A better Vimdiff Git mergetool

vim-diffconflicts A better Vimdiff mergetool. tl;dr: Call :DiffConflicts to convert a file containing conflict markers into a two-way diff. Install as a Git or Mercurial mergetool to do that automatically. (See Installatio

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samoshkin vim-mergetool Efficient way of using Vim as a Git mergetool. 🍰 With vim-mergetool you can have your cake and eat it too. Check out the demo. Overview vim-mergetool processes MERGED file and extracts ours,

xlwings Git XL - A Git Extension for Excel (Note: Git XL was previously called "git-xltrail") Windows macOS not yet available Git XL is an open-source Git command line extension for manag

suin git-remind git-remind is a command line tool that prevent you to forget git-commit and git-push. Features git-commit/git-push status git-remind checks across the all git repositories in your computer, and i

guyzmo Git-Repo: git services CLI utility To get the sources: https://github.com/guyzmo/git-repo https://gitlab.com/guyzmo/git-repo https://bitbucket.org/guyzmo/git-repo Issues: https://github.com/guyzmo/git-re

tj Git Extras Little git extras. Screencasts Just getting started? Check out these screencasts: introduction -- covering git-ignore, git-setup, git-changelog, git-release, git-effort and more Installat

hutusi Git Paging Treat git log as a book, exec git next or git prev to checkout the next or the previous commit. 像翻页一样跳转到上一(n)条或下一(n)条 Git 历史节点 请查看博客文章 阅读开源

rtomayko git-sh A customized bash shell suitable for git work. The git-sh command starts an interactive bash shell tweaked for heavy git interaction: All git commands available at top-level (checkout master = git checkout master) A

paulirish git-open Type git open to open the repo website (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) in your browser. Usage git open [remote-name] [branch-name] git open issue (git open works with these hosted repo providers, git open i

takaaki-kasai git-foresta git-foresta is a text-based git log graph viewer. It is a modified version of git-forest (written in Perl by Jan Engelhardt). Samples Following image is a result of git-foresta --all --style=10 | less -RSX

git-school Visualize Git Git is an amazingly powerful tool —and it can be amazingly confusing. Demystify Git commands with visualizations powered by D3. Give it a try at http://git-school.github.io/visualizing-git/! Visualize Git i

synek A better workflow for git. Git plan allows you to write your commit messages in-advance, before you start coding. Then you can use those planned-commi

peachananr #Subscribe Better by Pete R. Create a better, highly customizable subscription modal or newsletter signup window with jQuery Subscribe Better Created by Pete R., Founder of Travelistly and BucketListly License: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0

miserylee mongoose-better-id Mongoose plugin for auto-generate better-read _id Installation $ yarn add mongoose-better-id Example const betterId = require('mongoose-better-id'); schema.plugin(betterId, { co

paulirish git-recent Type git recent to see your latest local git branches Usage git recent Optionally, add -n<int> to see the most recent <n> branches git recent -n5 If you're a Windows user, you need to use

engineyard == Where to get Vertebra The source code is always available via Git: $ git clone git://github.com/engineyard/vertebra.git $ cd vertebra $ git submodule init $ git submodule update When switching between branches you need to reme

arzzen GIT quick statistics git-quick-stats is a simple and efficient way to access various statistics in a git repository. Any git repository may contain tons of information about commits, contributors, and files. Extracting

RobinBressan json-git A pure JS local Git to versionize any JSON. If you want to use it with Redux find the official bindings here: json-git-redux. Why should I use this? The purpose of json-git is not to replace Git. It is an

xreader Git for humans Motivation? Git is a mighty tool. Some time if things go wrong the syntax can be weird for newbies. The aim of this project to provide a wrapper for git to do it more readable Based on git flight rules

excalith Git Cheats - Cheatsheet For Git Commands Git Cheats is a small project for people who wants to get into git using commands but don't know where to start. It started as a side-project to help my friends / colleagues check commands

isomorphic-git isomorphic-git isomorphic-git is a pure JavaScript reimplementation of git that works in both Node.js and browser JavaScript environments. It can read and write to git repositories, fetch from and push to git remotes (such as

royeo git-checkout-branch The git-checkout-branch tool is a command-line tool for improving the efficiency of switching git branches. It is an extended git command. Features Switch git branch interactively Search gi