Shell command line productivity

Shell command line productivity

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hectorm A Docker image for Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP4.

armanpwnz Seznam testovacích úloh pro samostatnou prace Jak pomoc? Používej Pull Requests! Pravidla Seznam uloh musí být v abecedním pořadí Ulohy 24i Frontend J

jszczerbinsky About ptSh is a packet of shell scripts, that run standard shell commands and display them in a prettier way. Features Currently available scripts: Sc

witchard doppelganger Save and load your shell environment to create doppelganger shells! Ever been in one shell, in a specific folder, with some environment a

nichealpham Docker compose for running an Open version of HIS (Health Information System)

4lgn Shell script to lookup the definition of currently selected word and send a dunst notification with the definitions

mastertinner Pacmanfile is a tool that allows to declaratively define which packages you want to have installed via Arch Linux' Pacman or Yay to include packages from the AUR.

oracle This script is designed to automatically switch a CentOS instance to Oracle Linux by removing any CentOS-specific packages or replacing them with the Oracle Linux equivalent.

yazgoo 🐹 unicodemoji - ⏩ fast unicode emojis in terminal and vim with fzf ⌨ .

nivekuil rip is a command-line deletion tool focused on safety, ergonomics, and performance. It favors a simple interface, and does not implement the xdg-trash spec or attempt to achieve the same goals.

Xuyuanp scrollbar for neovim(nightly)

cemkeylan Shell script to auto-configure email accounts for mu4e similar in function to mutt-wizard. It uses isync to synchronize mail accounts, msmtp to send mail and creates individual Lisp profiles for each account. It is still WIP.

github It is a simple combination of various linters, written in bash, to help validate your source code.

mango-tree zsh plugin to use history more comfortably

VoidVolker Simple bash script for monitoring current IP and WireGuard status in Xfce tray.

Cloudbox Cloudbox is an Ansible-based solution for rapidly deploying a Docker containerized cloud media server. This project was designed for x64 machines running Ubuntu Server 16.04/18.04 with limited support for othe

cantino Fly through your shell history. Great Scott!

sunaku Modusline: Mode-specific statusline colors This plugin adds mode-specific coloring to your existing statusline so you can visually distinguish (screenshots below) which mode Vim is currently in. Setup Instal

aaronkjones Noobs Term Overview Noobs Term is an installer that incorporates some of the wonderful terminal programs, packages, and configurations that are commonly installed together. Homepage - Documentation

joereynolds place.vim place.vim allows you to add insertions to your text without moving your cursor. If you suffer from the following problems, this plugin might be for you: Forgotten to add a ';' at the end of a line. Forgo

c9s Vikube - Operating Kubernetes Cluster from Vim, in Vim Screenshots Install If you use vundle: call vundle#begin() Plugin 'c9s/helper.vim' Plugin 'c9s/treemenu.vim' Plugin 'c9s/

thameera vimv vimv is a terminal-based file rename utility that lets you easily mass-rename files using Vim. Installing curl > ~/bin/vimv && chmo

KDAB Hotspot - the Linux perf GUI for performance analysis This project is a KDAB R&D effort to create a standalone GUI for performance data. As the first goal, we want to provide a UI like KCachegrind around Linux per

rupa z - z is the new j, yo

rupa v - z for vim

shannonmoeller up Stop typing ../../.. endlessly. Use tab completion instead! Using up allows you to change your current directory to a parent of the current directory where the parent is specified by name or index. Install

badarsh2 Sudocabulary Want to combine your love for terminal with the love for learning English Vocabulary? Want a smart way to memorize flash card words for exams like GRE? Look no further, just execute this command: c

srijanshetty _ _________ (_)___ _____ / ___/ __ \/ / __ \/ ___/ (__ ) / / / / /_/ (__ ) /____/_/ /_/_/ .___/____/ /_/ Easily stash snippets of text and invoke them when needed Install n

rauchg spot(1) Tiny ack-style file search utility. Features Short & written in Bash: you can edit it easily to suit your liking. Fast. Just find + grep + awk. Searches most things by default instead of s

oscardelben Sheet Easily create and access snippets of text from your terminal. sheet is your own personal wiki. gem install sheet Examples: sheet # with no arguments it will just list all your sheets. sheet lis

jorgebucaran Shark Shark is a sparkline generator for fish. Input is read up to NULL and processed as a single record by default. To process each line as a separate record, use the --line flag. To process the input in real time

holman spark sparklines for your shell See? Here's a graph of your productivity gains after using spark: ▁▂▃▅▇ install spark is a shell script, so drop it somewhere and make sure it's added to your $PATH