:zap: fast and minimalistic git prompt written in bash

bashed-on-a-feeling a minimalistic and moderately fast git prompt written in bash inspiration from the terminalparty theme of OMZ and the need for a minimalistic "git" prompt for version control , were the main

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magicmonty Informative git prompt for bash and fish This prompt is a port of the "Informative git prompt for zsh" which you can find here A bash prompt that displays information about the current git repository. In particular the branch

twolfson sexy-bash-prompt Bash prompt with colors, git statuses, and git branches. Providing a unique symbol for every combination of a dirty, unpulled, and unpushed git branch. Forked from a gist by gf3. Do you like sexy-

nojhan Liquid Prompt — a useful adaptive prompt for Bash & zsh Liquid Prompt gives you a nicely displayed prompt with useful information when you need it. It shows you what you need when you need it. You will notice what changes whe

petobens Trueline: Bash Powerline Style Prompt with True Color Support Trueline is a fast and extensible Powerline style bash prompt with true color (24-bit) and fancy glyph support. The pure Bash code implementation and overall features

riobard bash-powerline Powerline for Bash in pure Bash script. Features Git: show branch name, tag name, or unique short hash. Git: show "*" symbol with uncommited modifications. Git: show "↑" symbol and number of co

brujoand Simple Bash Prompt (SBP) is a bash prompt, which strives to be simple. But it isn't. But it looks kind of nice. I think.

rtomayko git-sh A customized bash shell suitable for git work. The git-sh command starts an interactive bash shell tweaked for heavy git interaction: All git commands available at top-level (checkout master = git checkout master) A

pablopunk Bashy ⚡️ ⌨️ Extremely fast and simple git prompt for bash Install You can use the executable from this repo or install it with npm npm install -g bashy Usage In your ~/.bashrc (linux

uber-go ⚡️ zap Blazing fast, structured, leveled logging in Go. Installation go get -u github.com/uber-go/zap Structure Zap takes an opinionated stance on logging and doesn't provide any printf-style hel

oltdaniel zap ⚡ The mission of zap is, to deliver a basic, but fast rust web server library. Documentation About This code is based on tokio's minihttp project,

zombieleet bash-assert testify is a lightweight unit testing framework for bash Usage clone this repository git clone https://github.com/zombieleet/testify.git create a test file then source testify.bash and the script you want

justjanne A Powerline style prompt for your shell A Powerline like prompt for Bash, ZSH and Fish. Based on Powerline-Shell by @banga. Ported to golang by @justjanne. Shows some important details about the git/hg branch (see below)

posener complete A tool for bash writing bash completion in go. Writing bash completion scripts is a hard work. This package provides an easy way to create bash completion scripts for any command, and also an easy way to install/un

c-bata go-prompt Library for building a powerful interactive prompt, inspired by python-prompt-toolkit. Easy building a multi-platform binary of the command line tools because written in Golang. package main import ( "fmt" "github

niieani Bash Infinity Bash Infinity is a standard library and a boilerplate framework for writing tools using bash. It's modular and lightweight, while managing to implement some concepts from C#, Java or JavaScript into bash. The In

nikita-skobov create-bash-script A bash script designed to create other bash scripts with basic argument parsing. Installation: This script was designed to be used as a global program to easily create bash scripts within any direct

devblackops powershell-prompt This is my prompt. There are many like it, but this one is mine. This prompt function and related settings are just a small portion

Trendyol docker-shell A simple interactive prompt for Docker. Inspired from kube-prompt uses go-prompt. Table Of Contents Features: Installation Homebrew Build From Source Code How To Use How To Co

momeni Gittify Customized bash environment, making git folders more friendly. This project provides bash/git customization files. Running the gittify command, starts a new bash shell and overrides its console PS1. New console line info

hahwul MZAP ⚡️ Multiple target ZAP Scanning / mzap is a tool for scanning N*N in ZAP. Concept Installation go-get $ go get -u github.com/hahwul/mzap snapcra

suin git-remind git-remind is a command line tool that prevent you to forget git-commit and git-push. Features git-commit/git-push status git-remind checks across the all git repositories in your computer, and i