Shell Script Development

Shell Script Development

Newest releases

newsnowlabs Dockside is a tool for provisioning lightweight access-controlled IDEs, staging environments and sandboxes - aka devtainers - on local machine, self-hosted on-premises on bare metal or VM, or in the cloud.

emacs-lsp One-click Emacs web IDE (beta)

bats-core Bash Automated Testing System

d10n bashaspec Short, self-contained, and actually useful bash unit testing library. There are tons of alternatives, but I was not satisfied with the ones

EnhancedJax ValliStart A start menu to replace the default one. Live example Output.mp4 Description This skin replaces the default windows start menu with an anim

guifarias31 MSFS TBM 930 Project 0.5.4 Beta This is the improvement project for the MSFS default TBM 930. I highly recommend using Working-Title G3000. And for li

htpcBeginner Docker media and home server stack with Docker Compose, Traefik, Swarm Mode, Google OAuth2/Authelia, and LetsEncrypt

mellamomark-data-science-tutorials This tutorial will guide you on how to set up a Python environment on your Mac for data science! My goal is to teach you the following skills to get you started on your data science journey

countertenor An ansible inspired helm-like script orchestrator

gytis-ivaskevicius What is this flake This flake exposes a library abstraction to painlessly generate nixos flake configurations. The biggest design goal is to keep down

akinomyoga Bash Line Editor -- a full-featured line editor written in pure Bash! Syntax highlighting, auto suggestions, vim modes, etc. are available in Bash interactive sessions!

etc5had0w This Script installs useful tools and stuff for pen-testing purpose.

Fakerr Beautiful, concise, easy to reach Git cheat sheet in your terminal

kelseyhightower This tutorial walks you through deploying Hashicorp's Vault on Cloud Run, Google Cloud's container based Serverless compute platform.

wangdoc SSH 是 Linux 系统的登录工具,现在广泛用于服务器登录和各种加密通信。

hexops Wrote up a set of Dockerfile best-practices based on my experience over t (cont)

SukkaW 🔩 An oh-my-zsh plugin that configures proxy environment variables based on macOS's system preferences automatically.

bobbyiliev This is an open-source introduction to Bash scripting guide/ebook that will help you learn the basics of Bash scripting and start writing awesome Bash scripts that will help you automate your daily SysOps, DevOps, and Dev tasks.

zimfw Zim is a Zsh configuration framework with blazing speed and modular extensions.

rougier An alternative splash screen for GNU Emacs

luisgbm Instructions and scripts to build LFS (Linux From Scratch), version 10.0, as simply as possible (I know, not that simple, but anyway).

marlonrichert Zsh-Snap –or Znap for short– is the light-weight plugin manager for Zsh that's easy to grok.

adigitoleo A warm, minimalist light colorscheme for (neo)vim

Kinneyzhang Gk-roam is a light-weight roam replica, built on top emacs OrgMode. It use ‘ripgrep’ to search file links and insert references at the bottom of org files automatically. References consist of backlinks and related context.

dofy Vim 实操教程(Learning Vim)Vim practical tutorial.

seisman 跟我一起写Makefile重制版

itchyny A calendar application for Vim

lambdalisue With this plugin, the following (and potentially more) Nerd Fonts integrations will be nicely highlighted.

mg979 This is a collection of small plugins that I made to take care of simple tasks. Each of them resides in a single file, they're not autoloaded on purpose. They're small and I don't want to create individual repos for them.

dylanaraps file manager written in posix shell

jocap rich.vim adds visual rich text formatting to plain text files. It is very useful for vim-based note taking.

scr1pt0r Easy foldtext customization for [neo]vim.