Simple script to change colorschemes and fonts for kitty terminal.

😺 kitty-cat Simple script to change colorschemes and fonts for kitty terminal. How to install Follow the steps below - # go to home dir - cd $HOME # clone this repository - git clone http

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joelstrouts Swatch.vim The easiest way to make your own custom colorschemes. There are other color pickers available for nvim/vim, swatch.vim is different because: specifically designed to make the development of personal colorschemes as

florent37 Fonts, plugin for gradle apply plugin: '' apply plugin: 'fonts' fonts { output = "/src/main/assets/fonts/" //optionnal families { roboto { //download only Roboto-Light and Roboto-Re

smart-fun Smart Fonts for Android Smart Fonts is an Android Studio Library which makes it easy to use Custom Fonts (TTF or OTF) in your apps. It handles the Android text widgets (TextView, EditText, CheckBox, RadioButton...). You can add a

dsanson A graphical pdf (and epub, cbz, ...) reader that works inside the kitty terminal

Pocco81 Catppuccino.nvim is a NeoVim plugin that provides multiple colorschemes based on the Catppuccino color palette but varying their properties. Apart from the eye-candy colorschemes, Catppuccino.nvim also provides integrations with multiple plugins and tools you are probably already using (e.g. Treesitter, Native LSP, ...).

ElectronicBlueberry Texture-Fonts Texture Fonts is a Plugin for Godot 3.3.3+ that allows for easy creation of custom Fonts directly inside of Godot. Simply load a texture

DilanGMB Minimalist Collection of Dark Colorschemes Created with Colorbuddy helper Check the root file here: nightbuddy.lua Features These color schemes are co

expo Use any of the 977 fonts (and their variants) from in your Expo app.

goelaakash79 A tool to help designers and developers select their perfect fonts. It uses Google Fonts API to fetch the fonts.

ninjaprox Inkwell Introduction In brief, Inkwell is a font library to use custom fonts on the fly. Inkwell takes responsibilities for: Downloading fonts from Google Fonts or custom resources. Registering custom fon

drzel vim-pedant Change iterm2 palette when changing colorschemes The problem Changing colorscheme won't change the background color of the bordering window. For pedants like me, this isn't acceptable. The soluti

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piotrmurach TTY::Font Write text in large stylized characters using a variety of terminal friendly fonts. TTY::Font provides independent terminal font rendering component for TTY toolkit. Installation Add t

neverpanic google-font-download This is a small shell script that allows you to download Google's web fonts to your local file system. Additionally, a CSS file that uses your local copy of the fonts is generated. You may want to use this if

Ishmeetsingh97 FontometricsLibrary A Simple Android Library to use Custom Fonts with Ease. Use Customs Fonts in your Android project without adding any .ttf/.otf in Assests Folder. Installation Add gradle dependenc

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abenz1267 gfontlocal Gfontlocal allows you to serve up-to-date Google Fonts locally. Only works for latin woff2 fonts. Usage go get -u Example: firstFont := Font{Name: "Open Sans", Weights: "

Bloggify $ google-font-downloader Download Google fonts by providing the url Usage You can use this tool to download Google Fonts for offline use, just by providing the Google APIs url. 💡 Note: It's not clea

ethomson This utility will change change the base of all the pull requests in your GitHub repository that are currently targetting a different branch. This is useful if you want to change the name of your default branch, but you have pull requests open.

patrickgadd Feel The Kern - Generating fonts with kerning What is this? This is the code relating to my blog post on generating proportional fonts with kerning using deep learning. People have previously generated plenty of charac