A customized bash environment suitable for git work.

git-sh A customized bash shell suitable for git work. The git-sh command starts an interactive bash shell tweaked for heavy git interaction: All git commands available at top-level (checkout master = git checkout master) A

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pia-foss This repository contains documentation on how to create native WireGuard connections to our NextGen network, and also on how to enable Port Forwarding in case you require this feature. Documentation on OpenVPN will follow soon enough.

MS-WEB-BN c41n provides automated setup of several types of Rogue Access Points, and Evil Twin attacks. c41n sets up an access point with user defined characteristics (interface, name and channel for the access point), sets up DHCP server for the access point, and provides user with abilities of HTTP traffic sniffing, or Captive Portal setup with credential sniffing.

ansible-collections This repo will be the future home of all kubernetes.core development. This Ansible Content Collection began as community.kubernetes and, as of the release of 1.1.0, is in the process of being transitioned to this new name.

ghidraninja Relatively easy to use scripts for backing up (and restoring) the original Game & Watch firmware.

Jorengarenar Uppercase SQL keywords without the need of holding Shift or CAPS LOCK

ovcharenko-di Прокси-сервер хранилища 1С для контроля комментариев к версиям

Kirtar22 The objective of this repo is to share 100+ hunting queries (osquery) that will help cyber threat analysts (hunter/investigator) in their hunting or investigation exercises.

denysdovhan This document was written for those who want to learn Bash without diving in too deeply.