Apache Kafka running on Kubernetes

Run Apache Kafka on Kubernetes and OpenShift Strimzi provides a way to run an Apache Kafka cluster on Kubernetes or OpenShift in various deployment configurations. See our website for more details about the project.

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linkedin Cruise Control for Apache Kafka Introduction Cruise Control is a product that helps run Apache Kafka clusters at large scale. Due to the popularity of Apache Kafka, many companies have bigger and bigger Kafka cluster

yahoo CMAK (Cluster Manager for Apache Kafka, previously known as Kafka Manager) CMAK (previously known as Kafka Manager) is a tool for managing Apache Kafka clusters. See below for details about the name change. CMAK supports the fol

wintoncode Winton Kafka Streams Implementation of Apache Kafka's Streams API in Python. What and why? Apache Kafka is an open-source stream processing platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation written in Scala and Jav

devshawn kafka-shell A supercharged, interactive Kafka shell built on top of the existing Kafka CLI tools. Kafka shell allows you to configure a list of clusters, and properties such as --bootstrap-server and --zookeeper for th

mailgun Kafka-Pixy (gRPC/REST Proxy for Kafka) Kafka-Pixy is a dual API (gRPC and REST) proxy for Kafka with automatic consumer group control. It is designed to hide the complexity of the Kafka client protocol and provide a stupid s

oslabs-beta Kafka Sprout is a web GUI that helps you quickly start up Zookeeper and Kafka servers on your local machine without any code configuration. Easily view, manage, and configure your Kafka topics and brokers with a push of a button. Kafka Sprout also displays relevant realtime metrics including Request Rate, Network I/O Rate, etc. Give it a spin and let us know what features you want next!

confluentinc Confluent's Golang Client for Apache KafkaTM confluent-kafka-go is Confluent's Golang client for Apache Kafka and the Confluent Platform. Features: High performance - confluent-kafka-go is a lightweight wrapper around librd

joowani KQ: Kafka-based Job Queue for Python KQ (Kafka Queue) is a lightweight Python library which lets you queue and execute jobs asynchronously using Apache Kafka. It uses kafka-python under the hood.

dpkp Kafka Python client Python client for the Apache Kafka distributed stream processing system. kafka-python is designed to function much like the official java client, with a sprinkling of pythonic interfaces (e.g., co

tchiotludo AKHQ (previously known as KafkaHQ) Kafka GUI for Apache Kafka to manage topics, topics data, consumers group, schema registry, connect and more... Contents Features Quick Preview Installation

GoogleCloudPlatform Kubernetes Operator for Apache Flink This is not an officially supported Google product. Kubernetes Operator for Apache Flink is a control plane for running Apache Flink on Kubernetes. Community Ask questions, report

travisjeffery Jocko Kafka/distributed commit log service in Go. Goals of this project: Implement Kafka in Go Protocol compatible with Kafka so Kafka clients and services work with Jocko Make operating simpler Distribut

edenhill librdkafka - the Apache Kafka C/C++ client library Copyright (c) 2012-2020, Magnus Edenhill. https://github.com/edenhill/librdkafka librdkafka is a C library implementation of the Apache Kafka protocol, providing Producer, Cons

rayokota KarelDB - A Relational Database Backed by Apache Kafka KarelDB is a fully-functional relational database backed by Apache Kafka. Maven Releases of KarelDB are deployed to Maven Central. <dependency> &

manasb-uoe Kafka Visualizer A web client for visualizing your Kafka cluster. Developed using Spring Boot, ReactJS and Bootstrap 4. How to build? Run the following command on the parent maven module kafka-visualizer: $ mvn pac

OryxProject Oryx 2 is a realization of the lambda architecture built on Apache Spark and Apache Kafka, but with specialization for real-time large scale machine learning. It is a framework for building applications, but also includes packaged, end-to

apache Apache Bahir Apache Bahir provides extensions to distributed analytics platforms such as Apache Spark & Apache Flink. http://bahir.apache.org/ Apache Bahir origins The Initial Bahir source code (see issue BAHIR-1

line Decaton Decaton is a streaming task processing framework built on top of Apache Kafka. It is designed to enable "concurrent processing of records consumed from one partition" which isn't possible in many Kafka consumer framewor

inloco Kafka elasticsearch injector Application responsible for loading kafka topics into elasticsearch. Some use cases: Using elasticsearch as a debugging tool to monitor data activity in kafka topics Using elasticsearch + kiba

aaa081215 Spring-Boot-Starter-kafka, which allows users to quickly integrated kafka or Ckfka stream processing platform in a Spring Boot project, supports failure compensation mechanisms and dead-letter messages.There will be no repeat consumption or message loss.

dotnet .NET for Apache® Spark™ .NET for Apache Spark provides high performance APIs for using Apache Spark from C# and F#. With these .NET APIs, you can access the most popular Dataframe and SparkSQL aspects of Apache Spark, for wor