A Simple Utility to Download Music (.m4a) From Youtube Links Using Only Clipboard/PasteBoard

Odio A Simple Utility to Download Youtube Audio Using Only Clipboard/PasteBoard Without any Need of Pasting Description Odio is a shell script which works on MacOS and Linux distributions. It allows you to download mu

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ajmwagar vim-dues Dues was created out of sheer rage caused by all of the bad Solarized/Gruvbox clones. I was tired of them. I needed something original, something new. So if you are like me... which I believe many of you are, I present

Yggdroot LeaderF An efficient fuzzy finder that helps to locate files, buffers, mrus, gtags, etc. on the fly. Written in Python. Support fuzzy and regex searching. Full-featured. Well-designed fuzzy matching algorithm. Extensi

corbindavenport Creative Cloud for PlayOnLinux This script currently does not work, see issue #52 for more details. This is an install script for Adobe Creative Cloud, designed to be used with PlayOnLinux. The script sets up the Adobe Creative

browserless browserless is a web-service that allows for remote clients to connect, drive, and execute headless work; all inside of docker. It offers first-class integrations for puppeteer, playwright, selenium's webdriver, and a slew of handy RES

mesalock-linux MesaLock Linux: A Memory-Safe Linux Distribution MesaLock Linux is a general purpose Linux distribution which aims to provide a safe and secure user space environment. To eliminate high-severe vulnerabilities caused by me

rainglow Visual Studio Code Rainglow is a collection of color themes for a number of different editors and platforms. This repository consists of 320+ syntax and UI themes for Visual Studio Code. To show support for the project

jez git-heatmap Display a heatmap for oft-edited files Install Dependencies You must have the bars command on your system first: npm install -g https://github.com/jez/bars.git Installation

zsh-users Antigen v2 The plugin manager for zsh. Installation | Documentation | Bug tracker | Roadmap | Chat | License Antigen is a small set of functions that help you easily manage your shell (zsh) plugins, called