Shell Applications

Shell Applications

Newest releases

feramhq Scriptable desktop app to correct the perspective of images

adrianscheff Simple and practical guide to awk.

m-ab-s This Windows Batchscript helps setup a Mingw-w64 compiler environment for building ffmpeg and other media tools under Windows.

albingroen A very fast Lua based Neovim configuration that uses coc.nvim for intellisense

hmprt A CLI tool to make shareable URLs to a file or folder in a remote git repo

SixArm Start a tmux session with windows and keys suitable for scripting

azlux ramlog like for systemd (Put log into a ram folder)

SolidOS The operating system for Solid

redraw This gh extension let's you install latest releases from Github repos.

xonixx Similar to tomnomnom/gron but in Awk.

cncf 🔐CNCF Security Technical Advisory Group -- secure access, policy control, privacy, auditing, explainability and more!

elliotkillick Spin up new Windows qubes quickly, effortlessly and securely on Qubes OS

openfaas Common CLIs packaged in containers with a HTTP interface

wintrmvte Powerprompt is an informative, colorful prompt for Zsh

rahul-thakoor Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Airplay server using RPiPlay to enable screen mirroring on tvs, monitors and projectors.

inlets inlets PRO replaces SSH tunnels, VPNs, SaaS tunnels, port-forwarding and dedicated connections.

merill Helper scripts and guidance to add a Pronoun field (She/Her, They/Them, He/Him) to your Microsoft 365 tenant and display it in the Microsoft 365 profile card shown in Outlook, SharePoint, Delve...

bash-my-aws Bash-my-AWS provides simple but powerful CLI commands for managing AWS resources

romkatv Benchmark for interactive zsh

rothgar List of projects that provide terminal user interfaces

xonixx Simple task/command runner with declarative goals and dependencies

umlet Creating a symlink has never been that much fun.

tynesjo Keyboard layout mod functions to permit split and at-rest hand positions by virtual means

Schneegans Fly-Pie is an innovative marking menu written as a GNOME Shell extension.

SimulaVR Simula is a VR window manager for Linux that runs on top of Godot. It takes less than 1 minute to install.

DevRadhy a simple chat for terminal

phyver a game to learn (or teach) how to use standard commands in a Unix shell

misohena Emacs Easy Draw is a drawing tool that runs inside Emacs.

lite-xl A lightweight text editor written in Lua, adapted from lite.

muhmud Query SHell - improved database querying from your terminal

A3h1nt For pentesters who don't wanna leave their terminals.

denvaar Compare what data changed between two points in time