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fuzzware-fuzzer Fuzzware Experiments This directory contains the data required to reproduce the experiments from our USENIX 2022 publication Fuzzware: Using Precise M

alist-org alist-railway Railway for Alist Usage Fork this repo Open Railway and click New Object Choose the repo that you forked and select the mysql branch Add

bryk-io GitHub Action: GoKart Security Static Analysis GoKart is a static analysis tool for Go that finds vulnerabilities using the SSA (single static assignm

Chaitanyabsprip Presenting.nvim A Presentation plugin written for Neovim in Lua Installation You can install Present with your plugin manager of choice with packer.nv

vikrantbatra05 Basic Recon For Bug Bounty Hunter - "HuntTheBug" is Basic Scripts For Sub Domain Enumeration> Live Domain Enumeration > Sub Domain Hijack > URL + JavaScript Scan > Dir Brute Forcing > Open Port Check With Telegram Bot Notification

guzhongren algolia-docsearch-upload-action An especially small & quick & simple Algolia docsearch Indices upload action Usage - name: Algolia Docsearch Uploa

3Kevi Welcome! Here you can find my Void Linux dotfiles. Overview OS: Void Window manager: bspwm Terminal: kitty Shell: zsh Bar: Polybar Compositor: picom P

kmille36 Windows 11 RDP Here this tutorial using Azure Cloud Shell to create Virtual Machine on Microsoft Learn Sandbox. 😎 Its Four Hours RDP Completely Free

petertriho nvim-scrollbar Extensible Neovim Scrollbar 🚧 WORK IN PROGRESS 🚧 This is a work in progress and breaking changes to the setup/config could occur in t

shyiko docker-vm The easiest way to get started with Docker on Mac OS X (tested on OS X Yosemite 10.10.1) and Windows (tested on Windows 10 Pro Insider Previ

0xJin Awesome Bug Bounty Builder Β―\(ツ)/Β― Awesome Bug bounty builder Project - ALL common Tools for find your Vulnerabilities. Tested on Debian. Installation

redkubes Shift left with Otomi Otomi makes developers self-serving and helps DevOps teams to guarantee application security and availability at the earliest st

yusufpapurcu Let's Keep Open Source More Manageable We want to keep open source more manageable and give right holders more space. If you using open source project

logwolvy Ready-to-use VSCode setup to preview/convert markdown documents

drwetter Testing TLS/SSL encryption anywhere on any port

chinarulezzz pixload -- Image Payload Creating tools DESCRIPTION Set of tools for hiding backdoors creating/injecting payload into images. The following image type

Screetsec Vegile is a tool for Post exploitation Techniques in linux. Post Exploitation techniques will ensure that we maintain some level of access and can potentially lead to deeper footholds into our targets trusted network.

Misterio77 Nix Starter Config This is a minimal (yet complete) nix flake for getting started with NixOS + home-manager. What this provides NixOS configuration on

masihjay-z Requirements docker docker-compose Protocols PPTP: put your user list to .env . PPTP_USER_LIST format: client server secret acceptable_lo

psiayn Compile.nvim I'm way too lazy to type out a different syntax per file to compile. So instead I build my own plugin to do it for me of course! Language

nickjj What is lcurl? It's a Bash script (yep it uses Bash features) that runs a specific curl command X number of times in a loop. It will report back the H

paweb88 Fetch GH Release Asset This action downloads an asset from a GitHub release and provides some release details as output. Private repos are supported.

ChristianChiarulli Neovim from scratch Try out this config Make sure to remove or move your current nvim directory git clone [email protected]:ChristianChiarulli/Neovim-fro

amritb Poor man's VPN (pay for only what you need) An ansible playbook to quickly set up Wireguard server for occasional personal use. It takes around five m

LunarVim Neovim from scratch Try out this config Make sure to remove or move your current nvim directory git clone [email protected]:ChristianChiarulli/Neovim-fro

scott-astatine Executer.nvim This is a simple project executer for NeoVim written in lua Install with packer use 'scott-astatine/Executer.nvim' How to use? require('

isaacs nave Virtual Environments for Node. Switch out your node version and global npm install space in one command. Supports named environments. Uses subshe

senko PvP - The Ultimate Python Virtualenv and Package Manager Python package manager to end all Python package managers Python virtualenv and Pip (PvP) man

tonyfettes fcitx5.nvim [WIP] fcitx5 client in neovim Demo recording.mp4 Install If you use packer.nvim, use { 'tonyfettes/fcitx5.nvim' rocks = {'dbus_proxy',

shaunsingh Nyoom.nvim Showcase Install Using nix: Requires nix version > 21.11, with experimental features flakes and nix-commands enabled git clone --depth 1 sh

dwisiswant0 Open-Source (Software) Scope A curated GitHub repository of bounty-targets-data that's in-scope and eligible for bounty. Objectives To make it easier

elmarsto Awesome Neorg A collection of Neorg awesomeness, including config examples and inspo. Contributions accepted delightedly! Throw up a Gist and submit a