Simple command line arguments parser for BASH

Optparse A BASH wrapper for getopts, for simple command-line argument parsing ( ! ) ATTENTION MAC USERS Optparse requires gnu-sed instead of the default Mac version of sed, which you can do with the following: brew i

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jpdillingham Utility.CommandLine.Arguments A C# .NET Class Library containing tools for parsing the command line arguments of console applications. Why? I needed a solution for parsing command line arguments and didn't like

NavInfoNC Introduction nc-argparse is a very compact command line argument parser written in C++. With very few lines of code, you can create an executable which supports UNIX style arguments, something like Git . And the code will be b

akinomyoga Bash Line Editor -- a full-featured line editor written in pure Bash! Syntax highlighting, auto suggestions, vim modes, etc. are available in Bash interactive sessions!

posener complete A tool for bash writing bash completion in go. Writing bash completion scripts is a hard work. This package provides an easy way to create bash completion scripts for any command, and also an easy way to install/un

clue clue/commander Finally a sane way to register available commands and arguments and match your command line in PHP. You want to build a command line interface (CLI) tool in PHP which accepts additional arguments and you now want

unfor19 Wrap your bash script with command line arguments

lingtalfi Bash Manager 2015-09-20 What is it? Bash manager is a mini framework for creating simple command line utilities (called softwares in this document). It's written in bash 4. Features simple conception (e

benlinton Bash Command: Slugify Slugify is a bash command that converts filenames and directories to a web friendly format. Usage Help Simply enter the slugify command without any arguments or with the -h option to view the usa

clap-rs clap Command Line Argument Parser for Rust It is a simple-to-use, efficient, and full-featured library for parsing command line arguments and subcomma

niieani Bash Infinity Bash Infinity is a standard library and a boilerplate framework for writing tools using bash. It's modular and lightweight, while managing to implement some concepts from C#, Java or JavaScript into bash. The In

feross Clash - A Simple Bash-Like Shell What is Clash? A simple Bash-like shell. Assignment instructions are here. What is Bash? Bash is a Unix shell and command language written by Brian Fox for the GNU P

nikita-skobov create-bash-script A bash script designed to create other bash scripts with basic argument parsing. Installation: This script was designed to be used as a global program to easily create bash scripts within any direct

dylanaraps A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+ Neofetch is a command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+. Neofetch displays information about your operating system, software and hardware in an

CLIUtils CLI11: Command line parser for C++11 Documentation • API Reference • What's new CLI11 is a command line parser for C++11 and beyond that provides a rich feature set with a simple and intuitive interface.

zombieleet bash-assert testify is a lightweight unit testing framework for bash Usage clone this repository git clone create a test file then source testify.bash and the script you want

riobard bash-powerline Powerline for Bash in pure Bash script. Features Git: show branch name, tag name, or unique short hash. Git: show "*" symbol with uncommited modifications. Git: show "↑" symbol and number of co

zombieleet async-bash async-bash is a bash script that implements few asynchronous functions This script was created to be compatible with bash versions that does not support coproc functions setTimeout ( excute a function a

alexanderepstein bsupdate (Bash Script Update) A lightweight drop in bash script that can be added to any bash application/CLI to automate updating Less then 3 KB, ~35 lines of code If you have

stedmeister easyargs A project designed to make command line argument parsing easy. There are many ways to create a command line parser in python: argparse, docopt, click. These are all great options, but require quite a lot of configur

momeni Gittify Customized bash environment, making git folders more friendly. This project provides bash/git customization files. Running the gittify command, starts a new bash shell and overrides its console PS1. New console line info

cloudflare semver_bash is a bash parser for semantic versioning Semantic Versioning is a set of guidelines that help keep version and version management sane. This is a bash based parser to help manage a project's versions. Use it from a Ma