base16-shell - Base16 for Shells

base16-shell - Base16 for Shells

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tplgy cppcodec Header-only C++11 library to encode/decode base64, base64url, base32, base32hex and hex (a.k.a. base16) as specified in RFC 4648, plus Crockford's base32. MIT licensed with consistent, flexible API. Supports raw poin

witchard doppelganger Save and load your shell environment to create doppelganger shells! Ever been in one shell, in a specific folder, with some environment a

cloudnativelabs kube-shell Kube-shell: An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI Under the hood kube-shell still calls kubectl. Kube-shell aims to provide ease-of-use of kubectl and increasing productivity.

lmorg murex About murex murex is a shell, like bash / zsh / fish / etc. It follows a similar syntax to POSIX shells like Bash however supports more advanced features than you'd typically expect from a $SHELL.

mthbernardes Reverse Shell Generator - rsg A tool to generate various ways to do a reverse shell Usage example Reverse Shell fonts http://p

etc5had0w Shell Please 1.0 : Reverse Shell Code Generator Shell Please is a tool made for generating reverse shell code in matter of nano-seconds. Whenver we ar

s-a discord-shell-slave Why? I' d like to allow a shell process to send Discord chat messages. How? You just need to pipe text input into discord-shell-slave. discord-shell-slave... Isn' t it a little bit long? Yes it is. There e

trickster0 This is a repository for github One Liners for Windows. You can port scan, get reverse shells with so many methods like below.

k4m4 Terminals Are Sexy A curated list of Terminal frameworks, plugins & resources for CLI lovers. Terminals Are Sexy Shells Base Shells ZSH Bash Git Terminal Emulation Applica

redcode-labs Fast and intuitive manager for multiple reverse shells

evilsocket shellz is a small utility to track and control your ssh, telnet, winrm, web and custom shells and tunnels (demo). Installation A precompiled version is available for each release, alternatively you can use the latest

redcode-labs A simple Bash script that makes generation of OpenSSL reverse shells painless Table of Contents Introduction Usage Screenshot License Introduction Revssl was created mainly to automate the OpenSSL re

smokeme Generate obfuscated meterpreter shells

cassidoo vim-up A bunch of stuff to vim you up. Built for Mac and Linux. Heavily based on Square's maximum-awesome repo that's no longer maintained, plus a few other goodies. What's in it? iTerm 2 The base16-shell and rel

pop-os Pop Shell Pop Shell is a keyboard-driven layer for GNOME Shell which allows for quick and sensible navigation and management of windows.

shelljs ShellJS - Unix shell commands for Node.js ShellJS is a portable (Windows/Linux/macOS) implementation of Unix shell commands on top of the Node.js API. You can use it to eliminate your shell script's dependency on Unix while

vladimirvivien Gosh - A pluggable interactive shell written Go Gosh (or Go shell) is a framework that uses Go's plugin system to create for building interactive console-based shell programs. A gosh shell is comprised of a collection of Go plugi

dana-at-cp backdoor-apk backdoor-apk is a shell script that simplifies the process of adding a backdoor to any Android APK file. Users of this shell script should have working knowledge of Linux, Bash, Metasploit, Apktool, the Android SDK,

jiacai2050 PySh Yet another shell can run anywhere Python exists. Why another shell Because it's fun. Supported shell feature Common shell features can be found here. Pysh already have: |, Pipe output

millette dat-shell Dat shell. Open a remote dat and explore with cd, ls, etc. DEPRECATED Note that dat-shell hasn't been updated in a few years. Hoping to get back to it in 2020. dat-shell is part of the dat Peer-t

flozz [email protected]:~# -- Single-file PHP Shell [email protected]:~# is a very basic, single-file, PHP shell. It can be used to quickly execute commands on a server when pentesting a PHP application. Use it with caution: this script represents