base16-shell - Base16 for Shells

base16-shell - Base16 for Shells
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Last update: Sep 23, 2023

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chriskempson base16-shell - Base16 for Shells

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magicmonty Informative git prompt for bash and fish This prompt is a port of the "Informative git prompt for zsh" which you can find here A bash prompt that displays information about the current git repository. In particular the branch

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caiogondim Bullet Train for oh-my-zsh Bullet Train is a oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Powerline Vim plugin. It aims for simplicity, showing information only when it's relevant. It currently shows: Current Python virtualenv; whe

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momeni Gittify Customized bash environment, making git folders more friendly. This project provides bash/git customization files. Running the gittify command, starts a new bash shell and overrides its console PS1. New console line info

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zpm-zsh mysql-colorize Colorization for mysql Installation Bash Clone repository, for example, into ~/.bash/mysql-colorize git clone ~/.bash/mysql-colorize

arialdomartini Installation The Font oh-my-git is shipped with 3 themes. The one showed above is called oppa-lana-style. It's based on the Awesome-Terminal-Fonts by @gabrielelana. The screenshots above use the font S

twolfson sexy-bash-prompt Bash prompt with colors, git statuses, and git branches. Providing a unique symbol for every combination of a dirty, unpulled, and unpushed git branch. Forked from a gist by gf3. Do you like sexy-