Command line development

command line development

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ProjectCode-PL PCODE Blog Jest to oficjalne repozytorium postów bloga ProjectCode. Jak edytować posta Zauważyłeś błąd i chcesz go poprawić? Wystarczy, że naniesiesz

speedscale Speedscale CLI tool. Capture and inspect requests made to local services.

fragnix Fragnix is an experimental code package manager for Haskell. The central idea is that we should share and reuse code in units of small code fragments instead of in units of packages. The current state of development is technology

ruanchaves Hashformers is a framework for hashtag segmentation with transformers.

emacs-straight crdt.el is a real-time collaborative editing environment for Emacs using Conflict-free Replicated Data Types.

jamstackpb Informator Politechniki Białostockiej Repozytorium nowego informatora Politechniki Białostockiej. Jak zacząć Ściągnij te repozytorium $ git clone http

M3-org git-gud how to git gud High Level Step 1. Mindset Think like a mad hacker scientist. Psyops your own brain through fashion if you struggle with this,

artart222 Use NeoVim as general purpose IDE

scanmem scanmem is a debugging utility designed to isolate the address of an arbitrary variable in an executing process. scanmem simply needs to be told the pid of the process and the value of the variable at several different times.

titzer A fast and lightweight native programming language

rougier A consistent theme for GNU Emacs. The light theme is based on Material colors and the dark theme is based on Nord colors.

wurosh Cake is a really thin wrapper around make that runs all targets inside a development Docker/Podman container.

fhill2 floating.nvim is a floating window manager. It is centered around storing/restoring/managing custom window layouts along with their associated 'actions' It aims to be easy to use & easy to customize.

folke 🏙 A clean, dark Neovim theme written in Lua, with support for lsp, treesitter and lots of plugins. Includes additional themes for Kitty, Alacritty, iTerm and Fish 2238,"Vim script":325,"Scheme":54}

salman-abedin A minimal URL launcher for the command line interface

denysdovhan This document was written for those who want to learn Bash without diving in too deeply.

Kirtar22 The objective of this repo is to share 100+ hunting queries (osquery) that will help cyber threat analysts (hunter/investigator) in their hunting or investigation exercises.

ovcharenko-di Прокси-сервер хранилища 1С для контроля комментариев к версиям

Jorengarenar Uppercase SQL keywords without the need of holding Shift or CAPS LOCK

ghidraninja Relatively easy to use scripts for backing up (and restoring) the original Game & Watch firmware.

ansible-collections This repo will be the future home of all kubernetes.core development. This Ansible Content Collection began as community.kubernetes and, as of the release of 1.1.0, is in the process of being transitioned to this new name.

MS-WEB-BN c41n provides automated setup of several types of Rogue Access Points, and Evil Twin attacks. c41n sets up an access point with user defined characteristics (interface, name and channel for the access point), sets up DHCP server f

pia-foss This repository contains documentation on how to create native WireGuard connections to our NextGen network, and also on how to enable Port Forwarding in case you require this feature. Documentation on OpenVPN will follow soon eno

DevCia O commit do cógido é uma coisa muito importante para nós desenvolvedores, por isso é sempre bom adotarmos padrões para nossos commits. Abaixo, iremos apresentar um padrão de commit com título, corpo e emoji.

DanilaMihailov Whenever cursor jumps some distance or moves between windows, it will flash so you can see where it is

vlinkz Winmin (working title) is a set of tools and scripts that facilitate using Windows applications on Linux using a kvm virtual machines and libvirt. Winmin was originally inspired by a tweet from Hayden Barnes in which he demonstrai

kylixfans The FastCGI protocol is designed for communication between a web server and a web application. It is commonly used for PHP or Python web applications. However, when I needed it, there was no usable implementation for Delphi availa

weslenng This simple action uses the gsutil tool to sync a directory (either from your repository or generated during your workflow) with a remote GCP Storage bucket.

sdras Awesome Actions A curated list of awesome things related to GitHub Actions. Actions are triggered by GitHub platform events directly in a repo and run on-demand workflows either on Linux, Windows or macOS

asdf-vm asdf-vm Manage multiple runtime versions with a single CLI tool, extendable via plugins - docs at asdf-vm is a CLI tool that can manage multiple language runtime versions on a per-project basis. It is like

baverman vial-http Awesome http REST tool for vim Templates in action: Features: Intuitive syntax mimics HTTP protocol Templates to capture state Response and connection times in status line Automatic json

bruj0 A lean Continuous Deployment, Testing and Integration Pipeline using CoreOS/Docker/Jenkins By Rodrigo A. Diaz Leven A lean Continuous Deployment, Testing and Integration Pipeline using CoreOS/Docker/Jenkins