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system utilities

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uga-rosa utf8.nvim missing utf8 module for neovim Lua. Why? neovim's Lua is luajit (equivalent to Lua 5.1), so it does not have some of the libraries that rece

aquasecurity build-security-action GitHub Action for Aqua Build Security Usage Add the below workflow into your existing build or as a new workflow. name: build on

darkbenladan Automatically create Jira ticket in case of failed deployment This Ansible role is responsible for creating Jira ticket based on provided template. Su

honoki Description This project uses Docker to run multiple VPN tunnels simultaneously from the same machine, and exposes a SOCKS proxy for each separate VPN

RecapTime Keycloak IAM Configuration This repository contains the deployment script for our Keycloak instance inside and outside the company, useful if we ever

slashmo install-swift This action allows installing Swift toolchains, with support for both release and development versions. Usage Inputs version - The Swift

protex Home Manager This neovim plugin provides a few commands to help edit and maintain a nix home-manager environment Installation Vim plug: Plug 'nvim-lua

themarkib Google-acquisitions This is the list of all the active acquistions acquired by google.This will be helpful to all the Bug Bounty Hunter.If you find an

ysfgrgO7 Install In One Command bash -c "$(curl -s" Install LSP it comes by de

elobdog mailhelp (mutt + mbsync + fdm + msmtp on macOS for gmail) Config and dot files for mutt-based setup on macOS for gmail: mutt, mbsync, fdm, msmtp. mutt

shubham0d CVE-2021-30657 A simple POC for CVE-2021-30657 affecting MacOS Vulnerability detail A vulnerability in syspolicyd allows specially crafted application

gadenbuie branchMover Change the default branch of your GitHub repositories, from inside RStudio. Installation You can install the development version of branch

chris1111 Command-Line-SnapShot-Mounter Credit: chris1111 Apple This utility uses the macOS terminal Utility to install kexts in / System / Library / Extensions

bruj0 Diagram Objectives Requirements A IPv6 /64 network and a single IPv4 Hypervisor Bridges and Network interfaces Proxmox interface configuration Firewal

shagu MTG Counter A simple Magic: The Gathering life counter for Android, written in Lua with Love2D using framestack. The embedded font is Joti One. Clone

gytis-ivaskevicius nix2vim Super WIP Nix -> neovim lua configuration parser. Usage example: APIs that need to be im

Furkanzmc sekme.nvim sekme.nvim is a chain-completion plugin that complements Neovim's own completion functions. (See :help ins-completion) sekme.nvim uses a li

BlockDevsUnited Projects Summary of all official BDU Projects, project managers, and bounty allocations. Official projects are currently chosen by the BDU Foundation,

riverwm River is a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor with flexible runtime configuration.

DoomHammer vim-copilot-nix This is a quick and dirty bundle that helps anybody with a UNIX system (Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, Windows Subsystem For Linux) to access

saifulapm chartoggle.nvim Toogle comma(,), semicolon(;) or other character in neovim usage require('chartoggle').setup ({ leader = '<localleader>', -- you can

McAuleyPenney tidy.nvim ๐Ÿงน A function and autocommand pair that removes all - trailing whitespace - empty lines at the end of the buffer on every BufWritePre. 2021

knqyf263 trivy-issue-action In this action, Trivy scans the dependency files such as package-lock.json and go.sum in your repository, then create GitHub issues

knadh zig-releaser zig-releaser is a hack that allows Zig programs to be built, packaged, and released with GoReleaser, a tool for publishing Go programs. H

cdr Deploy code-server to the cloud with a few clicks โ˜๏ธ ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿ’ป

kaleidoscope-app What's up, man(1)? Find differences in man pages between macOS Big Sur 11.6 and macOS Monterey 12.0.1. Introduction The other day we found a helpful c

luukvbaal nnn.nvim File manager for Neovim powered by nnn. Install Requires nnn to be installed, follow the instructions. NOTE: Explorer mode requires nnn versi

tonyaldon About org-bars-mode is a minor mode for org-mode. It adds bars to the virtual indentation provided by the built-in package org-indent. Install Put org

tidwall A generalized package manager for whatever code. Features Simple syntax, only three directives Language agnostic Supports dependency versioning

aliscott infracost GitHub action This action runs infracost on the provided terraform directory in the master branch and the pull request whenever a .tf file c

vinceliuice WhiteSur Icon Theme MacOS Big Sur like icon theme for linux desktops Install tips Usage: ./ [OPTIONS...] OPTIONS: -d, --dest Specify theme d

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