Shell Applications

Shell Applications

Newest releases

RealityNet Bash script to extract data from an Android device

DavidRV00 woman man-pages like cli utility for Example Usage Viewing a recipe To view a recipe: $ woman Aglio E Olio Note that queries are case-i

phisch giph is a screen recorder that records the desktop, a window or selection and encodes it into a gif file. It prints the encoded gif directly to standard output when omitting the output filename.

ibraheemdev A collection of modern/faster/saner alternatives to common unix commands, as well as some command-line productivity tools that are just really cool =)

sanhajio Synonyms.vim is a frontend plugin that allows you to show synonyms in a vim split, it is meant to shorten the cycle of going to your browser look for a word and comeback to vim; Losing all the brilliant ideas that would have enlig

space-sh Single-file dependency-free automation tool written in Bash

lincheney Tab completion using fzf in zsh, bash, GNU readline apps (e.g. python, php -a etc.)

SpeechColab Large, modern dataset for speech recognition

stuartlangridge Mute your mic while you're typing. An app for Ubuntu.

Gictorbit This bash script helps you to install Adobe Illustrator CC on your Linux distro easily. It will download a free version of Illustrator and tries to run it using wine installed on your system

IronicBadger The aim is to share knowledge and information about building an open-source media server.

hoob3rt A blazing fast and easy to configure neovim statusline written in pure lua.

jstrieb Create a collaborative programming environment inside GitHub Actions โ€“ like Google Docs for hacking competitions

alainm23 Task manager with Todoist support designed for GNU/Linux ๐Ÿš€

typeable Octopod is a fully open-source self-hosted solution for managing multiple deployments in a Kubernetes cluster with a user-friendly web interface. Managing deployments does not require any technical expertise.

GuidoFe The classic cat command but with a cat. Perfect as an alias. It fallbacks to the original cat if the command is used with pipes. The delimiters adapt to your terminal size.

HadrienAka Create modern and easy to-do lists in CLI, add importance to to-do's, simply indicate that they are completed and finalize as many lists as possible!

karthick-gururaj Garble gvim display for sensitive files without modifying file contents. Works by changing the font to a mangled one.

obcat Text-based scrollbar for Vim.

nvim-telescope Integration with github cli

hachibu A simple shell script for managing your random daily notes. Every time you run it opens a Markdown file for that day

GuidoFe The classic cat command but with a cat. Perfect as an alias. It fallbacks to the original cat if the command is used with pipes. The delimiters adapt to your terminal size.

lambci Serverless GitHub Actions

murat-cileli Retro monitor / CRT TV effect for GNOME Shell.

CraigFe Progress bar library for OCaml

kusky3 Command line interface ebooks browser and downloader for LibGen.

hpcng Singularity is an open source container platform designed to be simple, fast, and secure. Singularity is optimized for compute focused enterprise and HPC workloads, allowing untrusted users to run untrusted containers in a trusted

romgrk barbar.nvim is a tabline plugin with re-orderable auto-sizing clickable tabs, icons, nice highlighting, sort-by commands and a magic jump-to-buffer mode. Plus the tab names are made unique when two filenames match.

jsit ๐Ÿž Toast! A colorful, medium-contrast color scheme with full Vim and Neovim support and automatic light and dark variants. Easy to read without frying your retinae.

rougier A small minor mode to replace keywords or regular expression with SVG rounded box labels. See example.el for example usage.

Graey A bash script for bruteforcing IG!

giann โš“ A very simple journal keeping cli tool

xwmx CLI plain-text note-taking, bookmarking, and archiving with encryption, filtering and search, Git-backed versioning and syncing, Pandoc-backed conversion, and more in a single portable script.