A new type of shell

A modern shell written in Rust

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cloudnativelabs kube-shell Kube-shell: An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI Under the hood kube-shell still calls kubectl. Kube-shell aims to provide ease-of-use of kubectl and increasing productivity.

s-a discord-shell-slave Why? I' d like to allow a shell process to send Discord chat messages. How? You just need to pipe text input into discord-shell-slave. discord-shell-slave... Isn' t it a little bit long? Yes it is. There e

etc5had0w Shell Please 1.0 : Reverse Shell Code Generator Shell Please is a tool made for generating reverse shell code in matter of nano-seconds. Whenver we ar

JSMonk Getting Started | Documentation Hegel is a type checker for JavaScript with optional type annotations and preventing runtime type errors. No Runtime Type Errors. Hegel has a strong type system and soundness checks. This means tha

theplant Convert Go func to http.HandleFunc that handle json request and response json New Status Code Error To Handler Func Type Config To Handler Func Type Req Type Resp Type Response Error Type Status Code Error

fhinkel Runtime Type Information Collect runtime type information 😻 of your JavaScript code. This is a demo how you could use V8's new type information feature. V8 can now collect type information at runtime. V8 is Google’s ope

jiacai2050 PySh Yet another shell can run anywhere Python exists. Why another shell Because it's fun. Supported shell feature Common shell features can be found here. Pysh already have: |, Pipe output

dana-at-cp backdoor-apk backdoor-apk is a shell script that simplifies the process of adding a backdoor to any Android APK file. Users of this shell script should have working knowledge of Linux, Bash, Metasploit, Apktool, the Android SDK,

shelljs ShellJS - Unix shell commands for Node.js ShellJS is a portable (Windows/Linux/macOS) implementation of Unix shell commands on top of the Node.js API. You can use it to eliminate your shell script's dependency on Unix while

vladimirvivien Gosh - A pluggable interactive shell written Go Gosh (or Go shell) is a framework that uses Go's plugin system to create for building interactive console-based shell programs. A gosh shell is comprised of a collection of Go plugi

millette dat-shell Dat shell. Open a remote dat and explore with cd, ls, etc. DEPRECATED Note that dat-shell hasn't been updated in a few years. Hoping to get back to it in 2020. dat-shell is part of the dat Peer-t

flozz [email protected]:~# -- Single-file PHP Shell [email protected]:~# is a very basic, single-file, PHP shell. It can be used to quickly execute commands on a server when pentesting a PHP application. Use it with caution: this script represents

tmiasko shell-words Process command line according to parsing rules of Unix shell. Usage Add this to Cargo.toml: [dependencies] shell-words = "1.0.0" Add this

pop-os Pop Shell Pop Shell is a keyboard-driven layer for GNOME Shell which allows for quick and sensible navigation and management of windows.

eeue56 json-to-elm Create Elm type aliases and decoders based on JSON input This project allows you to automate the creation of: type aliases from JSON data decoders from type aliases and some union types encoders from type ali

sindresorhus image-type Detect the image type of a Buffer/Uint8Array See the file-type module for more file types. Install $ npm install --save image-type Usage Node.js var readChunk = require('r

kixunil Generic IO A type safe, low level replacement for std::io. Supports no_std for embedded development, just disable cargo feature std. Motivation The IO

siadat Static type checker for interface{} with a type list This is an experiment. This is a tool that performs a static type check on values of type interfa

oilshell Oil Source Code Oil is a new Unix shell. It's our upgrade path from bash! (Why Create a New Unix Shell? / 2019 FAQ) Its source code lives in git. It's written in Python, but we deploy a native executable by reusing portions o

andrewchambers Janetsh Website Mailing list CI A new system shell that uses the Janet programming language for high level scripting while also supporting the things we love about sh. Minimal knowledge of janet is required for basic shell

sloria Flask-Konch An improved shell command for Flask Flask-Konch adds an improved shell command, flask konch, to the Flask CLI. Benefits of flask konch over flask shell Uses IPython, BPython, or ptp