PolarDB-X cluster on Kubernetes. It follo

sunshinekitty vaultingkube Take config maps and secrets stored inside Hashicorp Vault and sync them to your Kubernetes cluster. How it works After Vaultingkube is running in your cluster it will look at the Vault server configu