Control your Linux, Mac machines using Telegram bot

Control your Linux, Mac machines using Telegram bot

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vchaptsev Vue Telegram Login vue-telegram-login is a Vue component for Telegram Login Installation Install with yarn: $ yarn add vue-telegram-login Install with

subinps Telegram bot to stream videos in telegram voicechat for both groups and channels. Supports live strams, YouTube videos and telegram media.

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go-chat-bot go-bot IRC, Slack & Telegram bot written in Go using go-ircevent for IRC connectivity, nlopes/slack for Slack and Syfaro/telegram-bot-api for Telegram. Plugins Please see the plugins repository for a compl

VegetaxD Video Stream Bot A Video Streaming Telegram Bot written in Python using Pyrogram and PyTgcalls Requirements Python 3.9 Telegram API Telegram Bot Token

zhulik Margelet Telegram Bot Framework for Go is based on telegram-bot-api It uses Redis to store it's states, configs and so on. Any low-level interactions with Telegram Bot API(downloading files, keyboards and so on) should be per

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eyaadh Megatron was a telegram file management bot that helped a lot of users, specially movie channel managers to upload their files to telegram by just providing a link to it. The project initially started as roanuedhuru_bot which lately retired and came back as Megatron which was a side project of the famous Maldivian Telegram community - @Baivaru until it retired.

gaowanliang A Telegram Bot that can control your Aria2 server, control server files and also upload to OneDrive.

trestoa slack-to-telegram-bot Bot for forwarding slack messages to telegram. Usage Tested on Python 3.5. For configuration, set the following environment variables: $ export SLACK_TOKEN='' # Slack bot token $ export TEL

OlegWock Telegram Bot This bot allows you to: Save raindrops: just send/forward link to the bot, and bot will save it to 'Unsorted' Easily share yo

fewensa telegram-client Telegram client for rust. This crate use td to call telegram client api. Usage [dependencies] telegram-client = "1.6.*" version Since

TrashEmail TrashEmail is hosted Telegram bot that can save your private email address by offering disposable email address. It can create, manage, disposable email address and link them with your telegram bot chat.

Itz-fork Simple Telegram Bot to Download Files From and Upload It to Telegram

AbirHasan2005 A Telegram Bot for adding Footer caption beside main caption of Telegram Channel Messages. Best for Telegram Movie Channels

AsmSafone A Simple Telegram Bot By @AsmSafone to Download Files From and Upload It to Telegram

levina-lab this is a telegram bot repository, that can stream video on telegram group video chat

anasty17 This is a Telegram Bot written in Python for mirroring files on the Internet to your Google Drive or Telegram. Based on python-aria-mirror-bot Feature

shipengqi SActive Bot 😈 An extensible chat bot framework. Create a Mattermost bot: Chat with bot: Requirements NodeJs version v7.9+ Installation