System utilities

system utilities

Newest releases

SuperManito 《JD薅羊毛》一键部署 For Linux

alexmyczko apt for fonts, the missing font manager for macOS/linux

drzel One second to read GitHub code with vim. Inspired by github1s.

pystardust A POSIX script that helps you find youtube videos (with out API) and opens/downloads using mpv/youtube-dl.

ityonemo Zig bindings for elixir-nx. You can use CPU-mode nx without having to install jvm, bazel, and python!

clu3bot This tool compiles 4 different attack modes for Wireless Networks compiled with a U.I for easy use.

salman-abedin amenu is a fuzzy finder dynamic menu that uses terminal emulators as GUI.

Nimdy Easiest installation script for setting up Valheim on a dedicated Linux server with steamcmd running Ubuntu.

arslanbilal Git cheat sheet saves you from learning all the commands by heart.

biox Pa – a simple password manager based on age

vp777 evilFTP is a set of scripts that aim to extend the capabilities we have when exploiting SSRF issues

vim-denops 🐜 An ecosystem of Vim/Neovim which allows developers to write plugins in Deno

skywind3000 This plugin takes the advantage of the well-known fuzzy finder Leaderf to provide an intuitive way to input snippets

phaazon Hop is an EasyMotion-like plugin allowing you to jump anywhere in a document with as few keystrokes as possible.

mjlbach neovim-ui is a semi-official prototype for what will become neovim's new UI module

romkatv gitstatus is a 10x faster alternative to git status and git describe. Its primary use case is to enable fast git prompt in interactive shells.

geerlingguy An Ansible Role that installs containerd on Linux.

nbebaw With this app you can control CPU turbo boost and the settings of the cpu speed in order to consuming less battery voltage on Linux

NullSense Utility tool for using systemctl interactively

tcardonne GitHub allows developers to run GitHub Actions workflows on your own runners. This Docker image allows you to create your own runners on Docker.

snovvcrash Automate installation of extra pentest tools on Kali Linux

sdushantha 👻 Recover old Snaps that have “disappeared” from Snapchat

Kong Docker distribution for Kong

ADD-SP A web application firewall module for nginx without complex configuration

Llawliet0872 Oak is a simple package manager for debian and debian based systems written in c++ and shell script.

omer-dogan Whoami is a Linux privacy tool developed to keep you anonymous at the highest level.

noahbliss Mortar – Linux-native TPM-backed Bitlocker Framework to join Linux's physical security bricks. Mortar is essentially Linux-native TPM-backed Bitlocker.

meisenzahl Upgrade - A way to upgrade open-source operating systems.

evilsocket A GNU/Linux monitoring and profiling tool focused on single processes.

equalsraf Neovim client library and GUI, in Qt5.

isaacrlevin Repo to define my use of docker containers on my home network with Reverse Proxy Configuration

carlosonunez Run Docker on your ultra-fast M1-powered Mac until Docker releases a more official solution.

barrykn A primitive USB patcher for installing macOS Big Sur on unsupported Macs