Tiny file search utility (bash)

spot(1) Tiny ack-style file search utility. Features Short & written in Bash: you can edit it easily to suit your liking. Fast. Just find + grep + awk. Searches most things by default instead of some known

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cemkeylan Shell script to auto-configure email accounts for mu4e similar in function to mutt-wizard. It uses isync to synchronize mail accounts, msmtp to send mail and creates individual Lisp profiles for each account. It is still WIP.

Xuyuanp scrollbar for neovim(nightly)

nivekuil rip is a command-line deletion tool focused on safety, ergonomics, and performance. It favors a simple interface, and does not implement the xdg-trash spec or attempt to achieve the same goals.

yazgoo 🐹 unicodemoji - ⏩ fast unicode emojis in terminal and vim with fzf ⌨ .

oracle This script is designed to automatically switch a CentOS instance to Oracle Linux by removing any CentOS-specific packages or replacing them with the Oracle Linux equivalent.