System utilities

system utilities

Newest releases

lmc999 A bash script to check if your VPS's IP is available for various OTT platforms

hakerdefo check-my-net is a simple bash script that can help you in checking your internet connectivity and diagnosing common internet connectivity problems.

Admicos A better way of running Minecraft Without XWayland. Because I REALLY had nothing better to do with my life.

ankitshah009 A repository consisting of useful terminal commands required in daily tasks to reduce stackoverflow searches.

GoldinGuy 📚 The ultimate collection of git commands and resources to power up your programming!

mateors linux commands practice

cuducos Simple tools to help developers working YAML in Neovim

gitwatch Watch a file or folder and automatically commit changes to a git repo easily.

ratfactor This is a minimalist toy Unix shell written in Zig.

pystardust A cli tool to browser and play anime

BenSova A mini patcher for macOS Monterey

aw1cks OpenConnect doesn't ship with any init scripts or systemd units. It's also not easy to non-interactively provide username, password and especially OTP. Additionally, running in a docker container gives some extra flexibility with

asidiali Automatically create and manage scripts from history

withfig Fig ◧ Community-driven apps, shortcuts, and autocomplete for your existing Terminal

dmthomas Scripts for downloading higher resolution videos of Apple Events using ffmpeg from Apple's streams

R0X4R A bash script that automatically finds vulnerable paramters on the basis of their patterns and run some most common used tools to find various vulnerabilities and it also uses nuclei which helps to find vulnerabilities on the basi

geerlingguy Collection of macOS automation tools for Ansible.

tkwant docker compose files for traefik, nextcloud and nginx

mattt A command-line utility for macOS that mounts a Docker container image as an external disk image.

supr4s Automatically install some web hacking/bug bounty tools for your VPS.

tegal1337 Crack Interface lockscreen, Metasploit and More Android Hacking

Figma-Linux Figma is the first interface design tool based in the browser, making it easier for teams to create software. Join us in and

pjackim My Arch Linux config files.

hexive It works with several modified dynamic themes to move through eight images depending on the position of the sun at your location and time of year.

kutometa Carnet is a small tool that imposes additional security constraints on Rust's official package manager, Cargo.

w84death An Embedded 🐧Linux on a Single 💾Floppy

KukiSa A script that installs SmokePing on a system with an existing Web environment and makes it run without changing the original configuration file.

fangfufu This set of shell scripts allows the user to convert an arbitary file into a video file, and vice versa. They were originally from Matlab-Data-Video-Converter, however I think it makes sense to create a new repository to encourage

U2FsdGVkX1 Boot the temporary Linux OS based Tiny Core Linux to a VPS for easy maintenance, backup and reinstallation!

Yisus7u7 Set up a beautiful xfce desktop in termux

dreamer1eh Ultimate Package Of 50 Bug Bounty Hunting Tools is a script to install the most popular tools used while looking for vulnerabilities for a bug bounty program.

kalkayan Dotfiles or you can say my swiss army knife. Configs for creating a delightful development experience - vim + tmux + Fzf + Rg + LSP etc.

crazywhalecc Compile A Statically Linked PHP With Swoole and other Extensions