:evergreen_tree: Hassle free .gitignore manager

Pine Hassle free .gitignore file manager. Pine uses GitHub's existing gitignore repository to manage your .gitignore files, allowing fast and easy .gitignore management. Installation Before installing ensure that your

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christopherkade Welcome to gitignore-it A CLI to generate .gitignore files Install # Using Yarn yarn global add gitignore-it # Using npm npm install -g gitignore-it Usage gitignore Author

TejasQ add-gitignore This tiny CLI script that generates a .gitignore file for your projects. Usage You'll want to make sure you have NodeJS installed on your computer. Then, setup is as simple as: npx add-gitignore

karan joe A .gitignore magician in your command line. Joe generates .gitignore files from the command line for you. Features Written in uncomplicated Go (Golang) No installation necessary - just use the binary. S

captainsafia goops goops is a command line tool that adds a .gitignore file to your current working directory. It's a little more helpful than that though, goops will analyze the files in your directory and determine the best .gitignore for y

github This is GitHubโ€™s collection of .gitignore file templates. We use this list to populate the .gitignore template choosers available in the GitHub.com interface when creating new repositories and files.

janniks Git ignore: An interactive CLI written in Rust to generate .gitignore files

jackyzha0 ๐Ÿ”— Zero-config peer-to-peer encrypted live folder syncing tool that respects your .gitignore.

asyncphp Paper Hassle-free HTML to PDF conversion abstraction library. Installation composer require asyncphp/paper For best results, you should also install Prince and WKHTMLtoDPF. To run the tests, you'll also need to inst

GetPublii Publii - Static-Site CMS Publii is a desktop-based CMS for Windows, Mac and Linux that makes creating static websites fast and hassle-free, even for beginners. Current version: 0.35.3 (build 12100) Why Publii? U

reddec Hassle-free minimal CI/CD for git repositories with docker or docker-compose projects.

zpm-zsh ZPM - Zsh Plugin Manager ZPM ( Zsh plugin manager ) is NOT a yet another plugin manager for zsh. zpm ( ZSH Plugin Manager ) is a plugin manager for ZSH who combines the imperative and declarative approach. At first run, zpm will

iutbay Media Manager Media Manager is an open source web file manager and can be a nice alternative to Wordpress Media Manager, CKFinder, KCFinder, elFinder.

maakbaas Framework for IoT projects implementing HTTPS requests, a React web interface, WiFi manager, configuration manager, file manager and OTA updates.

iutbay Media Manager Media Manager is an open source web file manager and can be a nice alternative to Wordpress Media Manager, CKFinder, KCFinder, elFinder... It is still in its early stages, but feel free to use it, report bugs an

aleksey-hoffman "Sigma File Manager" is a free, open-source, quickly evolving, modern file manager (explorer / finder) app for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

aleen42 page-treeview a gitbook-plugin for generating a "Treeview" for each page. Installation add the following plugins to your book.json and run gitbook install { "plugins": ["page-treeview"] }

1hakr AnExplorer All-in-One File Manager AnExplorer File Manager (File Explorer) is an all-in-one file management tools. Best File Explorer for Phones, Tablets, USB Storage, Root Storage, Cloud Storage, Chromecast, Wear OS Watches,

alexusmai Laravel File Manager DEMO: Laravel File Manager Vue.js Frontend: alexusmai/vue-laravel-file-manager --- Laravel 7 support added but not fully tested!!

michalkonturek ScreenBrightness ScreenBrightness allows you to monitor brightness of your device screen without a hassle. Example To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory firs

fphilipe premailer-rails CSS styled emails without the hassle. Introduction This gem is a drop in solution for styling HTML emails with CSS without having to do the hard work yourself. Styling emails is not just a matte

milaptank SpannableTextView is a custom TextView which lets you customize the styling of slice of your text or statment via Spannables, but without the hassle of having to deal directly with Spannable themselves. Add this in you