Shell Script Development

Shell Script Development

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ceydatekin Linux Shell Programlama Projesi : TO DO LIST Linux shell script, whiptail ve Zenity kütüphanesi ile yazılan, basit TO DO LIST programıdır. Programın Y

fatihes1 GUI Bash Script --wget Click here for English README. Bash script programming - GUI for wget command 🎥 Kodların anlatımı ve script dosyasının kullanı

hakanakdogan Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Bölümü 3. Sınıf Linux Araçları ve Kabuk Programlama Dersi Dönem Projesi Proje Hakkında: Bu uygulama,

adem-pelit CV-with-bash-Script HTML cv oluşturan bash script algoritması Bash Script Nedir Bash script Linux üzerinde çalışan kabuk programlama arayüzüdür. Final

selcuksan Zenity-App Zenity ve bash script kullanarak yazılmış, wget komutu ile web'den dosya indirmeye yarayan uygulamadır. Zenity nedir * Zenity çeşitli

Deleh sf – script framework script framework can be used to simplify and beautify bash scripts. It provides: Argument parsing Usage output Output functions

v4d1 SpoofThatMail Bash script to check if a domain or list of domains can be spoofed based in DMARC records File with domains: sh -f doma

dzove855 Bash-web-server A purely bash web server, no socat, netcat, etc... Requirement bash 5.1 loadable accept builtin (

anhsirk0 Bash script to build awesomewm on Solus Installation git clone Usage cd solus-awesome make the script ex

Josh-Washington ​ Metasploit Automation Ⓜ️ uma simples automação feita em shell bash ​ INÍCIO • apt update • apt upgrade • apt install git ​ INSTALAÇÃO 💻 • git cl

vaniacer This is an Old School horizontal scroller 'Shoot Them All' game in bash. With multiplayer modes team and duel. You have to defeat 100 aliens to fight with Boss. I'm using netcat for client-server exchange in multiplayer mode. So n

mindaugasbarysas Bash With Nails (rhymes with ruby on rails) is a bash framework written for fun and profit.

coderofsalvation write shellscript in a powful way!

kward shUnit2 shUnit2 is a xUnit unit test framework for Bourne based shell scripts, and it is designed to work in a similar manner to JUnit, PyUnit, etc..

Idnan 1. Basic Operations a. export Displays all environment variables. If you want to get details of a specific variable, use echo $VARIABLE_NAME. export E

Checksum Dead simple testing framework for Bash with coverage. Why? I was looking for a Bash testing framework with a familiar API and with coverage

sorokine phases Minimally Invasive bash Preprocessor I have to maintain several shell scripts that perform long sequences of steps like loading data into a dat

pforret Part of network / Install with Latest tag: / latest release: / bashew bash script / project creator ⏳ TL;DR to create a new stand-alone SCRIPT (just a

vlisivka bash-modules Simple module system for bash. Syntax Example License Vision Features TODO Showcase - log module Showcase - arguments module Showcase - s

Bash-it Bash-it is a collection of community Bash commands and scripts for Bash 3.2+. (And a shameless ripoff of oh-my-zsh 😃 ) Includes autocompletion, theme

xsc bashing bashing is a small tool that let's you create single-file Bash tools in a multi-file way. Current stable Version: 0.2.2 Setup Dependencies bas

fidian ANSI Code Generator This bash script will generate the proper ANSI escape sequences to move the cursor around the screen, make text bold, add colors a

avleen bashttpd is a simple, configurable web server written in bash Requirements bash, any recent version should work socat or netcat to handle the underlyi

pedramamini Lazy Change Directory Simple bash commands for bookmarked navigation of the file system, complete with bash-completion. Usage: acd <mark> add a mark.

suewonjp ☕ DESCRIPTION is a Bash utility to help you quickly search arbitrary files or search text from files. It's more convenient and intuitive to use

sobolevn git-secret What is git-secret? git-secret is a bash tool which stores private data inside a git repo. git-secret encrypts files with permitted users'

mauro-balades bash ++ This is a framework to bring bash to a next level. Check out the examples » Project status · Report Bug · Contribute code Index What is bash++

jakubmanczak wartouch Apply a 'scorched earth' policy to your bash touch. Or don't. It's dumb. What Is This And Why Did You Make It You Dumb F- It's touch. It's to

newsnowlabs Dockside is a tool for provisioning lightweight access-controlled IDEs, staging environments and sandboxes - aka devtainers - on local machine, self-hosted on-premises on bare metal or VM, or in the cloud.

emacs-lsp One-click Emacs web IDE (beta)

bats-core Bash Automated Testing System

d10n bashaspec Short, self-contained, and actually useful bash unit testing library. There are tons of alternatives, but I was not satisfied with the ones