Scripts for Rails production environment install on Ubuntu Server

rails-environment Scripts for Rails production environment install on Ubuntu Server It automatically completes the dependency installation of the rails environment. It passed the test on Ubuntu14&Ubuntu16 How to

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rails-api Rails::API IMPORTANT: Rails::API has been merged into Rails Rails::API is a subset of a normal Rails application, created for applications that don't require all functionality that a complete Rails application provides. It is

jasonswett Instant Rails is a special kind of Rails application template. Instant Rails will generate your application inside of a Docker container so that you don't even need to have Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL or anything else installed on your computer in order to generate a Rails app.

MateLabs Scripts to install and setup Tensorflow and it's dependencies on Ubuntu. Requirements Ubuntu >14.04 Nvidia GPU Run sh to install everything in one command. Scripts are included to

hothero Awesome Rails Gem A collection of awesome Ruby Gems for Rails development. The goal is to help every Rails developer to build an awesome Rails product/service. Rails Gem List User Active Record Plugins A

fcwu docker-ubuntu-vnc-desktop Docker image to provide HTML5 VNC interface to access a Ubuntu 18.04 LXDE desktop environment. Quick Start Run the docker container and access with port 6080 docker run -p 6080:80 -v /dev

aleks Ansible: Ruby on Rails Server (Ubuntu 16.x) Use this ansible playbook to setup a fresh server with the following components: Nginx Puma App Server Certbot (Let's Encrypt) MySQL Memcached Redis Sidekiq Monit (to

riteshsingh1 DevSetup Setup Delopment environment for PHP,Android and Javascript from Scratch. Note: Scripts for ubuntu will work well in linux mint, elementry OS and Debian Table of contents Features Pr

EmailThis Ansible Rails is a playbook for easily deploying Ruby on Rails applications. It uses Vagrant to provision an environment where you can test your deploys. Ansistrano is used for finally deploying our app to staging and production environments.

simoninithomas The Mayan Adventure is an open-source reinforcement learning environment for Unity ML-Agents. In this environment, you train your agent (Indie) to find the golden statue in this dangerous environment full of traps.

ahkarami Deep-Learning-in-Production In this repository, I will share some useful notes and references about deploying deep learning-based models in production. Convert PyTorch Models in Production: PyTorch Production L

weppos Breadcrumbs On Rails BreadcrumbsOnRails is a simple Ruby on Rails plugin for creating and managing a breadcrumb navigation for a Rails project. It provides helpers for creating navigation elements with a flexible interface.

richpeck ExceptionHandler is presently the MOST POPULAR exceptions gem for CUSTOM Rails error pages. With 290,000+ downloads, it is the *only* gem to provide custom 400/500 exception pages for Rails 5 & 6

metaskills The dynamic stylesheet language for the Rails 5+ asset pipeline. This gem provides integration for Rails projects using the Less stylesheet language in the asset pipeline. Installing Just bundle up less-rails in you

basecamp Google Sign-In for Rails This gem allows you to add Google sign-in to your Rails app. You can let users sign up for and sign in to your service with their Google accounts. Installation Add google_sign_in to your Rails

voormedia Rails ERD - Generate Entity-Relationship Diagrams for Rails applications Rails ERD is a gem that allows you to easily generate a diagram based on your application's Active Record models. The diagram gives an overview of how yo

doorkeeper-gem Doorkeeper β€” awesome OAuth 2 provider for your Rails / Grape app. Doorkeeper is a gem (Rails engine) that makes it easy to introduce OAuth 2 provider functionality to your Ruby on Rails or Grape application. Supported f

rharriso bower-rails - Bundler-like DSL + rake tasks for Bower on Rails

f GraphQL.js Rails for Rails 5

liamks Adding Real-Time To Your RESTful Rails App This repository contains the code for both the Rails app, and the Node app, that accompanies the blog entry "Adding Real-Time To Your RESTful Rails App". Steps I Took Below a

eliotsykes Rails Security Checklist This checklist is limited to Rails security precautions and there are many other aspects of running a Rails app that need to be secured (e.g. up-to-date operating system and other software) that this does

railstack A simple example on usage of go-on-rails generator This is an simple example for the go-on-rails, a Rails generator. You can take the example as a tutorial, too. I'll make it as simple and clear as possible to show how to use th