:closed_lock_with_key: Encrypt data for secure sharing between teammates

teamcrypt Encrypt data for secure sharing between teammates. Installation + Setup git clone https://github.com/vet/teamcrypt.git cp teamcrypt/teamcrypt /usr/local/bin Also, you'll have to set up an environment var

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MaciejCzyzewski _""^^"-. / / \ \ | |.-""-.| ___ ___ _____ _____ ___ ___ ////`.;;;;.`\ | _ \ __|_ _|_ _| __| _ \\ |||; ::/ \:: ; | / _| | | | | | _|| / ||

EslaMx7 Encrypt\Decrypt file(s) with AES 256-bit Description This is a personal tool i just made for a specific purpose (encrypt multiple files at once to securely backup them on a cloud service) then i decided to add some fea

delta-io Delta Sharing is an open protocol for secure real-time exchange of large datasets, which enables organizations to share data in real time regardless of which computing platforms they use.

agens-no Elliptic Curve Key Pair Sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt using the Secure Enclave on iOS and MacOS. Features create a private public keypair store the private key on the secure enclave store the public

mpplab MNSSp3 A Privacy Protection Sharing Platform for Medical Big Data MNSSp3: A privacy protection sharing platform for medical big data. It is a medical data sharing platform based on the Malleable Network System Simulat

blenderskool Blaze is a file sharing progressive web app(PWA) that allows users to transfer files between multiple devices. It works similar to SHAREit or the Files app by Google but uses web technologies to eliminate the process of installing native apps for different devices and operating systems. It also supports instant file sharing with multiple devices at once which many file sharing apps lack.

Bilibili Xpref A SharedPreferences' wrapper that truly supported sharing data across multi-process Principle ContentProvider is designed to provide content between multiple applications that means it supported sharing data bet

schollz Easily move things between computers using cowyo 🐮 💬 cowyodel allows simple and secure sharing of text/data between computers. cowyodel temporarily transfers your data (with optional client-side encryption) to a cow

chmike Encode and Decode secure cookies This package provides functions to encode and decode secure cookie values. A secure cookie has its value ciphered and signed with a message authentication code. This prevents the remote co

hypertrack Live Location Sharing This open source app for Live Location Sharing is built with HyperTrack. Developers can now build live location sharing into their apps within minutes by using HyperTrack Live source code. For iOS, refer

nicolasbeauvais Vue Social Sharing A renderless components for sharing links on major social networks Less than 2.5kb gzipped Demo What is a renderless component? Ren

simonfrey Simple Shamir's Secret Sharing (s4) - A go package giving a easy to use interface for the shamir's secret sharing algorithm

snipsco Threshold Secret Sharing Efficient pure-Rust library for secret sharing, offering efficient share generation and reconstruction for both traditional S

dwyl Learn how to use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for much Authentication win! Learn how to use JSON Web Token (JWT) to secure your Web and/or Mobile Application! Why? JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) make it easy to send read-o

cfpb wagtail-sharing Easier sharing of Wagtail drafts. Wagtail Sharing makes it easier to share Wagtail draft content for review by users who don't have access to the Wagtail admin site. It allows you to define an alternate hos

MindorksOpenSource Ride-Sharing Uber Lyft Android App Learn to build a ride-sharing Android Taxi Clone App like Uber, Lyft - Open-Source Project By MindOrks About this Open Source Project This open-source project is for you(com

mafintosh p2p file sharing workshop Learn about distributed file sharing through a series of fun and exciting exercises. Try it here, https://mafintosh.github.io/p2p-file-sharing-workshop Authors Brought to you by @mafinto

math-nao A Let's Encrypt certificates manager for Kubernetes This chart use the acme.sh script to generate Let's Encrypt certifcates with DNS validation only; it uses Kubernetes Job to get and renew certificates. Ingress annota

kelseyhightower Kubernetes Certificate Manager This is not an official Google Project. Features Manage Kubernetes TLS secrets backed by Let's Encrypt issued certificates. Manage Let's Encrypt issued certificates based on Kuberne

Rudd-O simple-nacl-crypto: encrypt and decrypt files using NaCL secretbox This is very straightforward and nothing fancy: A program nacl-crypt to encrypt and decrypt files on disk, using NaCL authenticated encryption implemented in

PHPJunior Laravel Html Encrypt Installation You can install the package via composer: composer require php-junior/laravel-html-encrypt Laravel 5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the