A script that gets your machine ready for development.

komputer maschine komputer maschine is a shell script that gets your machine ready for development. This script can be ran once or as many times as you'd like. It installs everything that macOS needs to get to work. R

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weslenng This simple action uses the gsutil tool to sync a directory (either from your repository or generated during your workflow) with a remote GCP Storage bucket.

kylixfans The FastCGI protocol is designed for communication between a web server and a web application. It is commonly used for PHP or Python web applications. However, when I needed it, there was no usable implementation for Delphi available. This library fills that gap.

vlinkz Winmin (working title) is a set of tools and scripts that facilitate using Windows applications on Linux using a kvm virtual machines and libvirt. Winmin was originally inspired by a tweet from Hayden Barnes in which he demonstraited running Microsoft Word on Ubuntu 20.04. Since then I have worked to replicate this setup and make various tools that make using it easier.

DanilaMihailov Whenever cursor jumps some distance or moves between windows, it will flash so you can see where it is

DevCia O commit do cógido é uma coisa muito importante para nós desenvolvedores, por isso é sempre bom adotarmos padrões para nossos commits. Abaixo, iremos apresentar um padrão de commit com título, corpo e emoji.