Minimal docker container of Parrot OS for running an automated scan & pentest report.

automated-pentest Creating a minimal docker container of Parrot OS for running an automated pentest. This repo is for automated pentesting using parrot docker container. This docker container can be used for auditing

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iknowjason Aria Cloud Penetration Testing Tools Container. Aria Cloud is a Docker Container ideal for remote pentesting over SSH or RDP, with a primary emphasis on cloud security tools and secondary on Active Directory tools. Use it for an assumed breach pentest where remote access is necessary via RDP or SSH, or for simple AD lab testing. Automated deployment template for Terraform + Ansible Playbook.

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oliverwiegers This local pentest lab leverages docker compose to spin up multiple victim services and an attacker service running Kali Linux. If you run this lab for the first time it will take some time to download all the different docker images.

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