MesaLock Linux: a memory-safe Linux distribution.

MesaLock Linux: A Memory-Safe Linux Distribution MesaLock Linux is a general purpose Linux distribution which aims to provide a safe and secure user space environment. To eliminate high-severe vulnerabilities caused by me

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100mango A Protocol-Oriented NotificationCenter which is type safe, thread safe and with memory safety. Type Safe No more userInfo dictionary and Downcasting, just deliver the concrete type value to the observer. Thread Safe You can r

DynamoRIO Dr. Memory: the memory debugger About Dr. Memory Dr. Memory is a memory monitoring tool capable of identifying memory-related programming errors such as accesses of uninitialized memory, accesses to unaddressable memor

Akaion Jupiter A Windows memory editing library written in C# that supports several memory editing methods. Supported Methods Allocate Memory Free Memory Protect Memory Read Memory Write Memory Exte

RoliSoft Windows Subsystem for Linux Distribution Switcher The purpose of this project is to let you easily download and install new Linux distributions under Windows Subsystem for Linux and seamlessly switch between them. The rootfs arc

NanXiao ump Introduction A universal thread-safe memory pool. This simple memory pool can be used in some platforms which allocating memory operation is not so cheap (e.g., CUDA), and it can work as a cache to save time. You

banteg Ape Safe: Gnosis Safe tx builder Ape Safe allows you to iteratively build complex multi-step Gnosis Safe transactions and safely preview their side ef

fullstaq-labs Fullstaq Ruby Server Edition: a server-optimized Ruby distribution Fullstaq Ruby is a Ruby distribution that's optimized for use in servers. It is the easiest way to: Install Ruby on servers — we supply precompiled binaries.

milostosic MTuner is a C/C++ memory profiler and memory leak finder for Windows, PlayStation 4 and 3, Android and other platforms. MTuner utilizes a novel approach to memory profiling and analysis, keeping entire time-based history of memory op

koute A memory profiler for Linux Features Can be used to analyze memory leaks, see where exactly the memory is being consumed, identify temporary allocatio

mesalock-linux MesaLink: A memory-safe and OpenSSL-compatible TLS library MesaLink is a memory-safe and OpenSSL-compatible TLS library. Since 2014, the industry has seen a huge loss due to memory vulnerabilities in TLS stacks, such as t

Leviathan1995 A centralized distribution memory caching system

archcraft-os A Minimalistic Linux Distribution, Focused On Aesthetics & Based On Arch Linux.

cqcn1991 A Probability Model for the Joint Distribution of Wind Speed and Direction (Gaussian Mixture Models, GMM) What is this? This is a Python program for modeling the joint distribution of wind speed and direction. The met

nuhkoca Purpose of the project 💥 This project will help you distribute your app with the power of Firebase App Distribution and fastlane. As you may know, Firebase App Distribution is a replacement of Beta. This sample also gui

meiyulee Authors: Kuan-Sian Wang; Mei-Yu Lee published on Nov. 22, 2020 Feature 1 provide the continuous bernoulli distribution and more. 2 provide the statist

cvlab-stonybrook DM-Count Official Pytorch implementation of the paper Distribution Matching for Crowd Counting (NeurIPS, spotlight). We propose to use Distribution Ma

pbnjay memory Package memory provides a single method reporting total physical system memory accessible to the kernel. It does not account for memory used by other processes. This package has no external dependency beside the standard

ufrisk The Memory Process File System: The Memory Process File System (MemProcFS) is an easy and convenient way of accessing physical memory as files a virtual file system. Easy trivial point and click memory analysis without the need

yodaos-project YodaOS is Yet another Linux Distribution for voice-enabled IoT and embrace Web standards, thus it uses JavaScript as the main application/scripting language. Get Started To start with YodaOS, a Linux or MacOS is require

mcollina make-promises-safe A node.js module to make the use of promises safe. It implements the deprecation DEP0018 of Node.js in versions 6+. Using Promises without this module might cause file descriptor and memory leaks.

Eliovp AMD Memory Tweak Read and modify memory timings "on the fly" AMD Memory Tweak XL Released! Link Support GDDR5 Based AMD GPU's HBM / HBM2 Based AMD GPU's Linux Windows (Beta)