A simple script that automates generation of OpenSSL reverse shells

A simple Bash script that makes generation of OpenSSL reverse shells painless Table of Contents Introduction Usage Screenshot License Introduction Revssl was created mainly to automate the OpenSSL re

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Luzifer go-openssl is a small library wrapping the crypto/aes functions in a way the output is compatible to OpenSSL / CryptoJS. For all encryption / decryption processes AES256 is used so this library will not be able to decrypt messages generated with other than openssl aes-256-cbc. If you're using CryptoJS to process the data you also need to use AES256 on that side.

sfackler rust-openssl OpenSSL bindings for the Rust programming language. Documentation. Release Support The current supported release of openssl is 0.10 and o

mthbernardes Reverse Shell Generator - rsg A tool to generate various ways to do a reverse shell Usage example Reverse Shell fonts http://bernardodamele.blogspot.com.br/2011/09/reverse-shells-one-liners.html http://p

t0thkr1s revshellgen Standalone script written in Python 3 for generating reverse shells easily without typing. It automates the boring stuff like URL encoding the command and setting up a listener. Download git clone https

trickster0 This is a repository for github One Liners for Windows. You can port scan, get reverse shells with so many methods like below.

redcode-labs Fast and intuitive manager for multiple reverse shells

mesalock-linux MesaLink: A memory-safe and OpenSSL-compatible TLS library MesaLink is a memory-safe and OpenSSL-compatible TLS library. Since 2014, the industry has seen a huge loss due to memory vulnerabilities in TLS stacks, such as t

gx0r Rust Reverse Geocoder A fast reverse geocoder in Rust. Inspired by Python reverse-geocoder. Links Crate 2.0.0 Docs 1.0.1 Docs Build status: Descriptio

4ndv Simple script, that automates some of the actions, required to setup Big Sur on unsupported macs.

onderceylan pwa-asset-generator ✨ A JavaScript library that automates PWA asset generation and image declaration. It automatically generates icon and splash screen images, guided by Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Int

vp777 Procrustes A bash script that automates the exfiltration of data over dns in case we have a blind command execution on a server where all outbound con

vp777 A bash script that automates the exfiltration of data over dns in case we have a blind command execution on a server where all outbound connections except DNS are blocked.

vp777 A bash script that automates the scanning of a target network for HTTP resources through XXE

soteria-security Further the state of M365 security by authoring a PowerShell script that automates the security assessment of Microsoft Office 365 environments.

drak3hft7 VPS-Bug-Bounty-Tools Script that automates the installation of the main tools used for web application penetration testing and Bug Bounty. Usage: cd /

alessandrod Snuffy is a simple command line tool to dump the data sent and received by programs that use OpenSSL.

panagiks RSPET RSPET (Reverse Shell and Post Exploitation Tool) is a Python based reverse shell equipped with functionalities that assist in a post exploitation scenario. DISCLAIMER: This software is provided for educational a

PrajitR Fast PixelCNN++: speedy image generation Real time generation of 16 32-by-32 images. Naive generation (left) vs. fast generation (right). We speed up the image generation algorithm of PixelCNN++ by avoiding redundant computa

apple SwiftNIO SSL SwiftNIO SSL is a Swift package that contains an implementation of TLS based on OpenSSL-compatible libraries (that is, any library that ships a libssl that is compatible with OpenSSL's). This package allows users of

RyouYoo discord-theory-I PART: I My attempt to reverse the Discord nitro token generation function. The Nitro generation tools thing is common in Discord now,

trickster0 RedLizard - A Rust TCP Reverse Shell with SSL RedLizard Rust TCP Reverse Shell Server/Client This is a reverse shell in Rust called RedLizard, basical