Re-Connectable secure remote shell

Eternal Terminal Eternal Terminal is a remote shell that automatically reconnects without interrupting the session. Website: Integration tests Circle: Linux:

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zhzy0077 mtalk-ips A list of IPs for Google FCM service) that connectable from Mainland China

chmike Encode and Decode secure cookies This package provides functions to encode and decode secure cookie values. A secure cookie has its value ciphered and signed with a message authentication code. This prevents the remote co

millette dat-shell Dat shell. Open a remote dat and explore with cd, ls, etc. DEPRECATED Note that dat-shell hasn't been updated in a few years. Hoping to get back to it in 2020. dat-shell is part of the dat Peer-t

cloudnativelabs kube-shell Kube-shell: An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI Under the hood kube-shell still calls kubectl. Kube-shell aims to provide ease-of-use of kubectl and increasing productivity.

hyperia-sk GIT Remote Branch Housekeeping git remote-branch-housekeeping is a simple and efficient way to delete remote (--merged or --no-merged) branches from git repository. Usage git remote-branch-housekeeping # o

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Remote Development Visual Studio Code Remote Development Open any folder in a container, on a remote machine, or in WSL and take advantage of VS Code's full feature set. Learn more! Th

stealth crypted admin shell: SSH-like strong crypto remote admin shell for Linux, BSD, Android, Solaris and OSX

s-a discord-shell-slave Why? I' d like to allow a shell process to send Discord chat messages. How? You just need to pipe text input into discord-shell-slave. discord-shell-slave... Isn' t it a little bit long? Yes it is. There e

etc5had0w Shell Please 1.0 : Reverse Shell Code Generator Shell Please is a tool made for generating reverse shell code in matter of nano-seconds. Whenver we ar

dtaniwaki rack-secure-upload Upload files securely Installation Add the rack-secure-upload gem to your Gemfile. gem "rack-secure-upload" And run bundle install. Rack App require 'rack-secure-upload' use

marshyski Quick NIX Secure Script Quick NIX Secure Script is used to harden and secure basic permissions and ownership on the fly. This script can be used during boot up, cron, bootstrapping, kickstart, jumpstart and during other system de

snail007 shadowtunnel Introduce shadowtunnel is a secure encryption tunnel between your local machine and remote service to protect your TCP flow, which can efficiently compress transmission, and the flow has no characteristic

imgproxy imgproxy imgproxy is a fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images. The main principles of imgproxy are simplicity, speed, and security. imgproxy can be used to provide a fast and se

hacksparrow Remote.js Remote.js is a library for developing remote controlled web apps. It is wireless and does not require additional hardware - it works via audio frequencies. Quick demo Note: Apps tested on Google Chrome only.

theterminalguy git-open Opens your current git branch in the remote specified defaults to GitHub Usage [your_alias] [remote domain] Example git-open Opens the current branch in a remote called heroku. If you do not spe

mafintosh git-push-deploy Small bash program that Logs into a remote server Sets up a git repo you can push to Adds a post-receive hook that runs npm install and more Adds the remote repo as a deploy remote locally npm install

dchapyshev Aspia Remote desktop and file transfer tool. Build Status Coverity Scan Status Currently supported Remote desktop management Remote desktop view File transfer

GhostPack SharpWMI SharpWMI is a C# implementation of various WMI functionality. This includes local/remote WMI queries, remote WMI process creation through win32_process, killing of remote processes, enumeration of remote firewall infor

seveibar React Remote Redux Remote Redux bindings for React with reasonable defaults. ReactRemoteRedux provides a redux store via react-redux. It uses remote redux behind the scenes to compute the next state. Installation and

lucent-sea Remotely A remote control and remote scripting solution, built with .NET Core, SignalR Core, and WebRTC. Website: Multi-Tenant Demo Server: From the Developer: Remotely has

carlenlund Lime Remote Gyroscopic mouse input for desktop using your smartphone. A handy tool during presentations and in times where you can't reach your computer. Lime Remote is inspired by Logitech's Spotlight Presentation Remote.