OpenBSD Email Service

OpenBSD Email Service

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elad OpenBSD on PC Engines APU2 This is a writeup on getting OpenBSD running on PC Engines APU2. Motivation: I chose OpenBSD because I have a few ideas for building a router that protects IoT-rich networks. OpenBSD's combination of p

libressl-portable LibreSSL is a fork of OpenSSL 1.0.1g developed by the OpenBSD project. Our goal is to modernize the codebase, improve security, and apply best practice development processes from OpenBSD.

ProgramLeague EW.Email v1.0.0 Use email to wake your PC, and so on. Screenshot Sent email with subject alive & ip & wake Ray Eldath's Desktop: And you will receive: Features Multi-commends email (email

jordan-wright email Robust and flexible email library for Go Email for humans The email package is designed to be simple to use, but flexible enough so as not to be restrictive. The goal is to provide an email interface for huma

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truemail-rb Configurable framework agnostic plain Ruby email validator. Verify email via Regex, DNS and SMTP. Be sure that email address valid and exists. Table of Contents Synopsis Features Requirements Install

nojacko Email Validator Small PHP library to valid email addresses using a number of methods. Features Validates email address Checks for example domains (e.g. Checks for disposable email domains (e.

dyike Interduction CTEmail is a Charts and Text Email script, which can send email with chart pictures in email content body not email attachment. Here is a tutorial in Chinese Why make this tool? As a programmer, we ho

akpoff About netctl netctl is a utility to manage network locations, interface configuration files, and to start, stop, or restart interfaces on OpenBSD. netctl is not a replacement for ifconfig(8) or netstart(8). It's utility to make

reyk login_otp OTP authentication type for OpenBSD to login with an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator. This tool implements RFC 6238 (TOTP) and RFC 4226 (HOTP). Installation This program only depends on libc,

horia defaulter Default OpenBSD Web Server server "default" {} About nice default servers for httpd(8) The most underused feature of the httpd HTTP daemon i

fazalmajid A DIY VPN setup script based on OpenBSD, OpenIKEd, Wireguard and Let's Encrypt

gioui Gio Immediate mode GUI programs in Go for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, and WebAssembly (experimental). See the project page

yat1ma30 Django Email Registration Demo This is a small demo project using email and password authentication. This project depens on django-registration v1.2. Features This demo contains following features. Email as an use

EmailThis Typographic Email This is a responsive email template that is optimized for readability. This is used in my project - EmailThis. I created it because I needed a simple, minimal yet beautiful email template that focusses specifica

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daveearley An extensible email validation library for PHP 7+ The aim of this library is to offer a more detailed email validation report than simply checking if an email is the valid format, and also to make it possible to easily add custom v

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M66B FairEmail Open source, privacy friendly email app This email app might be for you if your current email app: takes long to receive or show messages can manage only one mailbox cannot show related messages cannot work o

tomayac 🌒 Dark Mode Email It is possible to send email 📧 that is sensitive to the user's prefers-color-scheme ( ☀️ / 🌒 ) setting. Dark Mode Email Template The below is a future-proof email template