Quickly go back to a parent directory in linux instead of typing "cd ../../.." repeatedly

bd Description Quickly go back to a specific parent directory in bash instead of typing "cd ../../.." redundantly. Installation For Debian/Ubuntu Packages available here: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/bd https:

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shannonmoeller up Stop typing ../../.. endlessly. Use tab completion instead! Using up allows you to change your current directory to a parent of the current directory where the parent is specified by name or index. Install Written

inamori vue-parent-change-transition Enable a child components to animate when it changes the parent. It'll be useful when you create a card game. (e.g. show

yashrathi-git A fun python script using selenium, to achieve any score in typing test at 10fastfingers with adjustable typing speed.

actframework ACT Framework Install Add act-starter-parent into into your pom.xml file <parent> <groupId>org.actframework</groupId> <artifactId>act-starter-parent</artifactId> &l

TheLittleMister Dual N-Back In n-back task you need to remember n previous spatial or auditory stimuli. N-back is a memory test where n refers on how many previous st

fabio-4 Keyboard + Camera, OCR instead of typing.

sindresorhus find-up Find a file by walking up parent directories Install $ npm install --save find-up Usage / └── Users └── sindresorhus ├── unicorn.png └── foo └── bar

nathantannar4 A replica of iMessage's typing indicator bubble with support for a variety of animations Usage This is a working prototype of an iMessage like typing indicator I am working on integrating into MessageKit. Alternativly it

watadarkstar 💬 React Native Typing Animation A typing animation for your React Native chat app based on simple trigonometry to create better loaders. Features Smooth movement Customizable No dep

Miodec Monkey-type is a minimalistic, customisable typing test, featuring many test modes, an account system to save your typing speed history and user configurable features like themes, a smooth caret and more.

moodymudskipper typed Experiment on static typing in R. Largely untested! We use the question mark operator to support static typing in R. 3 features are proposed : W

maaslalani Typer Typing test in your terminal Installation go get github.com/maaslalani/typer/cmd/typer Usage To begin a typing test simply type typer. This wil

DenverCoder1 ⚡ Dynamically generated, customizable SVG that gives the appearance of typing and deleting text. Typing SVGs can be used as a bio on your Github profile readme or repository.

mafintosh directory-index-html Make an plain html page containing a directory listing. Similar in look and feel to NGINX's listing page. npm install directory-index-html Usage var toHTML = require('directory-index-html') v

BlackHC Putting TensorFlow back in PyTorch, back in TensorFlow (differentiable TensorFlow PyTorch adapters).

san-kumar Get quick answers to common linux related questions, right inside your terminal by typing "howdoi [your question]".

badmotorfinger z z lets you quickly navigate the file system in PowerShell based on your cd command history. It's a port of the z bash shell script.. Install it from the official PowerShell gallery. Goals Since June 2013 I have pour

neosmart Introduction RunInBash is a simple tool designed to make running Linux applications easier and faster under WSL. RunInBash simply runs whatever you type after it under a bash shell and pipes the output back to the parent command

amerine ActsAsTree ActsAsTree extends ActiveRecord to add simple support for organizing items into parent–children relationships. By default, ActsAsTree expects a foreign key column called parent_id. Example class Catego

luruke 🙌 adapttext.js v1.0.1 adapttext.js is a dependency free and simple javascript solution capable to fit your text inside the parent element. It calculates the maximum font-size possibile in order to keep the text's width a

VictorAlbertos SwipeCoordinator SwipeCoordinator simplifies the processs of implementing animated swipeable views. It links a view with its parent as a single behavioural unit constrained by the parent boundaries. SwipeCoordinator supports bo